Installing the ps5 ssd: here’s how it works, here’s what you have to watch out for

Finally Sony gives the green light to install an M.2-SSD as internal memory expansion for the PS5. So far only in beta, but here you can already find the instructions how to do it.

by David Molke,
15.09.2021 17:30

If you want to expand your PS5 with an internal M.2 SSD, you have to consider a few things and be careful

If you have equipped your PS5 with an internal M.2-SSD expansion, there are a few things you have to keep in mind and be careful with.

The PS5 can be used with a lightning-fast M.2-SSD to be expanded. Then you suddenly get a lot more storage space, which can also keep up with the speed that the internal SSD offers.

With the latest firmware update of the PS5, it’s finally getting into the hot phase: Sony has finally finished the beta for the new firmware and made the update available to everyone. So now everyone can finally use the PS5’s memory expansion slot. How to install the SSD and what you have to pay attention to, you will learn in the following article.

Important: You need the right SSD for your PS5

This is really very important: You have to be very careful to buy the right SSD if you want to be able to install it and then also use it to its full extent. An SSD that is too slow won’t do you any good, just like one that doesn’t fit in the PS5 or one that is completely unsuitable.

Which SSDs are supported by the PS5?? You need a PCIe Gen4 M.2 NVMe SSD. That sounds more complicated than it is. The most important thing is the form factor M.2 (no SATA!) and that it is a fourth generation SSD.

Anything below that is not fast enough. Speaking of which: Sony recommends an SSD with at least 5 Wh on the official support page.500 MB/s and 5.5 GB/s, respectively, and yes, that’s really very fast in the first place and also extremely expensive.

You also need a heatsink

the SSD must have its own cooling solution, a so-called heatsink. Many SSDs already ship with this, but some don’t. This is why you have to pay urgent attention to it.

If in doubt, you can also buy the heatsink separately and upgrade it to a certain extent. Of course, this complicates things a bit more, because you have to make sure that the shape and size fits.

The most important key data you have to pay attention to with the SSD:

  • InterfacePCIe Gen4 M.2 NVMe SSD
  • Size: 250 GB to 4 TB
  • read speed: at least 5.500 MB/s
  • Form factor: The PS5 only supports the M.2 types 2230, 2242, 2260, 2280 and 22110. The first two digits stand for width, the others for length. This is extremely important because the SSD won’t fit in the PS5 otherwise.
  • Socket type: Socket 3 (Key M)
  • Altitude: A total of at most 11.25mm. The height of the SSD also plays an important role, especially in combination with an extra heatsink.

All currently compatible SSDs for your PS5 can be found here:

159 6

Sony does not provide a warranty: You really have to pay close attention that the shape and size fits. Read the specifications of the hard drives carefully and make sure to also check how high they are if a heatsink is included. If not, make sure your additional heatsink fits and does not exceed 11.25 millimeters in height with the SSD and the space below it.

If you want to install an SSD in the PS5, it must not be higher than 11.25 millimeters in total together with the heatsink on top and the space underneath

If you want to install an SSD in the PS5, it must not be higher than 11.25 millimeters in total together with the heatsink on top of it and the space below it.

PS5 storage with M.2-SSD expansion: This is how the installation works

You’ll need: Sony recommends installing the SSD in the PS5 in a well-lit room on a table with a lot of space. You will need a #1 Phillips or crosshead screwdriver and ideally a small flashlight.

Bonus tips from the PC DIY world: A non-conductive pad can’t hurt either. To be on the safe side, it’s best to ground yourself again by grabbing an unpainted heating pipe.

This is how you install the SSD:

  1. ÜCheck if you have installed the latest system version. (This can be done in the settings via the item "System, then "System Software and there at the "Console information.
  2. Press and hold the power button on your PS5 for at least three seconds to turn off the console. Remove all cables and wait until the PS5 has cooled down.
  3. Place the console on a flat, even surface, preferably on a soft cloth (or an anti-static mat) and remove the base.
  4. Position the console so that the screw hole for the stand base is facing you, the power button is on your left and the PS logo is facing downwards.
  5. Grab the edge with your hands at the top and gently pull the cover up and towards you at the corners. Then you should hear a click.
  6. Put the cover aside and remove the screw from the cover that is above the expansion slot.
  7. Unscrew the screw and the spacer and adjust the spacer to the size of your SSD.
  8. Hold the SSD by its side edges and carefully insert it into the designated slot from an angle until the connectors are all the way in.
    Make sure that everything fits, the SSD is inserted correctly and is completely inside. If not, you could damage the SSD and the PS5 if you continue.
  9. Carefully push the SSD down and screw it in place.
  10. Put the cover back on the expansion slot and screw it tight.
  11. Reattach the side cover by placing it about 2 cm from the top edge and then pushing it back in place. It should click when it’s stuck again.
  12. Reconnects the PS5 to the power and all other cables, brings the stand on, set them up and turn them on. Then a guide to formatting your new SSD should pop up. Follow the instructions on the screen, format the SSD and then you can use it.

If you need visual aids, check out the official tutorial video here (video in English only):

This is relatively complicated for laymen and requires some tact and sensitivity. But once you find the right SSD, the whole thing is quite doable. At least I can report for my part of the PC construction that the installation of a M.2-SSD is actually quite simple and easy to do if you have the right screws and spacers and everything fits the way it should in terms of size and shape. But you still have to be careful.

Have you bought an SSD for the PS5 yet and if so, which one?? Do you dare to install it?

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