How to make him fall in love?

Almost every woman has been in the situation before: She’s head over heels in love, but he’s not interested (yet). Is there still hope that he will fall in love after all? How can she help to build up feelings for her on his side? And what should be avoided, as it tends to be off-putting and gets in the way of the plan?

Does he like me? How to recognize what he is feeling

Does he know that you have feelings for him?

Often the problem with one-sided love is that the beloved doesn’t know that we have feelings for him or her. At some point during one of our meetings we felt the butterflies in our stomach and suddenly we realized that he is more to us than a colleague, friend or casual acquaintance. Yet somehow we don’t dare to tell him about our feelings. How can we do this?? Just whisper between door and corner that we have fallen in love?

No, of course not. Nevertheless, it is important that he notices us at all in the first place and then also notices that we are interested in him. This means for us, no matter how shy we are, that we have to seek the conversation more often. If the beloved is a colleague, the goal of these conversations is to get away from work in terms of content and divert to private topics. This way we not only get to know each other better, but he also feels that we do not only want to talk to him because we have a business question.

To make him more aware of us as a whole, it is important that we put ourselves more in the limelight. Why shouldn’t we finally start putting on makeup again? Or wear slightly tighter pants at work? After all, we want to attract his attention positively, and this also happens through external stimuli.

The more often you spend time together, the more interested he will be in you

It is clearly recommended that you see each other as often as possible. Is he in your circle of friends? Then become more active again and go along more often when your friends meet up. You work together? Then ask him if you do not want to spend the lunch break together with the other colleagues.

There are always ways and possibilities to arrange such meetings in such a way that they don’t directly seem like a date and you can still get to know each other better.

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Making men fall in love – How much effort should I show??

Do we often look for the conversation with him and write, for example, also on WhatsApp always from us, but there is little back from his side, then we know that he is obviously far less interested in us than we are in him.

Men are not naive! If we keep trying to get in touch, he’s well aware that we have a crush on him. The question now is how to make him fall in love with us.

It can be helpful to reveal the right things about yourself. What do you chat about when you talk to each other? People who only talk about spending the weekend alone in their apartment seem far less interesting than people who have a lot to tell about their vacations, their weekends or their former studies.

So in the conversations we have it in our hands what he learns about us. Let him get the impression that we are always on the road a lot and are a fun-loving woman with whom you can have a lot of fun? Or do we present ourselves as a couch potato?

Show your humorous side

Men don’t want a woman who always looks serious and talks about her problems. Men don’t want to spend their lives with a woman who always sees only the negative sides. Men don’t want a woman at their side who is already overwhelmed with little things.

Men want a woman with whom they can go through thick and thin. A self-confident woman with whom you can also laugh. Are you confident? Do you stand by yourself and your life? Are you satisfied with your appearance? Makes you happy in your life? If yes, then show this also to your environment.

Especially when he’s around you, you should always surprise him with your good humor. After all, each of us prefers to spend our free time with people who spread a positive mood, rather than with people who always drag everyone down.

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Try to emphasize commonalities in conversations:

Connect similarities! If you notice in a conversation that you have something in common, then make sure to draw his attention to it! Maybe you have the same favorite author? Do you listen to the same radio station? You come from the same hometown? Are you both dog owners? Are you both the youngest sibling? Do you have the same hobby? Attend the same gym?

It doesn’t matter what it is: But by your little statement of "Hey, me too" or "It’s the same with me" he realizes that you are not so dissimilar. And the more connections there are between you, the more interesting you become for him.

Try to build up touches with him

Touching between two people creates physical attraction and trust. If you already hug each other as a greeting, we recommend that you hold the hug a little longer next time. If you have something to laugh about together, then touch him lightly on his shoulder or box him tenderly. If you see something on his shirt, just say "oh wait, you have something there". In this way you keep touching him casually. Pay attention to whether something comes back from his side as well.

Make man fall in love by doing everything for him?

Maybe you have really tried a lot and you still have the feeling that he is not interested in you. For this reason you invest a lot in the meantime. If he asks you for help, you immediately stand by him. At work you do chores for him. You always protect him from others. Basically you run after him, and everyone notices this, including himself.

Please keep in mind that you will not awaken his hunting instincts by too obviously hugging and running after him. Because, as we all know, the most interesting things are those that are not so easy to get. If the tips mentioned so far have not helped, you can still try to flirt with other men in front of him.

Because at that moment he realizes that other men are definitely interested in you. He thus unconsciously feels that he must have overlooked something about you, and as a result suddenly becomes more interested in you.

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Our conclusion: Sometimes you have a deep desire to make a man fall in love. However, there’s no love potion or spell that will always make that one man build feelings for you one hundred percent of the time. We can try to pay more attention to our appearance, to talk to him often, to find commonalities and to build touches. But if we feel that everything is of no use and we are actually already chasing him, we should reprimand ourselves. Because if you chase others, you damage your own self-esteem.

You are hopelessly in love and wanted to make this one man fall in love, but it didn’t work out? But you cannot forget him? In a love coaching, our flirt experts explain to you how to conquer his heart. We look forward to hearing from you.

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