Likes me? 10 signs that she feels more for you

Imagine you are on the way home with your beloved. You laugh again at the funniest scenes of the movie you just watched together. Meanwhile her hand touches your arm as if by chance. Your thoughts flutter with the butterflies in your stomach: does she like me?? Or does she just want to be friends with me?? How to react?

You think your meeting went fantastically well and can’t wait for your first kiss. When you say goodbye, you lean forward, close your eyes, open your lips expectantly – but whoops, nothing happens at all. When you open your eyes again, she smiles sheepishly at you and you part with a slightly wooden hug. Ouch.

Getting to know someone for the first time has many pitfalls

Even if such a situation is completely embarrassing for you in the first moment – you don’t have to be ashamed of it. It is not easy, To interpret the signals of a woman. And that’s why every day, all over the world, men reliably put their foot in their mouth. We don’t want to mess with her, right??

The fear of rejection is rooted deep in our childhood. As a three-year-old, we felt rejection as an existential threat – after all, we depended on our caregivers to take care of us. And no matter how confident we are as adults, this feeling never completely goes away. That’s why we want to save ourselves disappointment and preferably know beforehand, whether our efforts will be crowned with success.

Does she just like me?

Does she only like me as a friend or does she feel more?

There is this one, very special woman. Beautiful. Great character. Simply perfect for you. Maybe you know them from work, university or the supermarket around the corner. No matter how you know your chosen one, you just can’t get her out of your mind.

And maybe you are asking yourself questions like these:

  • " Does she like me ?"
  • "How to address the woman?"
  • "How do I realize that my beloved wants more than friendship?"
  • "Are there certain signs that my dream girl is romantically interested in me?"
  • "How to flirt properly with her?"

Luckily, you’re not alone in your questions. On the contrary Mystery of interpersonal relationships not only your fellow human beings, but also scientific research has been interested in this for a long time. Most signs of mutual attraction can be explained by natural physical reactions.

Therefore, it is important that you and your counterpart are authentic in your dealings and you do not pretend. After all, a good flirt only comes about if you Give each other clear and understandable signals. But what are these signals and how can you interpret them??

Does she like me? 10 signs

First of all, it doesn’t matter if you meet the woman of your dreams in person or write with her via WhatsApp. There are a number of specific signals that can give you a clue as to whether the two of you can become something more. ImportantMany of the following signs are nonverbal. Ideally, you should get used to paying close attention to the body language of your counterpart.

This procedure offers you namely a great advantage: Our subconscious always reveals the truth.

Read here 10 signs if a woman likes you!

10 signs that she likes you

1. Your dream woman mirrors your gestures

The human being intuitively strives for harmony. If you watch couples in a coffee shop, you may notice that most people subconsciously mimic their partner’s movements. If the man leans forward, for example, his partner will do the same a short time later. Especially micro gestures (such as smiling or raising the eyebrows) are unconsciously imitated constantly.

When we find someone attractive, this chameleon effect occurs particularly frequently. Try to pay attention to this during your date. You raise your glass to your mouth and immediately the person you’re talking to does the same? Every little smile from you will be immediately picked up by her? Bingo. Your beloved is obviously tuning into you. By the wayEven yawning is much more contagious when we like the person we are talking to. So yawning along does not necessarily mean "I’m so bored with you" but rather, " I like you ".

2. If she likes you, she seeks eye contact and closeness

You can observe this sign better from a distance. A woman who finds you attractive, Will intuitively try to make eye contact with you. For example, are you in the disco and your eyes constantly cross with a woman at the bar? Then it is worth to approach this woman in the club. But even when you sit across from each other on a date, her gaze and posture usually speak for themselves.

If your beloved is interested in you, she will turn to you sooner. An open body posture signals a willingness to engage fully with the other person in conversation. Crossed arms or a permanently averted gaze, on the other hand, indicate disinterest in your person. Not only on a date, but also in the schoolyard, at university or at work, you can observe this behavior.

Holds your dream woman is often in your vicinity? If your beloved chooses to sit next to you or signals you from a distance to sit with her? Great, this woman clearly enjoys your company.

If she likes you, she seeks eye contact

3. She does not make you wait for an answer

A good start: You have exchanged your numbers. But how does it go on now? Should you write to her first or does your lady love contact you first?? And are there any signs about WhatsApp, that she likes you?

The fact that your beloved has given you her real number indicates that she is interested in communication. So the best thing to do is to give it a try and just contact her.

Now there are several possibilities:

    Possibility A)
    You hardly have your "Well, how’s it going?"You have already sent her a message and she is already answering you? Great! You can assume that your beloved has already waited for your message. The next days it runs similarly? Then there’s a good chance that her phone (even if she’s out with friends) will be in plain sight on the table. That means she definitely doesn’t want to miss any of your messages.

By the wayIf your lady of the heart writes to you from her girl’s vacation or at 3 o’clock in the morning, you can assume with great certainty that this woman is interested in you. Why? Because no one on vacation or at night in the club on "just anyone" thinks.

4. She lets you share her life and is interested in yours

Your beloved sends you a picture of her cat with a plastered leg and a crying smiley face? This is a good development (except of course for the cat). If your dream girl shares her daily experiences and worries with you, it means that she likes to confide in you. And above all, she feels that her private information is in good hands with you.

It’s the same the other way around: if your chosen one asks you a lot of questions on a date, for example about your family, friends or hobbies, she’s not just being polite. This woman wants to sound out what kind of person you are and if your interests match hers.

5. Your dream girl teases you

Hard to believe, but true – if your lady of the heart teases you (affectionately), it’s a good sign. Most women only dare to tease someone when they feel comfortable and safe in the presence of the other person. After all, no one wants to make themselves unpopular.

Your beloved tests with this behavior how you react to her sayings and whether you can also laugh at yourself. Sometimes you have the opportunity to react in a playful way and to challenge your counterpart a little bit.

If your lady of the heart If she then goes out of her way to praise your good qualities, you can safely interpret her teasing as romantic interest. Your beloved will usually not make too crude jokes, because she probably does not want to be perceived by you as a buddy.

6. She laughs at all(!) your jokes

Sometimes you wish you had just thought that stupid line and not spoken it. But wait, your counterpart can’t stop laughing at all… Either your joke was better than you thought after all, or – and this is really much more likely with stupid sayings – the woman wants to please you. So when you meet, make sure that your chosen one laughs at your bad jokes. Just do not overdo it.

7. Your lady of the heart behaves untypically

Normally the woman of your dreams self-confident and feels also in a man round pudelwohl. Your dream girl is enthusiastically singing along at the European Football Championship and this woman is no shy wallflower in other respects either. But as soon as you are near, your beloved suddenly becomes very meek. This may be due to the fact that she can not yet assess your preferences and therefore prefers to play it safe before you know each other better. With uncharacteristic behavior on her part, the signs are good that she’s ready to flirt.

8. Her pupils dilate when you look at each other

Admittedly, for this sign you have to look very closely. But it is a clear indicator for mutual attraction. The human pupil can’t help but dilate when it’s excited – for example, when it’s physically excited or happy. Blame it on our vegetative (autonomic) nervous system.

This effect was already used by many Italian women in the Middle Ages, who dripped the juice of Atropa belladonna (deadly nightshade) into their eyes before a date. These seemed especially tempting to her lovers. Pay attention also to other unconscious body signals, like blushing or sweaty hands, which can also mean, that your beloved is particularly excited in your presence.

dilated pupils are a sign that she likes you

9. Your lady of the heart has dressed up

When your flame enters the restaurant, your jaw literally drops. Wow, were her legs endless yesterday as well? This dress is simply amazing. And when she sits down, a beguiling scent rises to your nose that you haven’t noticed on her before? If your beloved goes to such lengths for you with makeup, outfit and perfume, there’s probably more to it than that.

But not only on a date, but also, When you regularly meet your lady of the heart in everyday life – Maybe you are fellow students or colleagues – you will probably notice that she dresses more stylishly or wears her hair down recently. For sure you won’t see this woman without make-up and in sweatpants for the time being.

10. Jackpot – your lady of the heart tells you so

Everything would be easier if the lady of your heart would just come up to you and say: "Hey, I like you. Let’s be more than friends", isn’t it? And if you look closely, she might even do that.

Not with words, but with signs like the following in particular:

  • Your dream girl keeps touching you fleetingly
  • you both smile at each other all the time and laugh a lot together
  • she keeps brushing her hair out of her face
  • her eyes wandering over your face
  • Your conversation partner leans over to you
  • She blushes slightly

Of course, it’s also possible that your dream girl is actually just telling you with words, that she likes you. However, only very few women are direct, because then it would no longer be exciting. Therefore, the last item on this list serves as a little reminder that YOU are also in demand. You find the woman attractive? Then say and show her that. Of course, not clumsy or pushy, but let her know with your signals that you are interested in more than friendship.

Does she really like me or is she just being nice to me??

Despite all the concentration on signals and signs, you should not overinterpret anything. Even if your dream girl smiles at you a lot and keeps brushing her hair out of her face, she may not be into you. A strand of hair on her face may simply disturb her vision. And that a woman suggests joint activities does not necessarily mean immediately, that this woman likes you.

Maybe the lady just wants to be friends with you. But if your beloved has been raving about her favorite romantic Italian restaurant for days and reacts enthusiastically when you want to take her there, that speaks for more than friendship.

TipIf you are not the type to just be friends with women, tell the other person honestly. If you have feelings for a woman and they are not reciprocated, you will only get hurt in the long run. It is perfectly okay to withdraw in this case. As a rule, ladies don’t change their minds once they’ve banished you to the friend zone.

Very important: to interpret her flirting signs correctly, is the character of your beloved. If she is a more extroverted person and is generally quick to open up to new people, overly obvious flirting and repartee may also be a sign that you have immediately landed in the friend zone with her. Women flirt differently than men.

If the woman is shy, she may only be giving you subtle signs and you need to look closer. A shy woman may still sit across from you with her arms crossed or avoid your gaze more often when you first meet, but that doesn’t mean, that this woman does not like you.

Interpret the signs correctly if she likes you

Courage is rewarded

Unfortunately, there is no patent remedy for this, what signs definitely mean, that your beloved wants more than friendship. Still, you don’t have to memorize lists or study psychology to better understand women’s signals. It’s best to look at all the signs mentioned here as a kind of compass that can point you in the right direction. You can use these signals as a guide for the question "Does she like me?".

Stay relaxed and don’t interpret too much into every little movement – some of it is just coincidence. But if several signs appear together and your intuition tells you that your lady of the heart is open for more, you should definitely take the initiative.

"Oh man, I gave him so many signs, but he just didn’t get it" is a frequently heard phrase among girlfriends. No wonder, because most women don’t really appreciate it, if you first let her wave the whole fence before you get into the swing of things.

It’s best not to let the getting-to-know-you phase get too long, because otherwise there’s a risk that the magic of the first meeting will evaporate. So sooner rather than later you rely on your gut feeling and dare a few smaller advances in her direction. Sometimes you have to dare something, even if the outcome is uncertain. Just when you want to get a girlfriend. Because without tingling and a bit of nervousness, it would be half the fun, wouldn’t it??

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