Lateral entry into the teaching profession – the only way it works!

We surely receive one request per day, how and with which conditions a teaching profession can be taken up without a teaching degree. At certain stages of life, when the desire for career change and greater existential security emerges, a teaching position often comes into focus. The keyword "Lateral entry into the teaching profession" raises many hopes, which unfortunately can not all be fulfilled. In other words, the opportunity is there; but it is far from feasible to do everything that is imaginable.

When is a lateral entry into a teaching position theoretically possible?

A lateral entry is possible, if the need for teachers with regular trained teachers can not be met. But not all types of school and not all subjects are affected by this. The type of school we are talking about is primarily the vocational school. A lateral entry is a perspective for academics who are qualified in at least one deficiency subject. The shortage subjects mainly include the so-called STEM subjects: mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology. A deployment in other subjects is rather rarely the case. Personal requirements are not arbitrary either. The age limit is usually 40 to 45 years old.

AheadThere are no guarantees that a lateral entry into the teaching profession will work out. Prospective students must always make specific inquiries about their background, their studies, and the current situation in the state in which the studies are to be taken up.

Can I be a civil servant?

Opportunities in government service are very limited for lateral teachers. Without pedagogical training, they often receive only temporary contracts and have to dither every year whether the contract will be renewed or not. If you don’t want to work in the public sector but at a private school, you have better chances as a career changer. There, the hiring conditions are more flexible. So it can be that a missing Referendariat can be compensated by teaching practice.

I have a degree and want to get credits recognized so I can still get a degree in teaching. Does that?

Those who have completed a specialized course of study and are still able to invest time at university can, in most cases, make a lateral move within a teaching degree program. It is best to have your certificates recognized directly at the university of your choice.

Are there distance or evening study options to become a teacher?

More like no. But exceptions prove the rule. There are a few selected offers to qualify for the area of Medicine and nursing for teaching jobs to qualify.

The Master in Business Education at the Allensbach Hochschule is a course of study that entitles students to enter the Referendariat (vocational schools) in Baden-Wurttemberg and also in numerous other federal states (e.g., Germany).B. Bremen) is a recognized alternative to lateral entry by decision on a case-by-case basis.
Part-time distance learning course, Master of Business Education, Allensbach University>

Qualification work teachers in Bavaria: The offer is aimed at social educators and educators who want a change and see their future in a school:
The technical school for teachers of works>

I do not have a degree, but only an apprenticeship. Can I still become a teacher?

This is also very difficult. A degree is the minimum requirement. Exception is again the field of medicine/nursing. At relevant vocational schools, such as. B. Vocational schools for child care, specialized academies for social pedagogy, specialized schools for curative education and specialized schools for geriatric care o. a. sometimes a course of study could also be completed while working.

Where can I get information??

The first place to go for information is the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs of the state in which the course of study is to begin. Lateral entry into the teaching profession is always an issue, yet regulations can vary from year to year.

Here are a few examples of what is being communicated by officials:

Lateral entry into the teaching profession - the only way it works!

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Lateral entry into the teaching profession - the only way it works!

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Lateral entry into the teaching profession - the only way it works!

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