Legendary pokemon

Legendary pokemon

As Legendary Pokemon (jap.: 伝説のポケモン Densetsu no Pokemon), often also Legendary Pokemon, is the term used for extremely rare Pokemon, most of which have a story attached to them. In total, there are 59 of these Pokemon in the eight generations released so far. You can get each Legendary Pokemon only in a limited number per score, without swapping. In the different editions, some can be caught in the normal course of the game, in other cases you need special events that allow the appearance of Legendary Pokemon.

Not to be confused with Legendary Pokemon are Mysterious Pokemon, which usually cannot be caught in the games themselves, but are only distributed via events. Another group to be delimited are the Ultra Beasts. They share many similarities with Legendary Pokemon, but are considered a separate group of legendary Pokemon.

So far, at least three Legendary Pokemon have been introduced in each generation; in addition, at least one Legendary trio exists in each generation up to and including the sixth generation.

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Legendary Pokemon are mythical creatures that, unlike other legendary Pokemon, are distinguished by the fact that they are only available in a limited number per game state in the main series without exchange. This is usually ensured by the fact that they are neither repeatedly catchable nor breedable.

In addition, many Legendary Pokemon share other characteristics, but these have changed since the 7. Generation no longer share all Pokemon. Thus, no Legendary Pokemon could evolve before – a principle that has now been broken by Cosmog’s evolutionary line and Type:Zero; moreover, they were always present only once per game. Other distinctive features shared by many, but not all, Pokemon include unusually high status values and a position at the bottom of the regional Pokedex current at the time of introduction.

Those Pokemon that resemble Legendary Pokemon but are not regularly available in the games are called Mysterious Pokemon. Outside of Japan, they were often not distinguished from Legendary Pokemon, but since the fifth generation, this distinction has been observed outside of Japan as well.


The most common type among the Legendary Pokemon is Psycho, followed by Dragon and Flight. The type Beetle is not present at all. The following type statistics count the number of Pokemon that have a specific type in at least one of their forms. Except for Amigento, which is counted only for Normal type, although it can take any type.

Distribution of Legendary Pokemon (by type) Number Type

The most Legendary Pokemon in absolute terms were found in the 7th edition. Generation introduced, closely followed by the 8. Generation. Relative to the total number of newly introduced Pokemon is also the 7. Generation ahead. With three, the fewest Legendary Pokemon have been obtained so far in the 6. generation introduced.

Number of Legendary Pokemon (by Gen.) Gen. Number Share under
new Pkmn share among all
Legendary Pkmn
I 4 0 2,65 % 0 6,78 %
II 5 0 5,00 % 0 8,47 %
III 8 0 5,93 % 13,56 %
IV 9 0 8,41 % 15,25 %
V 9 0 5,77 % 15,25 %
VI 3 0 4,17 % 0 5,08 %
VII 11 12,50 % 18,64 %
VIII 10 11,24 % 16,95 %
Total 59 0 6,57 % 100,00 % 0

1. Generation

Arktos Zapdos Lavados Mewtu
* * * *
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Sugimori 150.png

Legendary Birds

The three Legendary Birds make up the Legendary Trio of the Kanto Region. Each member is based on a mystical bird. They all have the second type Flight, although they have different first types. For Arktos this is ice, for Zapdos it is electric and for Lavados it is fire. In their Galar forms, they retain their secondary type Flight, but gain the new primary types Psycho (Arktos), Battle (Zapdos), and Unlight (Lavados).

Arktos is located in the caves of the Sea Foam Islands in the south of Kanto, and Zapdos is located in the power plant, respectively. before it, while Lavados changes its location between generations. In the first generation, it can be found in Victory Road, in Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green on Ember Mountain, and in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver on Silver Mountain. In Pokemon Platinum, the three birds appear as wandering Pokemon in Sinnoh. In Pokemon X and Y, you can catch one of the three birds as a Stationary Wandering Pokemon in Kalos, depending on the starter Pokemon you choose. Once the Pokemon has been encountered ten times in the tall grass, it flies to the Sea Titan Cave and can be caught there like a normal stationary Pokemon.

The three Legendary Birds were hardly mentioned in the games, only Lavados is mentioned twice in Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green, first by a trainer in Pyro’s arena ("Our arena leader Pyro got lost in the mountains once, but everything went well. At nightfall, a Pokemon appeared that resembled a firebird. Its light allowed Pyro to find its way back home safely.") and secondly by a hint on the map of Ember Mountain ("Actually an inactive volcano, yet there are reports of flames shooting up from the cone at night."). Arktos, on the other hand, can be seen through binoculars in a passageway house in Kanto.

In the anime, the three appear together in Pokemon 2 – The power of the individual, where they watch over the surrounding islands of Shamouti. When they are disturbed and start fighting, only Lugia, with the help of the Chosen One, can stop them. Separately, Arktos also appears in Cold shock, where it fights against Team Rocket, in Reunion brings joy!, where it is befriended by Theodore, and in A trump card up his sleeve!, where Theodor’s Arktos fights Ash’s Glurak for the knowledge symbol. Zapdos, on the other hand, appears in Crystal clear thing, where it is injured when it tries to prevent Team Rocket from stealing a mysterious stone, in Pokemon 9 – Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea and in Doctor Rocko!. In the latter two, however, Zapdos takes only a supporting role. Lavados only appears in the episode Under the sign of the flame in which Team Rocket attempts to steal the "sacred flame" ignited by Lavados’ breath.

Mewtu and Mew

Legendary pokemon

Legendary pokemon

Legendary pokemon

The two Psycho Pokemon, Mewtu and Mew, are a duo due to their similar genetic structure and the fact that Mewtu is an enhanced copy of Mew. They are among the rarest and most powerful Pokemon of all. Mewtu also has its own special attack since the fifth generation, Psychic Strike.

In the games, Mew is only mentioned in the old diary entries in the Pokemon House on Vermilion Island. It was the first event-exclusive Pokemon and before that could only be found through a glitch or cheats. In the wild, Mew can only be caught on Ferneiland, an event area in Pokemon Emerald.

Mew appears in the anime in Pokemon – The Movie, in which it engages in battle with Mewtu, in Lucario and the secret of Mew and in Pokemon: Mewtu Returns.

In the games, Mewtu is mentioned in the diary entries in the Pokemon House as the child Mews. Unlike most Pokemon, Mew gave life to Mewtu instead of being hatched from an egg as usual. Mewtu was too powerful and escaped from the Pokemon House after destroying it. Mewtu then established a home in Azuria Cave, where many types of powerful Pokemon live. In Pokemon X and Y, Mewtu can be caught in the secret dungeon in Pokemon Village. You also get the Mewtunit X or the Mewtunit X certificate at the same time. Y, with which Mewtu is capable of mega-evolution. In this form, together with Mega-Rayquaza, it has the highest base value of all Pokemon with a value of 780. Here, in its Mega Form X, its attack especially increases, while in Mega Form Y, its special attack especially increases. In its Mega Form X it additionally assumes the type Battle.

In the anime, Mewtu and Mew became famous through the first film and its sequel Mewtu returns. Mewtu’s origin is anything but good, as Giovanni assembles a group of scientists to create an improved copy of Mew for his own benefit. Mewtu sees all humans as evil because of Giovanni’s actions. When Ash faces off in battle between Mewtu and Mew, it realizes that there are also people who care about their Pokemon. This also makes Mewtu realize that it and the other genetically modified clones are nothing more than Pokemon. Mewtu also makes an appearance in the anime series, in the episode The battle for the Earth Order, In which, under Giovanni’s direction and wearing metallic full-body armor, it defeats Gary Eich in an arena battle.

2. Generation

Raikou Entei Suicune Lugia Ho-Oh
Sugimori 243.png
Sugimori 244.png
Sugimori 245.png
Sugimori 250.png

Legendary Beasts

Legendary pokemon

The Legendary Trio of Legendary Beasts, also known as Legendary Predatory Cats or earlier as Legendary Dogs Designated, consists of Entei, a Fire-type Pokemon, Raikou, an Electric-type Pokemon, and Suicune, a Water-type Pokemon. Suicune in particular stands out, as it takes a leading role in Pokemon Crystal.

The Legendary Predatory Cats died when the Bronze Tower was once burned down by a lightning strike. However, the trio was revived by Ho-Oh with its magic ash and the fire was extinguished by a shower of rain. Since then the trio roams the land. Here, the resurrected Pokemon reflect the different elements of this incident. Thus, Entei represents the fire, Raikou the lightning and Suicune the rain.

In the second and fourth generation Johtos games, they become the first ever wandering Pokemon to roam the entire region after entering the basement of the ruined tower. After that, they are only encountered by chance in the wilderness, where they immediately flee. An exception to this is Suicune, who can be captured using the Clear Bell in the Bell Tower in Pokemon Crystal. Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green, you can encounter a member of the trio in Kanto, which depends on your choice of starter Pokemon. Entei appears if Bisasam is chosen, Raikou with Schiggy and Suicune with Glumanda, so always the Pokemon that has a type advantage over the chosen starter Pokemon.

In the anime, the three first appear in the 13. Movie together before, in which Zoroark is forced to take their form and fights them. Entei previously made an appearance in Under the spell of the Icognito, Where it kidnaps Ash’s mother, Suicune in The timeless encounter, where it helps Ash save Celebi and Raikou in the special episode Legend of Thunder, where Team Rocket tries to kidnap it.

The feline predator makes appearances not only in the movies, but also in the television series. Thus, Entei appears in The legendary Entei, where Nelson tries to catch it, Raikou in Escaped!, where it makes only a brief appearance, however, and Suicune in Hands off Karnimani!, where Ash and his friends see Suicune for the first time, for a short time, in Uprising of the Pokemon, where it saves Ash from an angry horde of Pokemon and Team Rocket and Julian try to catch it, and in Driftlon in the wind. . Again, Suicune, summoned by Marnie, makes only a brief appearance to save Ash and Paige, who are about to fall into a ravine.

Ho-Oh and Lugia

Legendary pokemon

Ho-Oh and Lugia are the first cover Pokemon that are also Legendary Pokemon. The two are Legendary Birds who used to stay on high towers in Teak City. However, when the Bronze Tower, Lugia’s home, burned down completely, they flew away. Lugia found a new home in the whirlpool islands and Ho-Oh went in search of a trainer who is pure of heart.

In the games, Lugia, which belongs to the Psycho and Flight types and has the special attack Air Blast, does not play a central role in the plot of the second generation. Instead, it only mentions that Lugia lived in Teak City before the Bronze Tower burned down. Also, some hints are made about a giant dragon-like Pokemon. In Pokemon Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold and SoulSilver it can be found in the whirlpool islands if you have the Silver Wing with you. In Pokemon Fire Red, Leaf Green and Emerald it can be found on the Navel Rock with the help of an event.

Legendary pokemon

In the anime, Lugia plays a major role in The power of the individual, where it is revealed that Ash is the Chosen One and Lugia must help calm the three Legendary Birds after the balance between them is upset by Pokemon collector Lawrence III. was disturbed. Lugia also makes several appearances in the television series, namely in the episodes The comeback of Butch and Cassidy, Lugia in the trap and A promise is a promise!. Here Ash and his friends, meet the two Lugia as they travel to the whirlpool islands. Thus, in the anime, unlike in the games, it is apparently possible for Legendary Pokemon to reproduce.

Ho-Oh belongs to the Fire and Flight types, and is named in the games as the Savior of the Legendary Beasts, having restored them to life with its magic ash after their death by fire in the Bronze Tower. It masters a special attack, Purifying Fire, though since the sixth generation it can also be learned by Entei. If the player has the multicolored wing, he can catch Ho-Oh on the bell tower in Pokemon Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold and SoulSilver. Also, like Lugia in Fire Red, Leaf Green as well as Emerald, it can be found at an event on Navel Rock. Ho-Oh is also said to have a cooperative alliance with Suicune and Icognito.

In the anime, Ho-Oh is seen at the beginning of Ash’s journey in the first episode, Pika – Pikachu, flying over a rainbow. Since it is not known at this time, the Pokedex does not provide any information. Even when Ash is able to identify it, he is not believed due to Ho-Oh’s rarity. It is also said that monks used to take care of Ho-Oh’s well-being. However, it is said to have disappeared as people became more selfish, so Ho-Oh has not been seen for 300 years. Ash sees Ho-Oh a few more times throughout the anime, but has never been near it.

3. Generation

Regirock Regice Registeel Latias Latios Kyogre Groudon Rayquaza
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Sugimori 378.png
Sugimori 380.png
Sugimori 384.png

The Legendary Giants

The Legendary Giants, often referred to as Regi Trio, Ancient Golems or Legendary Golems Designated, consist of Regirock, which is of the rock type, Regice, which is of the ice type, and Registeel, which is of the steel type. All three have the ability Neutral Torso and, interestingly, the weakness Combat. According to the National Pokedex, they are the first Legendary Pokemon of the 3. Generation. Despite this, they are comparatively difficult to find and catch in the editions set in Hoenn, as they were locked up in three different caves by humans centuries ago due to their power. Otherwise, little is known about them, though it is known that they were created by Regigigas in his image. All three, however, are said to have special attributes that set them apart; Regirock, for example, is able to repair itself, while Regice is made of ice so cold from the South Pole that it can freeze anything imaginable, so not even lava stands a chance against it. This is due to its very low temperature of -200 °C. Registeel, on the other hand, is made of a mysterious substance that is said to be harder than any other metal on Earth and to have been formed by pressure over thousands of years. At the time the Pokemon games take place, Regirock is in the desert ruin, Regice lingers in the island cave, and Registeel has been locked in the tomb. In these locations, the three Pokemon are catchable at level 40 in all games set in the Hoenn region.

To open the gates to the caves where they are imprisoned, one must first enter the seal chamber located below sea level. There, a few small puzzles must be solved; this triggers an earthquake that opens the three caves. In the antechamber of the caves there is again a puzzle to solve, which opens the door to the respective golem and it can be captured. The Regis can also be caught in Platinum, but you need an Event Regigas to do so, which is only available in Japan during 11. movie and was distributed at Pokemon Day 2009. If you go to the summit ruins, the iceberg ruins and the iron ruins with this in the team, one of the three Pokemon can be caught at level 30 in each case.

In Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, all three Regis can be caught in the underground ruins at level 65. Again, in order to achieve this, a puzzle must be solved. However, only one Pokemon is present in the ruin at a time, but the key system can be used to change which Pokemon appears, so that only two of the golems can be caught in each generation without sending the key.

In the anime, the Regis make an appearance in Pokemon 8 – Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. There they appear again and again individually as guardians of the tree of the beginning. Brandon owns all three Regis, all of which he has used in battles against Ash and Paul before.

The Regi trio also has a leader, Regigigas. However, it was not introduced until the fourth generation.

Latias and Latios

Legendary pokemon

Legendary pokemon

Latias and Latios, also known as Aeon Duo are the second duo in the National Pokedex after Mewtu and Mew, and are also the first Legendary Dragon Pokemon. Their secondary type is Psycho. Both are very shy, so they have rarely been spotted. Because of this, and also the fact that their down dress can refract light, making them invisible, many people doubt their existence and few details are known about them. However, from the Pokedex entries, you can see that both are very smart and can even understand human language. Both of them have a special attack each: Latias can do fogball, while Latios can do spotlight. Both attacks seem to be counterparts in name and each lower a special value.

In the normal course of the game, they mostly appear as wandering Pokemon, with the only exceptions being the Mytocrystal event for Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver and the island in the south in the Hoenn region and the Dream Wasteland in Einall. Also, except through a Nintendo event, it is not possible to catch both Pokemon on one edition. In Ruby, Latios can be caught after defeating the Pokemon League, in Sapphire Latias, and in Pokemon Emerald the player can choose between the two. In the fourth and fifth generations of the game, a similar principle can be seen: HeartGold includes Latias, in SoulSilver only Latios is catchable; in Pokemon Black 2 Latios is available and in Pokemon White 2 Latias is available. There both Pokemon can also be caught normally in the dream wasteland as a stationary Legendary Pokemon.

Since Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Latias and Latios have been able to perform Mega evolution. In this they look exactly the same except for their eye color. Latias has yellow eyes, while Latios has red eyes. In both of these games, one of them joins the player without a fight after he or she has defeated it before Team Aqua (in Alpha Sapphire) or the. Team Magma (in Omega Ruby) has saved. Latias and Latios can also be used with the new locomotion option Overflyer, which allows you to fly freely through the so-called airspace above Hoenn. But for this you also need the Aeon Flute.

In the anime, the duo plays the main Pokemon role in 5. Movie, in which Latias even has the ability to disguise himself as a human. In the Sinnoh League, Tobias’ Latios fought against Ash. In the special episode aired only in Japan The biggest Marmoria Arena crisis of all time! an agent of the PIA owns a Latias.

Weather Legends

Legendary pokemon

Legendary pokemon

Legendary pokemon

The Weather Legends are the most important Legendary Pokemon of the third generation, around which the main storyline also revolves. The trio consists of the Pokemon Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza, with Groudon symbolizing land, Kyogre symbolizing water, and Rayquaza symbolizing sky. A major peculiarity of the trio is that the leader, namely Rayquaza, is also a member of the trio, which was not the case until the 5. Generation and the introduction of the forces of nature was unique. Furthermore, it is notable that they do not look similar to each other, but rather opposites, which is otherwise only the case with the Dimensions trio from the fourth generation. They also have unique abilities, namely drought (Groudon), drizzle (Kyogre) and climate (Rayquaza). They are based on the legend of Leviathan, Behemoth and Ziz.

According to mythology, Groudon created all the land masses of the Earth, while Kyogre created the oceans. The two then engaged in a fierce battle, which was only interrupted by Rayquaza putting them both into a deep sleep. However, during the events of the third generation games, Groudon is resurrected by Team Magma and Kyogre by Team Aqua with the help of orbs that the teams stole on Pyro Mountain. As a result, Groudon and Kyogre engage in a fierce battle in Xeneroville, causing extreme drought in the countryside, respectively. torrential rains on the water from. The player must now climb to the top of the sky tower to summon Rayquaza, which will then end the dispute between Groudon and Kyogre and bring them back to peace. [1]

Legendary pokemon

In the games, Groudon appears only in Pokemon Ruby and Kyogre only in Pokemon Sapphire; only in Pokemon Emerald are both Pokemon available. Rayquaza is present in all three editions. They can be caught in each edition only after the Pokemon League, only Rayquaza can be caught on the Sky Tower before the League in Emerald, in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire it appears there only after entering the Hall of Fame. Tracking down Groudon and Kyogre in Pokemon Emerald is a little more difficult: you can find Groudon in the Terra Cave, but it is not in a fixed location, but appears randomly on a route. The same applies to the ocean cave, which is home to Kyogre. However, at the Climate Institute on Route 119, you can learn where each cave is located, because where they appear, there is either drought or rain.

The trio is also catchable in HeartGold and SoulSilver, but only very late: namely, the player must first defeat Red, the strongest trainer in the game, in order to learn of Mr. Pokemon the Blue (only in Pokemon HeartGold for Kyogre) or. To get the Red Orb (only in Pokemon SoulSilver for Groudon). This can then be used to catch the Pokemon in question in the Rock Heart Tower. After that you still have the possibility to catch a Rayquaza at the same place, but you have to bring Groudon and Kyogre to Professor Eich, who will give you the Green Orb. It doesn’t help to have Pokemon from the third generation migrate over, you have to have a Groudon or a Pokemon from the second generation. Swap Kyogre from each other’s edition to its own.

In Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, the two are capable of protomorphosis. In both of these games, Rayquaza is given a big role, as he has to save the Pokemon world from a comet in the Delta episode. In addition, Rayquaza is said to have performed the very first mega-evolution several millennia ago to save the Hoenn region. Since these remakes, the members of the trio each have a special attack as well as an additional special ability in the other form. Groudon can use Abyss Blade and in proto form the ability Endland. Both reflect destruction, while Kyogre represents the origin of life with Origin Wave and Primordial Sea. This symbolism can be compared with that of the aura trio. Also Rayquaza as a mediator between the two with the attack Zenith Striker and the ability Delta Wind, which cancels the other abilities, fits into this picture.

In the anime, Groudon and Kyogre in particular have made major appearances: In two episodes of the eighth season, approximately the story from Emerald is retold. In addition, Kyogre appears briefly in the ninth motion picture. Rayquaza has also appeared several times, for example in the seventh movie, where it fights with Deoxys. It has also made two appearances in the series so far, but they were only supporting roles. The fight with Deoxys will be revisited in the Delta episode.

4. Generation

Selfe Vesprit Tobutz Dialga Palkia Heatran Regigigas Giratina Cresselia
Sugimori 480.png
Sugimori 483.png
Sugimori 484.png
Sugimori 487.png
Sugimori 488.png

Sea Legends

Legendary pokemon

In the 4. In the 3rd generation there are even more Legendary Pokemon than in the 3rd generation. Generation, starting with the Lakes Trio Selfe, Vesprit and Tobutz. All three are Psycho Pokemon. Selfe, the knowing being, Can be caught in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum in the Strength Grotto at the Lake of Strength near Blizzach. It is considered in legend to be the Pokemon that brought intelligence and knowledge to humans. Tobutz, the strong being, rests at the lake of audacity in the audacity grotto and gave people a will. Unlike Selfe and Tobutz, Vesprit emerges, the sentient being, appears as a wandering Pokemon in Sinnoh and, according to Professor Eibe’s testimony, wants to play with the protagonist. It is said to have taught emotions to people. The leader of the trio is Arceus. In Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, this trio can also be captured, although it must first be found in the summoning cave. After that, all three Pokemon scatter through Einall, but remain stationary Pokemon.

The trio is also important in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Exploration Team Time and Exploration Team Darkness, as well as Exploration Team Sky, as they are the ones who protect the gears of time from thieves, preventing the planet from being paralyzed. It should be noted here that Selfe creates an illusion of Groudon during their first encounter in order to protect the place. Tobutz and Vesprit, however, fight themselves.

Dimensions trio

Legendary pokemon

The Dimensions Trio, like the Lakes Trio, is led by Arceus and consists of Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina, all of whom share the Dragon secondary type. In addition, each has an individual first type, this is steel for Dialga, water for Palkia and spirit for Giratina. Dialga’s and Giratina’s type combinations are unique among them. They all have an individual special attack based on their special abilities, so Dialga can learn time noise, while Palkia can perform space strike and Giratina can perform shema force.

According to its Pokedex entries and Sinnoh myths, the Dimensions trio has extremely great power over dimensions; for example, Dialga can manipulate time and is said to control the entire passage of time with its heartbeat. It is also said to have created time itself. Palkia, on the other hand, can freely control the fabric of space and create space curvatures. It is also said to ensure the stability of the universe and lives in a rift in a parallel dimension. Furthermore, at the request of Dialga and Palkia, the entire matter is said to have been created. Special status boosters exist for both, which only work when they wear them and boost both types of Pokemon by 20% each. As you can see, there is a close connection between the different abilities and the special attacks of both Pokemon.

Giratina stands out the most among the three Pokemon because its dimension, called Zerrworld in the game and Counterworld in the anime, is the only one you can enter directly and it has the most salient characteristics compared to the others. This distorted world, where logic and laws of nature do not apply, and our world are mutually supportive, with changes in one directly reflected in the other. Giratina itself is said to have been banished to the Zerrworld according to the Pokedex, but this is doubted due to its appearances in the movie and anime. It seems more likely that Giratina lives voluntarily in the opposite world to keep both worlds in balance. Furthermore, Giratina is the only one of the three Pokemon that is a shapeshifter, taking on its original form in Zerrwelt and when it wears the Platinum Orb. In this original form, its status values are more offensively oriented. If these conditions are not met, Giratina is in its transformation form, in which it is more defensively oriented. Thus, taking the original form in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl is not possible, as neither the Cerrworld nor the Platinum Orb exist here. All three Pokemon can travel through dimensions and are worshipped as deities in Sinnoh. Given these extraordinary and powerful abilities, Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina could be considered the second most powerful Pokemon after Arceus.

Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina are the cover Pokemon of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and Pokemon Platinum. As a result, they play a very important role in the games. There, Zyrus, the boss of Team Galactics, tries to summon Dialga and Palkia, respectively, on level 47 with the help of the Red Chain made from the crystals of the Lake Trio. Summon Palkia and use her power to destroy the universe and create a new one according to his ideas, in which he is the sole ruler. He uses Team Galaktik only as a means to an end, since he has no place for them in the new world. After defeating Zyrus, Dialga and Giratina, respectively, can take on their original forms. Palkia to be caught on level 47 on the spear column. After that, the Orb belonging to them can be found on the Spear Pillar. Giratina can be caught here after obtaining the National Pokedex at level 70 in the Cave of Reversal.

In Pokemon Platinum, the plot is modified so that Zyrus can use technological tools to produce another red necklace, with which he now wants to bring both Dialga and Palkia under his control. When he tries to carry out his plan, however, he is kidnapped by Giratina to the Zerr World in order to save both worlds. After defeating Zyrus in Zerrworld this time, Giratina can be caught there at level 47. If you defeat it, you can challenge it again later on the same level in the Cave of Reversal. In this edition, Dialga and Palkia are both catchable after obtaining the National Pokedex on the spear pillar at level 70, but for this the player must also possess the Orbs belonging to the Pokemon, which are hidden here at the waterfall of Crater Mountain.

While in previous generations only the Orbs can be found, in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire the Pokemon themselves are once again catchable, being found in a rift in the airspace above Hoenn at level 50. Dialga can only be caught in Alpha Sapphire, while Palkia can only be caught in Omega Ruby. If you have both of them in your team, you can also find Giratina at the same level in a crevice in the sky in both editions.

In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Exploration Team Time and Exploration Team Darkness, as well as Exploration Team Sky, Dialga and Palkia are of great importance, while Giratina is only a guardian of one of the Seven Treasures. While Dialga already plays an important role in the main story, Palkia only gets it after the main story, when there is another storyline. Palkia is also required in the team for the two heroes (oneself and the partner) to evolve.

Legendary pokemon

All three Pokemon make important appearances in both the anime series and the movies, starring along with Arceus in the battle for space and time (see also Time-Space Legend), which spans three movies. Arceus’ awakening upsets the fabric of space-time, causing Dialga and Palkia to meet in the 10th dimension. Pokemon movie, so that they can only be calmed down by the song Oracion, which is played on the space-time towers thanks to Ash and his friends at the last moment. Giratina then appears in the 11. Pokemon movie, as the battle between Dialga and Palkia disrupted the opposite world. Therefore, at the beginning of the movie, a battle between Dialga and Giratina takes place in the Otherworld, but Dialga is able to win it by locking Giratina in a time loop and escaping through a dimensional hole. The main theme of this movie, however, is that Zero is trying to take over the counterworld and acquire Giratina’s abilities to do so, which would lead to Giratina’s death. This can be stopped at the last moment with the help of Professor Newton, Zero’s former mentor. However, with the help of Shaymin, the weakened Giratina can be rescued and the destruction caused by Zero through Giratina’s abilities in the counterworld and thus also in the normal world can be stopped with the help of Ash and Shaymin. Some time later, the battle for space and time comes to its finale in the 12. Pokemon movie comes to its finale, with violent water tornadoes appearing at the beginning of the movie due to the energy generated by Arceus’ awakening. However, the sucked-in Pokemon can be saved. A fight breaks out again between Dialga and Giratina, but Ash and Sheena help to settle it. When finally water tornadoes of this kind appear again, Palkia also appears to save Dialga who is caught in them, whereupon both return to their own dimensions. When some time later Arceus appears, they come back to protect Ash, Sheena and their friends from him and attack it, but have no chance against it. Even Giratina can do nothing. Dialga then sends them back in time several times to change history and take away Arceus’ reason for his attack.

In the anime series, Dialga and Palkia have only made one appearance each so far. Thus both become in the consequence The great battle for space and time! Summoned by Zyrus using the Red Chain on the Spear Pillar, attempting to take control of Dialga and Palkia with rings formed from it that resemble those of Arceus, and using them to create a new universe just like in the game, causing them to run rampant. After the rings are destroyed by Ash and his friends with the assistance of the Lakes Trio, Dialga and Palkia are able to escape his control, whereupon the new universe, which now includes Zyrus, disintegrates again. As a result, both Pokemon are healed by the Lakes Trio and returned to their own dimensions. Giratina, on the other hand, has not appeared once in the anime series, only in the episode Family Trouble! it is to be seen as an illusion.


Legendary pokemon

Heatran is the first Legendary Pokemon that does not have a fixed gender, with the gender distribution being balanced. It also has a unique type combination with Fire and Steel, giving it the best defensive type combination of any Legendary Pokemon after Dialga. From this it follows that although it has a quadruple weakness, namely soil, it also has the most double resistances with five, namely against plant, ice, beetle, steel and fairy. Heatran also has a special attack, Lava Storm.

Heatran’s physique has some peculiarities; for example, its body is made of partially melted steel, which suggests that Heatran’s body must have a temperature slightly above 1500 °C, since that is about the melting point of steel. Thus, it is well adapted to its habitat, as it resides mostly in volcanic caves. As further adaptations to this, it is able to use its special cross-shaped claws on the ceiling bspw. to run from caves and has blood as hot as magma. Curiously, however, the temperature of magma, which can be as high as 1250 °C, is well below the melting point of steel.

Heatran can be caught in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl as well as in Pokemon Platinum at Bald Mountain on Lv. 70 resp. Lv. 50 to be caught. In Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, it can be caught at Janus Mountain if you have the Magma Stone.

Heatran has made appearances in both the anime series and the Pokemon movies, trying out in Hot, hotter, Heatran! Pokemon Ranger Julian to capture a Heatran, which he succeeds in doing after a battle against Team Rocket. It makes another brief appearance in The old rascal!, in which it participates in the Sinnoh League. This is the first time a Legendary Pokemon has participated in a Pokemon League in the anime.

In the movies, it made an appearance as Marcus’ Heatran in the 12. Pokemon movie, in which it is controlled by the antagonist Marcus until Ash’s Pikachu is able to free it from his control. On it it turns against Marcus.


The leader of the three Legendary Giants Regirock, Regice, and Registeel is Regigigas, which is the only Legendary Pokemon that is exclusively of the Normal type. According to legend, it created the trio in its own image from a rock , an iceberg and magma. It is also said to have pulled the continents to their position on a rope. Unlike its "underlings," its name is not derived from its type, but with giga from its size and its importance. A major distinctive feature of Regigigas is its special ability Hemming Bliss, which halves its attack and initiative for the first five rounds after it is substituted, counterbalancing its high status stats. Regigigas also has a special attack, namely squeeze grip.

Regigigas also appears in the anime, so it has a role in 11. Pokemon movie, where it awakens and, together with some mamutel, brakes a falling glacier that was detached by Zero destroying some ice pillars in the Zerrworld. It makes another appearance in the episode An unusual nap!, where it is awakened by Huntress J and then, raging wildly, threatens to destroy Blizzach along with Brian’s Legendary Giants under its control.

In Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Pokemon Platinum, it can be caught in Blizzach Temple as long as you have Regirock, Regice, and Registeel from the 3. Generation in the team has. In doing so, it appears at level 70 in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, while it is at level 1 in Pokemon Platinum. Thus, it is the first Pokemon that you can legally get to Lv. 1 can catch. In Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, you can awaken it in Wendelberg once you have the three Regis on your team.


Legendary pokemon

A duo of sorts are the basically opposite Cresselia and Darkrai, as both have a close connection to dreams.

Thus, the female Psycho Pokemon Cresselia can free people from nightmares that can be created by the genderless Unlight Pokemon Darkrai. This contrast is emphasized by the fact that Cresselia, as evident from her category and Pokedex entries, has a close connection to moonshine, while Darkrai is only active at new moon. This is also reflected in the fact that Cresselia’s wandering through Sinnoh starts after visiting Full Moon Island, while Darkrai can be caught on New Moon Island. For the latter, however, an event is necessary. Cresselia can also be caught in Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 using the Lunar Feather on the Wonder Bridge.

Cresselia and Darkrai have some things in common, though, so z. B. they have the same base value sum and also special attacks. Cresselia has the special attack Lunar Dance, while Darkrai has the special attack Slumbering Place. Darkrai also has a special ability, nightmare, while Cresselia has the ability levitation.

In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Exploration Team Time and Exploration Team Darkness, as well as Exploration Team Sky, both are important to the same story arc that takes place after the main story. While Darkrai increases its power, sending Pokemon into endless nightmares, Cresselia makes those nightmares disappear and also chases her adversary Darkrai to stop him. Darkrai takes advantage of some illusions in dreams and even copies Cresselia.

In the anime, both make a joint appearance in the episode A Legendary Pokemon, where Cresselia fights the Darkrai attracted by Team Rocket’s machines and is able to scare it away. Darkrai also has other appearances in the anime, namely in the movie Pokemon 10 – The Rise of Darkrai, by trying to stop the battle between Dialga and Palkia. Another time it appears in the episode The tournament is open in which a Darkrai trained by Tobias competes against Ash in the Sinnoh League.

5. Generation

Kobalium Terrakium Viridium Boreos Voltolos Reshiram Zekrom Demeteros Kyurem
Sugimori 639.png
Sugimori 643.png
Sugimori 645.png
Sugimori 646.png

Knights of Probity

Legendary pokemon

The Knights of Integrity Viridium, Terrakium, Kobalium and Keldeo form a Legendary Quartet from the 5. Generation. All four possess the ability Probity, which apparently gave the quartet its name. Pokemon can be played in Pokemon Black and White in the Chamber of Trial (Terrakium), the Field of Reflection (Viridium), and the Chamber of Instruction (Kobalium), each at Lv. 42, but you have to catch Kobalium before Viridium and Terrakium. Keldeo is only available through an event distribution. The Knights of Probity are of the Combat type and one other type, for Kobalium this is Steel, for Viridium it is Plant, for Terrakium it is Rock and for Keldeo it is Water. They had in the 5. In the fifth generation, Keldeo also has the same special attack, Sancto Blade, also of the Fighting type, and they have the same maximum value of 1859, which is the highest of all Pokemon of the Fighting type. In addition to these traits, Keldeo also possesses another special attack, Mysto Sword. According to a legend, they saved other Pokemon from a burning forest. Kobalium led them out of the forest, while Terrakium pushed aside the rocks blocking the way and Viridium protected the other Pokemon from sparks with its speed. They thus rescued Keldeo, which lost its parents during a war among humans, and raised it as foster parents. Therefore, in the fifth generation, Keldeo can learn the attack Mystosword from the other knights through an event, changing its form in the process. Again, in Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, they are again on Lv. 45 / Lv. 65 catchable on Route 11 (Viridium), Route 13 (Kobalium) and Route 22 (Terrakium). In Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, three of the knights are encountered at Lv. 50 in the Nameless Plane.

The quartet plays a big role in Pokemon – The Movie: Kyurem vs. the Knight of Probity. In order for Keldeo to become a full member of the Knights of Integrity, it must learn the meaning of the sword and face a battle with Kyurem. For this it trains with the other knights. But since Kobalium thinks Keldeo is not ready, Keldeo wants to prove himself and sneaks off to fight Kyurem. When the others realize this, they want to help him. However, Keldeo incurs the wrath of Kyurem and the other three knights are frozen in their tracks when they intervene, as this is Keldeo’s fight alone. When Keldeo’s horn breaks off, it flees, leaving the three behind. Later it returns accompanied by Ash. The latter tries to free the knights, while Keldeo continues the fight and finally uses Mysto Sword in its resolute form. It can’t win, but it impressed Kyurem, so that finally the now freed knights also recognize it as a member.

Forces of Nature

Legendary pokemon

Legendary pokemon

Voltolos, Boreos, and Demeteros forming the forces of nature from the 5.Generation. Voltolos belongs to the types Electric and Flight, while Boreos belongs exclusively to the type Flight. Demeteros belongs to the types ground and flight. The type combination of Boreos is unique here.

According to legend, Voltolos and Boreos destroyed the fields and land of the people. Then Demeteros, who is responsible for the fertility of the fields, put them in their place. They are all of the type flight and float in their incarnation form all on a cloud. They have a similar appearance and are always male. This also makes them the only Legendary Pokemon from the 5. Generation that have a gender. In addition to their incarnation form, the forces of nature also have an animal spirit form, which they can change into using the True Mirror, which is only available from Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 onwards. In this form, they have slightly different stats and reputation.

Voltolos and Boreos are level 40 wandering Pokemon whose path can be followed with the neon indicator in passage houses, but Boreos only in Pokemon Black and Voltolos only in Pokemon White. Once you have caught the corresponding traveling Pokemon in your edition and brought its counterpart to your edition, you can (with the two Pokemon on your team) catch Demeteros at the Shrine of Harvest, which was built in Demeteros’ honor.

They do not appear in the Pokemon movies, but they do appear in three episodes of the television series. In The Wrath of the Legendary Pokemon! (part 1) and The Wrath of the Legendary Pokemon! (Part 2) Boreos and Voltolos fight each other, but Ash and his friends are able to prevent this with the help of Demeteros. The forces of nature have another appearance – this time in their animal spirit form, too – in the episode Battle for the future of the Einall region!, where they are summoned by Giovanni. However, Meloetta can calm them down again.

Tao trio

Legendary pokemon

Artwork of the Tao trio with all its forms:

top left: Black Kyurem   top right: White Kyurem
bottom left: Zekrom   bottom right: Reshiram
Middle: Kyurem

The Tao-Trio from the 5. The Black Kyurem, whose name is derived from Taoism, consists of Reshiram and Zekrom, representing Yin and Yang, and Kyurem, representing Wuji. They all have the type dragon in common, but differ in their secondary type. Reshiram is also of the Fire type, while Zekrom is of the Electric type and Kyurem is of the Ice type. Until the sixth generation, these type combinations were unique. Only Kyurem’s type combination has remained unique. Reshiram and Zekrom can both be combined with Kyurem using the DNA wedge; combining Kyurem and Zekrom creates "black" Kyurem, while combining Kyurem and Reshiram creates "white" Kyurem. Both forms retain Kyurem’s original type, but their status values are drastically increased values of the respective color-giving Pokemon. Thus, both forms have total values that almost reach Arceus.

They all three master special attacks, so Reshiram masters cross flame and blue flame, while Zekrom masters cross thunder and lightning strike. Kyurem’s special attacks depend on its form, so in its normal form it learns Ice Time as a special attack, while as a White Kyurem it learns Frost Breath and Cross Flame and as a Black Kyurem it learns Frost Volt and Cross Thunder. Linked to their second type, Reshiram and Zekrom also have individual abilities, but they do the same thing: Turbo Fire and Teravolt. These abilities are transferred to Kyurem during fusion, which in its normal form has Enforcer as an ability.

Their extreme strength is also reinforced by the abilities attributed to them, Reshiram is capable of changing the world’s climate with the help of his glowing tail, while Zekrom can generate huge amounts of electricity with his tail. Kyurem, on the other hand, can release massive amounts of cold that even freezes its own body.

Originally, they were just a single dragon that helped the twins, called the Heroes of Wish and Reality, establish the Einall region. This one is supposed to have come originally similarly as Deoxys with a meteor on the earth. When a heated argument broke out between the two brothers, this Pokemon split into Reshiram, who joined the older brother and strives for a world of reality, and Zekrom, who joined the younger brother and strives for a world of wishes. Kyurem they left behind as their mutilated empty shell. Since neither of them could win the dispute because Reshiram and Zekrom were equally strong, it was eventually settled.

Also other legends entwine themselves around the trio, so is supposed bspw. Kyurem kidnap Pokemon and humans at night to steal their souls, which is why there are no humans on the streets of Tessera when night falls. Reshiram and Zekrom, on the other hand, are said to be able to destroy the world with fire and fire, respectively. To incinerate thunder.

Reshiram and Zekrom take the main roles in Pokemon Black and White respectively. Here Reshiram / Zekrom is awakened by N for Team Plasma to carry out his team’s goals. The player can prevent this by awakening the other Pokemon and raising it in the castle of N to Lv. 50 catches. With his help, he is able to defeat N shortly after, after which the latter leaves the Einall region. Kyurem can also now be raised to Lv. 75 get trapped in the giant grotto. Two years later, in Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, Kyurem is abused by Team Plasma and their leader G-Cis for their purposes, with N eventually showing up with Reshiram / Zekrom to stop him. Here G-Cis fuses with the help of the DNA wedge Kyurem with Reshiram / Zekrom to the White / Black Kyurem , which the player can defeat. As a result, N’s now released Reshiram / Zekrom settle on the Dragon Staircase at Lv. 70 as well as catch Kyurem, which is at the same level, in the giant grotto.

In the anime, some of the trio also make several appearances, though never/only once together. Thus, Zekrom makes his first appearance in the anime series in the very first episode, which takes place in the Einall region, in In the shadow of Zekrom!, where it takes away Ash’s Pikachu’s ability to use Electro Attacks through strong electrical impulses during a strong thunderstorm. In the following episode The journey begins. , it again triggers a thunderstorm, this time giving Pikachu back his lost abilities. Reshiram makes his first appearance, along with several flashbacks, in Between desire and reality!, where it is awakened by G-Cis, who attempts to control it with one of Achromas’ machines, but is prevented from doing so by Ash’s Pikachu. Kyurem has not yet made an appearance in the anime series.

In the movies, all three Pokemon take a starring role once each, so Reshiram and Zekrom make an appearance in Pokemon – The Movie: Black – Victini and Reshiram respectively. Pokemon – The Movie: White – Victini and Zekrom, which are very similar in terms of plot, but the main difference is that Reshiram and Zekrom swap roles. Here Reshiram / Zekrom is used by Damon to convince the scattered Lowland tribe to return to their ancient homeland. When Damon tries to move the sword of the lowlands back to its old place in the lowlands, the world is in danger of being destroyed by the dragon energy released by it. However, the world can be saved with the help of Zekrom / Reshiram. Kyurem appears in the movie Pokemon – The Movie: Kyurem vs. the Knight of Probity, where it is challenged to battle by Keldeo and shows itself in all its forms. It thus has no joint appearance with Reshiram and Zekrom.

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