How to lose weight

Lose weight fast, easy and healthy

How to lose weight quickly? This question is becoming more and more important nowadays and this has a simple reason.

More and more people are suffering from obesity. This affects their appearance, self-esteem and health. So it makes sense that they want to get rid of the extra pounds.

Lose weight quickly, however, for many this simply remains a dream. That’s because they just want to eat less food. Unfortunately, however, the desire to eat so much comes from stress. This triggers cravings and these overtake any discipline.

However, there is an alternative. Dietary supplements allow you to stop the cravings. At the same time many of them speed up the metabolism.

So they act like sports without you having to move for it. That is, with dietary supplements can finally start a healthy diet. This makes it easy to lose weight even without sports.

Successfully lose weight – That brings it to you

The benefits of losing weight are endless, so let’s just focus on the most important ones here. First of all, you just feel better with a lower body weight. You will have more energy, be more full of life and take action.

Furthermore you are more efficient. That means you care much less about strain and stress. You are more motivated and go for things.

Physically, you are just healthier. Heart disease, secondary diseases and damage to the joints can be avoided by getting rid of your excess kilos.

In addition, you simply look better and make a better impression. With this, you will be better received in your environment, have more friends and also more success at work. With these benefits, you can understand why many people want to lose 10 kg easily.

Lose weight effectively with these diet pills

Successfully lose weight, that is sometimes harder than you think. Therefore, it is not a problem to resort to other tools once in the process.

Science and medicine have long since figured out how our body works. This means that we know exactly which factors are at work in us when we feel ravenous or put on fat. The same science and medicine can now help us make our bodies work for us directly.

For this we only need the supplements that drive away the cravings and reduce the intake of calories. At the same time it accelerates the burning of fat and we can see the pounds just disappearing.

The best part, however, is that losing weight without exercise and losing weight effectively in the process are no longer opposites, because they fuel our metabolism. Our digestion consumes the calories that we would otherwise have to sweat away through exercise.

Let’s take a look at what it gives us:

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  3. PhenGold:Click for the best price

1. Keto Actives

Keto Actives

Keto Actives gets its name from the ketosis it induces. With this it reorients our metabolism. The body no longer gains most of its energy from carbohydrates, but from fat.

But in return our metabolism has to work harder. That is, we are longer full and it consumes more calories.

Furthermore, Keto Actives improves the digestion itself, so that it can extract more vital substances from the food. It makes you feel less hungry.

Last but not least, the metabolism with the preparation also attacks the body’s own fat. This is converted directly into energy, so you need to eat less to meet your energy needs.


  • Stronger calorie consumption
  • Less hunger
  • More energy


  • Should not be taken in the evening due to the caffeine it contains

2. Piperinox


Piperinox supports your digestion so that your body can absorb more nutrients and therefore needs less food. At the same time, it gears your metabolism to burn fat. So you feel full longer and your digestion uses more calories.

This targeting of fat also means that it now attacks body fat more easily. That is, you eat less and you consume more calories. So you can lose weight in a truly healthy way.


  • You have less hunger
  • Your body gets more nutrients
  • Your body fat will be reduced


  • The dosage is quite strong, so use it carefully in the beginning

3. Phen Gold

Phen Gold

Phen Gold reduces cravings. These are usually triggered by a lack of dopamine or by stress. Phen Gold slows down the breakdown of dopamine, so that there is no lack of it. At the same time, it reduces the perception of stress and anxiety, so the biggest motivator for eating is gone.

Furthermore, Phen Gold helps the metabolism to utilize the food and it boosts the metabolism. So it consumes more calories while you eat less at the same time. That is, Phen Gold replaces exercise, so losing weight without exercise is quite possible.

The advantages:

  • Reduces the feeling of stress
  • Keeps dopamine levels high
  • Increases calorie consumption


  • Contains caffeine

With this slimming diet the pounds will fall off

Proper weight loss is still best achieved with the right weight loss diet. However, you do not need to be a genius for this one. For you to lose weight with your diet, it just has to be healthy.

That is, eat first of all only as much as you actually need. Since you want to lose weight, this means in plain language, eat a little less than your body needs.

Furthermore, you should eat a balanced diet. This means that you should eat less meat, more fish and lots of fruits and vegetables. Now there are always a lot of different versions on this topic, but the easiest solution is always the best.

The easiest solution is to eat a salad or some fruit instead of sweet or fatty snacks. In the morning you can start a little sweeter, because you have the whole day to consume the calories.

Eat at noon calmly plentifully, but have thereby only few fish or meat on the table. Make up the deficit with more potatoes and vegetables. The potatoes give you potassium, which ensures healthy blood pressure. Vegetables contain fiber, vitamins and other vital substances.

Do not completely abandon the meat, because it contains many important minerals. Don’t forget the fish, which provides you with iodine and omega-3 fatty acids. In the afternoon you have the mentioned snack of fruit or salad and in the evening you have something light again, like a salad or vegetables.

If the amount of food is not enough, do not increase it, but add a few eggs to it. Eggs contain many substances that you need. Among them are minerals, proteins and vitamins.

More importantly, eggs fill you up and keep you going. With this you simply eat less.

You should also drink enough. Water is best, but for many this is not enough. Therefore make yourself some good teas. These can also replace snacks.

They provide a good taste and they fill you up. Drink them hot and you crank up your circulation, which now has to distribute the temperature. If you follow this, losing weight without exercise is no longer a problem.

Lose 10 kg with the right diet

For rapid weight loss, a simple change of diet is not enough. This is usually designed for a long time and accordingly takes longer to show its effect. If you are fasting, you will not be able to avoid dieting.

There are a number of ways you can go about this:

1. The intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting offers you a lot of advantages. It allows you to eat what you always eat. You don’t need to reduce the amount you eat at a single meal. However, you will have periods of fasting, during which the total amount of calories consumed will be reduced.

The fasting periods themselves can also be completed while you sleep, depending on how they are carried out. For example, with the 16 to 8 method, you can eat for 8 hours and fast for 16 hours. You will sleep a large part of the 16 hours. The whole thing can then be arranged in such a way that you forgo either your breakfast or your dinner.

Alternatively, you can alternate days of eating and days of fasting. Two days a week you eat very little and on the other days you just eat as you are used to. Make sure, however, that the two fasting days do not lie directly one after the other. Fasting on Mondays and Thursdays, for example, has proven to be very effective.

2. The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet helps you lose weight by focusing your diet on seafood and fish. In addition, legumes and vegetables are also included.

The seafood and fish you eat are almost entirely made up of proteins. They provide you with enough energy to survive and they make you really full. However, your body has to work hard to utilize them, so it consumes many more calories.

3. Low carb

The low carb diet is based on the principle that you eat more proteins and healthy fats instead of carbohydrates. The latter can often be found in fish, for example.

The result is that you feel full and your metabolism has to use more calories to digest the food. How to lose weight quickly and healthily without hunger and without sacrificing anything.

4. The Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet works on the same principle. Instead of carbohydrates there is a lot of protein. Above all, you avoid industrially processed foods.

Instead, have more fresh meat, fresh fish, vegetables, seeds and nuts. All this is prepared in healthy and high quality oils.

With this your body is busy to utilize the food. It costs him more calories and time. So you are full for a long time, while you lose weight at the same time.

With these sports you can lose weight healthily

Of course, sport is still a great way to lose excess weight. There is always at least one perfect sport, depending on your personal life situation.

1. Cross trainer

If you are at home a lot and there is hardly anything in your surroundings where you can exercise, then a cross trainer is the perfect solution for you. You will train your legs and your arms at the same time. Get your whole body moving so that you burn a lot of calories. You will also strengthen your entire circulatory system.

2. Swim

Are your knees not so strong or is the overweight with you already clearly more, then swimming is the best sport for you. Yes, you may be a little shy, but swimming is perfect for your body.

You don’t strain your joints, while you actually move all your muscles. This means that you consume a maximum of calories. You also strengthen your circulation.

3. Hiking

If you don’t want to go to a swimming pool or buy a cross trainer, then a walk or hiking is the perfect sport for you. Bring a little time and you will consume many calories. Besides, you are in the fresh air and you strengthen your blood circulation. Also, your stamina will increase and your circulation will thank you for it.

4. Jogging

Jogging can be compared to hiking. However, you will consume more calories in a shorter time. Also you strengthen your body more. But you will also put more strain on your joints.

5. Bike

Cycling is the perfect combination of walking and jogging. You burn more calories than walking, while at the same time protecting your joints. It also gets you around more, so you won’t get bored easily.

The best weight loss tips at a glance

With the right weight loss tips it is much easier to lose excess pounds. It starts with always having boiled eggs on hand for the small appetite. You will feel full quickly and for a long time, while you treat yourself to something good. Mix the eggs also in all meals, which otherwise do not saturate you sufficiently.

If you want a snack and don’t always want to resort to eggs, stick to fruit. This is easy to transport and always have on hand ready to eat.

Eat a lot of proteins especially at noon. So you are full longer. Eat something light in the evening. You will sleep better, so you will not crave sweets in the morning.

Exercise whenever possible. Take the stairs, walk a few steps or resort to the bicycle. Walk up and down in front of the TV or talk on the phone while standing up.

Watch your stress level. Take a break and go for a walk when it gets too much for you. You’ll get more exercise, while at the same time reducing stress.

Losing weight is not easy for everyone

Losing weight is a noble goal, but for some it remains denied. Especially if you have a serious medical condition, be sure to consult a doctor before starting any dietary changes.

The same applies to certain diet-related diseases, such as diabetes or eating disorders. Again, consult a doctor first of all.

Women in pregnancy are generally not advised to diet. During breastfeeding and with growing children, on the other hand, it is again a question to ask the doctor.

How to lose weight fast – Our answer

Lose weight quickly and easily. Food supplements keep cravings at bay. At the same time, this and exercise will fuel calorie consumption.

In addition, the digestive system is directed towards fat. Add to this a healthy diet. Altogether this ensures that the pounds melt away only in such a way.

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