Macgyver’s back and he’s letting the woman do the chopping

MacGyver is back and lets the woman do the hacking

Hold the paper clips, MacGyver is back and tinkering again. But fans have to warm up to the new performer first.

MacGyver (Lucas Till, right) can build a computer from an apple, a coin and a potato chip, but he and his team need Riley Davis (Tristin Mays, 2) to hack it.v.r.)

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Hamburg. Old MacGyver saved the world like it was child’s play. He plugged the leak in a sulfuric acid tank using commercial chocolate. He made a defibrillator out of a candlestick, a microphone cord and a rubber mat and used it to revive a friend.

In the 80s and early 90s, the man played by Richard Dean Anderson with the blond mullet haircut, by profession something between scientist, bomb expert and secret agent, brought it to the cult figure. Now MacGyver returns to television – Sat.1 shows after the prelude on this Monday always on Wednesdays a new edition of the series.

Of course there will be more tinkering

The new MacGyver is embodied by 26-year-old US American Lucas Till – best known from the "X-Men" movies – in true style with a blond mat and a scuffed leather jacket. And the ingenious tinkering has lost none of its fascination a quarter of a century after the end of the original series.

When MacGyver builds projectiles in a moving truck to throw at his pursuers, it’s still good entertainment in 2017. When he cracks a safe wall with liquids from the pantry and small change, you still have the feeling you’re learning something about science. Of course, MacGyver happens to find canisters of hydrochloric acid and ammonia, batteries or wires in every trap he’s in at the moment.

Night vision goggles? – Quickly conjured!

In the two opening episodes, for example, he uses a car battery and a jumper cable to construct a cutting torch with which he can easily weld a hole in a steel door, and he uses a standard LED light, a microscope screen and an infrared filter to make a perfectly functioning pair of night vision goggles.

Unlike before, it’s also about computer technology, but MacGyver’s friend Nikki (Tracy Spiridakos), an ingenious hacker, is responsible for it. In the double episode, MacGyver and his team have to take care of an extremely dangerous bioweapon in the wrong hands and the rescue of a hostage in Venezuela on behalf of the US government in Italy. The whole thing seems modernized in time, but also a bit soulless.

MacGyver is too young for his role

Mac Gyver in 2017 is considerably younger than the original, the experienced scientist is not to be taken for granted by the boyish main character. And how the beau explains the world with platitudes will annoy some of the old fans.

The principle of MacGyver is simple: Use existing material and create something new from it. More and more often, even the people in charge in Hollywood take this to heart. Whether it’s "The X-Files", "Gilmore Girls" or "Twin Peaks": Many cult series from bygone television days have recently found their way back onto the screen. At least in the USA, the new "MacGyver" seems to have been well received: A second season has already been announced.

Verdict : For old fans, the new MacGyver will take some getting used to, but the story is entertaining.

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