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When thinking of moderators, most people immediately think of well-known TV faces such as Gunther Jauch and Thomas Gottschalk. But how does one actually become a moderator, what skills are necessary and what else is behind the art of speaking?? We have summarized the answers to these and many other questions for you. Here you can find interesting information and everything important about the topic "moderator".

The term "anchor comes from Latin and means "to control" or "steering. In essence, a moderator is not a great showmaster a la Stefan Raab, but simply a person who directs a conversation. Speech artists have dedicated themselves to leading conversations and to a kind of mediator position, thus ensuring the smooth running of a conversation, a TV or radio show or an event. What requirements are necessary, what makes a good moderator or presenter?. and why you should not do without a professional moderator at your event, you can find out here.

Becoming a moderator – how does it work??

In speech training, prospective presenters learn important speech techniques such as different tone of voice variations, the correct pitch of the voice and quiet breathing.

Presenters do not have a classic apprenticeship; instead, the path to their goal leads through various internships and workshops, and possibly also through journalistic training and speech training. An indispensable prerequisite is, of course, a pleasant and appealing voice. Presenters don’t usually read off pre-written texts, but prepare them themselves – a successful voice artist should therefore be eloquent and always have an appropriate line in stock. In order to be able to adapt to the most diverse circumstances and listeners, it is also essential to have a command of different dialects, accents and languages. The standard repertoire of every moderator naturally includes High German, and for business events – such as international product presentations, business openings and company anniversaries – a stylistically confident knowledge of English is also an advantage. For authentic and amusing moderations as an entertainment presenter, it also doesn’t hurt to speak other languages, to be able to offer popular German dialects such as Bavarian or Saxon on demand and, if desired, to slip into different roles with the appropriate accent – for example, a real Italian leads the audience through the Italian wedding to Italian music and the enjoyable company wine party is authentically moderated by a Frenchman. In order to provide the audience at all times with exciting facts worth knowing, a professional word acrobat should also have a broad general education and an interest in a wide range of topics. Add to this creativity, fun with people and a passion for the job, and you have the perfect presenter for all kinds of programs and events.

What types of moderators are there?

In addition to the classic radio and TV presenter, who mainly conducts interviews, moderates programs or leads discussion rounds, there are many other types of moderation, especially in the media sector. This includes the Internet moderator, who keeps order in web forums, as well as in radio and TV the News anchor (also called an anchorman as the main news anchorman), who reads off pre-written texts on current events objectively and without judgment. A special position has also the Showmaster, who is at the same time a linguistic artist and entertainer and leads through a show with a lot of charm and wit as the main actor – the omnipresent example of such a showmaster is probably still Thomas Gottschalk in his former function as host of "Wetten dass". ".

Make off screen Call moderators a large part of the language artists. They lead through discussions and panel discussions, for example, and make sure that every participant has an equal chance to speak. Moreover, in such a case, the voice artists coordinate the flow, welcome the audience, explain the topic and introduce the participants. A further subgroup are the Event moderators, who provide fun and entertainment at large company celebrations, conferences and major events, as well as ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

Book a moderator – what speaks for it?

Whoever plans an event has to take a lot of things into account and the more guests come, the greater the stress factor for the organizer. A moderator takes a big load off your shoulders, because he coordinates the progress of the evening seemingly effortlessly and also enchants your guests with his charm and wit. Through targeted introductions and clever transitions, a professional word acrobat skillfully leads through all speeches, honors and other items on the agenda, ensuring that no guest loses their train of thought. Many presenters are also show artists themselves and make the moderation itself a highlight of the event through a clever combination of speeches and art – for example, let a magician, ventriloquist, cabaret artist, clown or for the Christmas party a Santa Claus lead through the event program and be curious about what tricks the artist has up his sleeve in addition to his word acrobatics otherwise. So nothing stands in the way of a varied and thus no less successful evening – your big and small guests are guaranteed to be thrilled!

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