“Love is . ” 7 things that make up true love

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What exactly makes a love truly great? How do I know it’s "true love"? is?

  1. · True love does not count against
  2. · True love expects nothing
  3. · In the video: Separation despite love – then it unfortunately makes sense
  4. · True love does not want to change the other person
  5. · True love gives freedom
  6. · True love is attentive
  7. · True love means respect
  8. · True love also means giving in

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Love is the best feeling there is. It gets us by the skin of our teeth, sweeps us along, makes our heads spin, and really shakes up our lives. When it is reciprocated, it makes us happier than anything else in the world.

Of course, there are many shades of love. Among other things, the one that can’t really be called true love. For example, love that is self-centered, possessive and characterized by jealousy. Or love, in which there is always a counter-calculation of how much you give and how much you get in return.

Here come seven things that make up the real great love:

1. True love does not count against

He who truly loves does not count against. He does not pay attention to what he receives from his partner in a relationship and what he invests himself. He doesn’t care because it’s more important to him that the other person is happy. More important even than one’s own happiness.

2. True love does not expect anything

There are people who expect their partner to be responsible for their happiness, their good mood and their life. And who also make their partner feel responsible for their well-being. But true love does not put such pressure on the partner.

In the video: Separation despite love – then it unfortunately makes sense

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3. True love does not want to change the other person

He who truly loves accepts the other as he is. With all his quirks and peculiarities. Even if one’s own expectations may differ from one’s partner in one or another point, one lets him be the way he is instead of wanting to bend him. You love him as he is and not an ideal image you have of him and which he does not really correspond to at all.

4. True love gives freedom

There are indeed people who believe that jealousy is an inevitable part of loving someone. But this is total nonsense. Jealousy has a lot to do with our own fears and possessiveness.

What about it is love? The one who truly loves lets his beloved be free to do what seems important to him. After all, you can never own a person – not even because you love him.

5. True love is attentive

Those who really love don’t take their counterpart for granted. Rather, you pay attention to your partner and you are attentive, you listen and take part – even after years.. Admittedly: This is not always easy, because the monster "routine" is omnipresent.

6. True love means respect

Of course you should treat every person with respect. Unfortunately, we don’t always do that – even to the person closest to us. Lack of respect in a relationship means: letting yourself go in front of each other, taking the other person for granted, getting angry at them in the heat of the moment, or criticizing unfairly.

Lovers should meet at eye level, both should be equally strong in the relationship in their own way. If one of them is constantly treated unfairly, sooner or later he will take flight. There is no love without respect.

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