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We have all been there. You sang your favorite song in front of your friends or siblings and they shake their heads in horror. You may wonder why? You’ve been singing the wrong lyrics all along. Maybe it’s "sweet dreams are made of cheese", but Annie Lennox didn’t sing about cheese. Lyric videos are a really great service for the fans. Not only are they inexpensive to create, but they also build momentum, generate more views, and your fans get to know the real lyrics of your song.

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We’ll tell you all the tips and tricks you need to know to create a lyric video with Clipchamp’s free lyric video maker.

What exactly is a lyric video?

Before we get into the creation of a Lyric video, we need to define what constitutes it. A lyric video is a normal music video with lyrics that appear on the screen. The main element of the music video is the lyrics, which are displayed to match the background music. Lyric videos have been around since the 1990s, when George Michael released his song "Praying for Time," which was just lyrics on a black background.

Nowadays, artists usually release a traditional music video on YouTube, along with an entertaining lyric video. Lyric videos can consist of real filmed music content or stock footage overlaid with lyrics.

Frequently asked questions about creating a lyric video

Here’s how to create a lyric video using Clipchamp’s free online video editor. Plus, we’ll answer any questions you have about editing music videos with lyrics.

Do lyric videos need a storyboard?

Yes and no. If you’re creating a simple lyric video like the Taylor Swift example, where the background image or video stays the same all the time, you don’t need a storyboard.

If you want your lyric music video to tell a story with changing background videos, you need to create a storyboard.

We recommend matching the lyrics of the songs to the corresponding videos.

Are there best practices for fonts in song lyrics?

Clipchamp’s online video editor offers many different fonts to choose from. However, there are a few rules you should follow when choosing your font style for your lyric video.

Remember that viewers need to read the text quickly, as the words appear in sync with the background music. So choose a font that is clearly legible and doesn’t blend with the background.

Avoid bright colors like neon yellow or green as they are hard to read.

It is recommended to use plain, strong colors like white, black or dark red.

How to match the timing of the song lyrics to the sound?

Wondering how to make subtitles for a video where the time-codes match with the music? We recommend using Clipchamp’s auto-generated captions tool on our iOS app.

One hack is to use our free automatic subtitle tool to make the lyrics appear on the screen in sync with the background music. Clipchamp’s iOS app makes it easy to create a professional-looking lyric video and upload music files right from your phone, even on the go.

Professional videos in just a few Minutes

Are music copyrights to be respected?

If you create a lyric video for someone else, you must first get permission from the copyright holder

catch up. You can contact the artist yourself or use an online website. If you don’t, you risk having your YouTube lyric video taken out of circulation, muted or removed. If you create a video with lyrics to your own created music, you don’t have to worry about copyright infringement on YouTube. You only have to be able to prove that you are the copyright holder.

The role of stock footage in a lyric video

You won’t be forced to create a lyric video with a plain, boring background. A lyric video with stock footage is the perfect way to catch the viewer’s attention and keep his interest longer. Stock recordings allow lyric video creators to set the tone and appeal to viewers’ emotions.

Clipchamp offers a wide range of free stock footage for creating lyric videos. You can use the stock video directly in the Clipchamp desktop editor. Once you’ve registered for free, just navigate to the stock library in the editor and browse our collections for the perfect background clips for your lyric video.

How to create a lyric video

Our simple step-by-step guide will show you how to create a lyric video with Clipchamp. We also give you tips and tricks on how to make a karaoke video and how to create subtitles for a video with our free online video editor.

Step 1: Log in to Clipchamp or register for free

Log in to your Clipchamp account or register for free to create your Lyric video.

Step 2: Create new Lyric video

Click on the button + Create new video, to get started creating your lyric video. You can rename your music video with lyrics if you click on Untitled video and add your song name.

Step 3: Upload audio file

Click on the +-Icon in the left sidebar. A tab with upload options will appear. You can drag and drop your audio file, browse files, or upload from one of the Clipchamp integrations. Your MP3 file will now be displayed under the My media displayed.

Step 4: Select stock footage

To make our Lyric video a little more entertaining, we decided to use stock video instead of just a simple colorful background.

To select stock video clips click on the tab Stock video in the left sidebar. search the categorized folders for clips that fit the mood of your song. You can also search for a specific keyword in the search bar.

Click on the selected stock footage and then on the icon +, to make it My media Add. You can also insert the stock recordings directly into your timeline.

Step 5: Add stock footage and music to timeline

Once you’ve selected all your stock footage, you can add the clips and audio to your timeline. You can add each clip individually by Drag and drop drag it to the timeline in the desired order. If you make a mistake, just rearrange the footage as many times as you like.

Drag and drop your audio file Drag and drop below your stock footage on the timeline.

Step 6: Add lyrics

Lyrics are also called subtitles. Click on the Text-icon in the left sidebar. Choose a text that is easy to read. If your stock background material is heavily patterned or bright like ours, choose text that has the option to use a text background color.

Drag&drop the desired text Drop into your lyric video. We recommend using the font Karaoke. Customize your lyrics by entering the exact text of your lyric video in sections.

When you have added the first line of text, click on the text box and then on Duplicate.

Move the cursor to the next bar where a new lyric starts and drag the duplicated lyric to that exact spot. Expand or shrink the text box to the same size as the lyrics. Edit the lyrics on the tab Text above the video preview.

Repeat this process for each lyric.

Step 7: Add album art and lyric video title

If you have an album cover, drag and drop it onto the timeline. Click on the tab Text in the left sidebar to add a title for your lyric video. Customize the lyrics with your song title and artist name.

Step 8: Export lyric video

Once you’re done editing your lyric video, click the button Export in the upper right corner of your screen. The options to save are displayed. We recommend saving your lyric video in 1080p resolution to achieve the best quality for YouTube uploads.

You can also upload your lyric video directly to your YouTube channel using Clipchamp’s YouTube storage integration.

Your music video with lyrics can now be shared on YouTube

Creating a lyric video with Clipchamp’s free online video editor is the perfect way to gain more traffic for your new song, generate conversations, and hopefully even increase your YouTube subscriber count.

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