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Introductions – everyone knows them, everyone has done them thousands of times. But why do most people say at their thousandth performance still the same boring text? In the best case, offer 2 to 3 sentences about age, occupation and origin. Otherwise, the information is irrelevant, the speaker disinterested, reticent or shy.

It seems that these people are not even aware of how much the first Impression counts. With your first appearance, all those present form an opinion of you: what kind of person are you?? What can be expected from you? Why should you be remembered?

But now to the four pioneering behaviors for a memorable first impression.

Self introduction

Tip 1 for your personal introduction: Be confident

No false modesty. If you introduce yourself as an insecure person, they will consequently underestimate you. Many people believe that it looks sympathetic to present themselves as reserved and needy. The idea is: "Just do not seem conceited. Later I can show everyone what I’ve got!"

The only problem is that this almost never works out. The others expect already that you bring little performance. Everything you do then automatically seems amateurish or is dismissed as beginner’s luck.

Attention! Self-awareness does not mean that you should puff yourself up. Just be clear for yourself what you can do and make it clear.

Prepare yourself two questions:

  • What am I good at?
  • What will I contribute to the event?

Write down at least three answers. On this basis you build up your self-image.

Tip 2 for your personal introduction: Be authentic

Authenticity has a simple rule: Be relaxed and don’t take yourself and the whole situation too seriously. Whether it’s a job interview or a get-to-know-you session, you may feel uncomfortable when all eyes are on you. But don’t think of it as a test. It’s an opportunity – you gain experience. Questions yourself therefore preparing:

  • Why this event is a gift for me?
  • What do I want to take away for myself

For your own sense of effectiveness it is worth answering these questions. You will feel calmer inside.

A new thought on authenticity: now in the video!

Tip 3 for your personal introduction: Be clear

The more understandable you talk, the more competent you appear. Say it short and crisp. Do not under- or exaggerate. Stick to the facts.

For clarity, it is important that you not only deal intensively with the topic, but also with what is expected of you. Be 100% aware of what you are responsible for and what you are not responsible for. Ask yourself the questions:

  • What role do I play in this event?
  • Who do I represent?

If you are clear about your role, you can represent it convincingly.

Tip 4 for your personal introduction: be original

The impression you have created so far is the platform. You are serious. Now you can present yourself. Create a label that will be remembered.

What this can look like? Personally, I always introduce myself like this:

I am Johannes Stark and it is important to me to change perspectives – my own and those of my fellow human beings. And this is the reason why I am here today.

Whenever I introduce myself, the first thing I say is, what I stand for. What would that be for you? Ask yourself:

  • What is really important to you?
  • What do you want others to know you for?

Addressing this small piece of information has a big impact! You emerge. In this way, you are in control of the image you create of yourself in the minds of the other participants. You determine how you will be perceived and remembered.

Therefore: Do not be shy! Be courageous! Be excitingly different!

The supreme discipline: An original presentation of yourself at the job interview

At Assessment Center Your personal introduction can be crucial: How competent does the person you are talking to think you are?

Unfortunately, it is not enough to say only one or two sentences. Quite the opposite. Your counterpart will normally expect you to be at least 60 seconds You can talk about yourself without stalling or repeating yourself.

How you succeed? The answer is practice, practice, practice. We recommend preparation in three simple steps:

  1. Put some Keywords to your self-introduction rightly so – because the request "Why don’t you say a little something about yourself …" almost always comes up. Use the above questions as inspiration.
  2. Recite your performance out loud at least twice to get a feel for the tone of what you’re saying. Check in the process: do I feel authentic with what I say about myself?
  3. Introduce yourself to a friend and ask them to Feedback. This will give you an idea of the effect your presentation will have on other people.

If you follow these three preparation steps, an original, personal presentation will no longer be a problem for you at the job interview.

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