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"Nothing will be the same again."

Do you hear the sentence just also more frequently in the media?

Maybe it even creeps into private or professional conversations sometimes?

Today we are about enabling you to transform your perspectives and feelings – to transform and get out of hypnotic negative programming.

But before we get to that, it is important to look at what the sentence
"Nothing will ever be the same again!"
with you triggers.

How do you feel with the sentence?

Motivates you?
Or does it rather make you feel anxious?

If it is trepidation, it is also worth reading the last post. Here you will learn exactly why this is so: How your emotions are affected.

We would like to look at this sentence with you to bring you into a different emotional state. So that you can bring yourself into a different, new emotional state.

In confidence, solution-oriented thinking and joy of life – in joy of life.

Yes, it’s true – nothing will ever be the same again!

And you know what, that has always been the case!

It has been like this for 13.5 billion years!
Since the big bang.

Nothing has stopped.
Nothing is as it always was!

The universe has expanded and continues to expand.
Planets were created and continue to be created.
On earth, life forms evolved.

And "nothing will ever be the same again" – suddenly makes sense.

Or should the condition that the earth was a glowing sphere – be maintained? Because then you would never have lived – you would not exist today!

Life evolved – imagine it would have stopped – like frozen! And even frozen it moves within the atoms.
Life is constant movement and change, decay and new beginnings.

Consciousness evolved – before ca. 300.000 years ago first humans developed.

Do you want mankind to live as it did 300 years ago?.000 years?
Or live like 1000 years ago?
Or like 100 years ago in 1920?
Or like 80 years ago in 1940?

Would you like to have working conditions like 1950 or 1960?
Look at the Ruhr area at that time and today!
Perhaps nevertheless well that it "Nothing will be like it was once again!" gives. Or?

If now comes a "Yes, but …"?! This is also good – because we want to develop ourselves further! Questioning also means development, can enable development and discoveries. And undesirable developments can thus be recognized and corrected.

Only when we become aware that things, life circumstances, etc. are not the same as they always have been. are not so optimal, that there is need for improvement, then we are also ready to change something.

Look at how just things are becoming aware:
– that with less traffic the air will be different and the sky clearer.
– that suddenly home office is possible, where it was not possible before from employer’s side.
– Finally realizing again the importance of well-funded community-supported hospitals and health care systems.
etc. etc.

How do you see the "nothing will be the same" now?

Maybe valuable, because we do not want to stand still!

We all want further development.

And that only works when
"Nothing will ever be the same again"!

You do not hold your breath.
With every breath you take new air. Consume air. Expel stale air. cells die and new ones are created. Life is change.

So we can be thankful for changes.
We can use changes and create with joy new and better things for our life on this planet.

How did you like this little change of perspective?
We are happy about your feedback.

We wish you beautiful Easter days – all love and stay healthy

Petra& Michael

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