Lose weight fast: 5 valuable tips for rapid weight loss

Summer is just around the corner? The favorite pants pinch? Your own wedding is coming up or a get together with the family? There are many reasons why you want to lose weight fast. Sometimes you just have to do it fast, usually because of a specific event.

In the following, you will learn valuable tips on how to lose weight quickly and which recipes are delicious and support you in losing weight. Find the right method for you to quickly lose a few more extra pounds.

The most important things in a nutshell

  • Discipline is essential for fast weight loss, only then you can see successes permanently and feel well.
  • Many foods support fast weight loss, paired with exercise you lose weight especially fast.
  • Losing weight quickly is not always healthy, you should not put your body under too much pressure to avoid long-term damage.

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What does losing weight fast mean?

You have a special event, a wedding or a big birthday and you want to look especially good on this day? A few extra pounds are in your way and you would like to lose weight quickly.

Lose weight fast: 5 valuable tips for rapid weight loss

This means that you want to lose as much weight as possible within a short period of time. The key is iron discipline, because losing weight is usually a longer process.

If you lose about 1 kilo per week, you will lose weight fast. However, you should keep in mind that every body is different and will lose weight differently. Find the right way for you, individually.

You can promote rapid weight loss by making various changes in your daily routine. It’s worth it if you read up on the fast way to lose weight, keeping in mind a few basic things. You can learn the most important facts, tips and tricks in the following article.

Background: What you should know about a fast weight loss

Find out how you can lose weight extra quickly and who can help you do it in this part of the article. It’s not always easy to lose weight, especially when you need to do it quickly.

Take the time to find the right way for you, get inspired and discover new, delicious recipes. For everyone there is the right way to lose weight fast.

Who helps to lose weight fast?

For many it is especially the control from the outside, which can help to lose weight quickly. There are many different programs that you can use to accelerate your weight loss and successfully live a healthy life.

For example, a nutritionist can help you create a diet plan that is personalized to you and your life. Your advisor takes into account habits, your work, your sporting activity and can give you leeway for favorite foods.

With professional help you will learn more about food and nutrition and you will be able to create a menu according to your wishes and ideas. However, a nutritionist can also be very costly.

Another option is to enroll in a gym. The trainers in the studio often put together a training plan that is adapted to your wishes.

You want to define your arms more, lose some fat on your belly or focus on cardio training? Your trainer can put together a personalized plan for you that can help you get results quickly.

Also a special abdominal-legs-po course or targeted abdominal training sessions can show great results through regularity, because you are in a certain way obliged to go to the gym. Take a friend with you to the gym and let the pounds melt away quickly together.

Furthermore, there are many nutrition programs such as Wellness that Works (Weight Watchers) that will help you lose weight and eat healthy for the long term.

The program is designed for a dietary change that can be easily combined with everyday life. Especially for families and working people this method is easy to implement. You can participate in the program online or in a meeting.

For everyone there is the right method to lose weight quickly. You should also think about long-term weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight. A balanced diet and exercise are always part of a healthy lifestyle.

What kind of sport supports rapid weight loss?

Each sport has a different effect on different muscle groups and especially when it comes to fast weight loss you ask yourself: cardio or weight training, what achieves faster effects??

Basically, any kind of sport is good for burning fat. Activities like walking or hiking can already have an impact on your weight loss.

Nevertheless, there are sports that support you particularly well in a diet. If you want to lose weight fast, you should especially include cardio training in your activities. Here you burn calories actively while moving. Jogging, jumping rope, swimming and cycling are particularly suitable for this purpose.

Strength training has a long-term effect on your weight loss because you build muscle mass to burn more fat. Your metabolism will be revved up and working out will tone and sculpt your body. It has a positive all-round effect on your healthy lifestyle.

In the long run, you run best with a combination of strength and cardio training to lose weight and stay healthy. There is a right sport for everyone, you just have to find it. It is important that you keep moving.

For whom is a fast weight loss suitable?

Every body behaves differently and that is why everyone loses weight differently. Different speed and different amount. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for everyone and you should listen to your body and act accordingly.

In particular, a woman’s hormonal balance can have an extreme influence on her weight and also on her weight loss. This is why you should refrain from fast, effective weight loss if you are going through menopause, for example.

It is normal that the metabolism slows down a bit during this time and your body needs other nutrients. Fat burning usually slows down and it’s simply a new stage of life that you need to adjust to, including nutrition.

During pregnancy you should take it easy on your body and not put it under additional stress of losing weight.

In some cases, your gynecologist may recommend weight loss. In this case you will be advised by your gynecologist and should follow his advice.

It’s normal to gain weight during pregnancy, your body is performing a small miracle. Every resource is needed. Usually the baby pounds fall off all by themselves after birth. You should not be irritated by your weight during this time.

If you have gained weight due to medication and you want to get rid of these pounds quickly, you should also in this case be in contact with your doctor. Your overall health is more important than a number on the scale.

How much can I lose weight in a week?

It is realistic to lose 500 – 1000g in one week. To do this, you should have a calorie deficit of at least 400-700 Kcal. In this table you can see how high the basal metabolic rate of men and women can be.

Age Gender Basal Metabolic Rate in Kcal
18 – 40 years Male 2500 Kcal
18 – 40 years Female 1900 Kcal
41- 65 years Male 2150 Kcal
41 – 65 years Female 1800 Kcal

To calculate your basal metabolic rate you can use different apps or programs. In the links at the end of the article you will find a calorie calculator.

Which nutrition style helps to lose weight?

The Low carb diett is usually particularly effective, because you can achieve great results in a short time. One becomes relatively "flat" through this diet style, as the muscles store less water. On the Internet you can find many delicious ideas for low-carb meals that can be easily incorporated into everyday life.

The FDH (Eat Half) Method works with an obvious calorie deficit. By eating half your usual portions, you can lose quite a bit of weight. However, it is less controlled and is strongly based on your own discretion. If you generally have problems with portion sizes, you should rather refrain from this diet style and dry your calories more precisely.

Paleo Is a dietary style that relies on basic foods and unprocessed products. It is also called the stone age diet. The diet consists mainly of fish, meat, fruits, eggs, mushrooms and vegetables. Avoid industrially produced or processed foods like sugar or alcohol.

Depending on your previous diet, you can lose weight quickly and successfully with this type of diet. However, the transition can be especially hard because your body is probably used to a lot of sugar. Nevertheless, this form of nutrition can also be the right one for you and your weight loss.

Find a good middle way for you, which you can easily incorporate into your everyday life and still achieve success on the scale. Because this is the only way that weight loss is particularly successful.

How to lose weight without exercise?

If you want to lose weight without exercising goes, you should work with a calorie deficit and strictly adhere to a diet plan. This way you can achieve good results, because when it comes to losing weight, diet is the main factor.

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