I swap 100 monsters every day in pokemon go – 3 reasons why it’s worth it for you, too

A popular feature in Pokemon GO is swapping monsters with other players. Our MeinMMO author Franzi Korittke swaps 100 monsters every day and explains why it can be worth it for you too.

What is it about? In Pokemon GO, trainers have the opportunity to swap up to 100 Pokemon with their friendly players every day. By trading, players can complete their Pokedex.

On this way they get one or the other monster, which they themselves could not catch yet, but their friend could. But there is also a chance for a strong one.

However, I see even more advantages in regular swapping and therefore use this limit almost every day. That’s why I’m explaining why I do this and why it can be worthwhile for you too.

3 reasons why I swap 100 monsters a day

1. Lucky Pokemon

Primarily, I started trading so many Pokemon to increase my chances of getting a lucky Pokemon. I have a lot of "best friends" in the game, with whom I have reached the lucky friend status, but most of them live too far away or I don’t know them personally.

But you don’t have to wait for Lucky Friend status to make a Lucky Swap, because you can hope for a Lucky Pokemon in a normal swap, too. The probability of a lucky swap is usually about 5%, so about every 20. Swap.

I swap 100 monsters every day in pokemon go - 3 reasons why it's worth it for you, too

Lucky exchange

Especially monsters that can be found regularly in the wild or spawn more frequently due to an event are therefore ideal to swap on a large scale. It is best to catch them in advance in appropriate quantity and then exchange a larger number at once to increase your chances.

This way you will get many new entries in your lucky Pokedex and you can also enjoy the one or other strong specimen.

What are lucky Pokemon? These monsters are special specimens that, as the name suggests, you can get by swapping with a bit of luck. Alternatively, you will receive a guaranteed Lucky Swap when you reach Lucky Friend status with your best friend.

You can recognize the monsters by their golden background. The special thing about them is that they are usually relatively strong, because the IV of the lucky Pokemon is at least 80%. In addition, the stardust costs you have to spend to level up are reduced by half.

2. Candy farm

Another reason to use the daily swaps is the current candy bonus in the season of origin. Up to 28. February you will receive an additional "normal" candy and a guaranteed XL candy with every swap.

The latter you normally only get when exchanging Pokemon that were caught in a distance of more than 100 km from each other. On the other hand, if the distance is shorter, an XL candy is a coincidence.

For this reason, swapping monsters with strong evolutions, such as Machollo or Squeak, is really worth it at the moment. Because no matter in which distance the monsters were caught, one XL-candy per exchange is sure for you.

Pokemon GO XL candies title woman

Collect XL-Candy during the swap

With the amount of daily exchanges, you can collect quite a few candies. So for me it is an absolute must to use this bonus.

But even outside of the current season bonus, you can farm candy well this way. The number of candies also depends on how far apart the monsters have been caught. You can expect to receive the following bonbons on a regular basis:

Distance Number of guaranteed candies
0 – 10 km 1 candy
10 – 100 km 2 candies
from 100 km 3 candies +
1 XL-Candy (from level 40)

For those who are still missing a few candies to level up or evolve a strong specimen, this is therefore an easy earned way to get the corresponding candies. In addition, the monsters you get in the swap itself can be sent to Professor Willow afterwards, which brings more candies.

3. Collecting medals

But not only the monsters themselves and the associated candies are reasons why the many exchanges are worthwhile. Achieving as many Platinum Medals as possible is also part of it.

Some of them are about swapping anyway, like Gentleman and Pilot. With these monsters you have to earn 2 platinum medals.Swap 500 Pokemon or a total distance of 10.000.Reach 000 km by trading. For this reason, the daily exchanges here will bring you quite a bit forward.

But there are other inconspicuous medals for which your swaps can be incredibly helpful. This includes the two medals Angler and Teenager, which are causing a lot of frustration in the community right now. For the Platinum Medal you have to get 1.000 big Karpador respectively. catch tiny rats. For the golden one there are 300.

This may not be so easy in some circumstances, which is why it is a good idea to trade these corresponding specimens. Because also each exchanged big Karpador and tiny Rattfratz is counted for your medal, even if you didn’t catch it yourself.

I swap 100 monsters every day in pokemon go - 3 reasons why it's worth it for you, too

golden "teenager" medal

Are there disadvantages to swapping so many Pokemon?

That’s how big the time commitment is: To be able to trade so many Pokemon every day, you have to catch them first, of course. This costs time accordingly. But also the exchange itself is connected with a time effort. It takes my husband and me about an hour to swap 100 Pokemon. So this has been going on for quite a while, which is why we often do it besides watching movies in the evening.

Another point of criticism is the high amount of stardust you have to deal with by swapping every day. Depending on what kind of Pokemon it is, there are different stardust costs involved.

How much stardust does it cost? As a rule, I only swap monsters in this large quantity, which we both already have. Thus the costs amount to 100 stardust per exchange. This corresponds to the amount that you get when catching a monster at least.

Catching one of the 22 monsters with a stardust bonus or a Pokemon with a weather boost will make up for it in some way, and I don’t think it’s that big a deal.

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Tips for trading Pokemon

For trainers who are curious and want to start trading up to 100 Pokemon a day themselves, I’ve put together a few more tips below:

  • See which Pokemon you’re missing as strong or lucky Pokemon, and swap them out specifically.
  • Collect the corresponding monsters in advance in a larger number so that you can swap several in a row. If you’re hoping for a lucky Pokemon, I recommend saving up at least 30 of them.
  • Uses events to collect especially new Pokemon in a big way.
  • During the season of origin, depending on the Pokemon, it may make sense to trade them instead of shipping them so you can get more candies.
  • Pre-sort your monsters so you don’t have to evaluate and search for them during the swap action. Also use your tag function in the game for this. By entering the specific name of the tag in question, z.B: "Swap", you can then specifically search for it in the swap mask.

How often do you trade Pokemon? Do you use these possibilities for lucky Pokemon, stronger specimens and more XL-Candy or is that not your thing?? Feel free to write us your opinion about it here on MeinMMO in the comments and share it with other trainers.

By the way, you can also trade Pokemon GO monsters to develop them afterwards for free. We have summarized all the swap evolutions in the game for you.

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