Lice in adults: info on symptoms, treatment& sick leave

Head lice in adults: Woman examines her hair with lice comb

Lice alarm is particularly prevalent in kindergartens and schools. But also adults can be infested by the little crawlers. It is usually not dangerous, but extremely unpleasant. How an infection with lice occurs, what the symptoms are and what treatment helps, you can learn here. In addition, we inform whether a sick leave is necessary because of lice in adults or whether you can go to work with lice.

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Frequently asked questions and answers about lice in adults

How common is lice in adults?

Reliable data on how many adults are actually affected by a louse infestation do not yet exist. Mostly children between the ages of 4 and 12 suffer from lice – transmission to older siblings and adults is a common occurrence.

What are the ways of transmission for lice in adults?

Typical situations in which adults can become infected with lice include cuddling, romping or playing with infested children. The parasites can also take advantage of sitting close together while reading or watching television to crawl from one head to the other. Because important to know: Lice require direct head-to-head contact to spread.

What concerns do adults have to deal with?

Although lice are not dangerous, for many people an infestation is problematic. You are ashamed of it, because lice are mistakenly equated with insufficient hygiene. Even the thought of being infested with parasites can cause discomfort. In addition, an excruciating itching may occur.

Symptoms of lice in adults

If your head itches, lice may be the cause. How to recognize lice in adults? The only sure diagnosis is when lice Visible are. In addition, the following symptoms may (but do not have to) appear:

  • Itching behind the ears, respectively in the neck area and at the temples
  • Appearance of small, itchy, red papules

Lice can be seen with the naked eye if you are lucky, otherwise if you suspect an infestation, you can call a Magnifying glass USE. Comb out your hair strand by strand, preferably with an narrow-toothed comb such as the NYDA ® Lice and Nits Comb, and examine it afterwards for lice and nits. Ideally, have someone help you with this.

Another note: the parasites attach their eggs firmly to the hair shaft near the scalp. See these similar to dandruff out, but can be removed only with difficulty or not at all.

The treatment of lice in adults

If you have discovered lice on yourself, you do not need to panic. You can choose from Lice remedies available, with which you can quickly get rid of the little crawlers: The products of NYDA ® fight lice effectively and are well tolerated as well as easy to use.

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