How to keep youtube music and spotify playlists in sync

How to keep youtube music and spotify playlists in sync

With so many music streaming services in town, it has become difficult to keep track of all your stored music. Personally, I use both Spotify and YouTube Music and it becomes difficult to find this recently discovered song. If you are also facing similar situations, you have come to the right place. Here I show you how to keep YouTube Music and Spotify playlists in sync. This way, your music library will be available across platforms and you won’t miss anything no matter which service you use. So if you are interested, follow and learn how to sync YouTube Music and Spotify playlists.

Sync YouTube Music and Spotify Playlists

1. We are will use IFTTT To keep YouTube Music and Spotify playlist in sync. So go ahead and install IFTTT (Android / iOS – Free, offers in-app purchases). You can also access almost all services from IFTTT internet portal.

2. Next, open IFTTT and create a new account if you don’t have one yet. After that, tap on "Discover" and search for "YouTube". Now open "YouTube.

3. Scroll down here and open "Add songs from videos You want to go to a Spotify playlist" and tap "connect".

4. Now, IFTTT will ask you to grant authorization to manage your YouTube Music playlist. Enter the credentials and tap "Allow". This is a one-time process.

5. Similarly, it asks for Spotify authorization. Enter your Spotify credentials and tap "Agree". This is also a one time process.

Notice: If you want to revoke the authorization later, open this page and remove access to Spotify.

6. Now IFTTT is ready to perform actions. Whenever you like a song on YouTube Music or YouTube, IFTTT will search for that song on Spotify and will automatically add it to the special "YouTube" playlist on Spotify in the background. You do not have to do anything manually.

7. Remember, if the song is not available on Spotify, it will not be added. Also, the syncing process is not instantaneous. IFTTT will perform the action once per hour So the music video with the likes will be added within an hour or so.

8. If you would like IFTTT Synchronize immediately then you have to do it manually. Open the IFTTT action and tap on the "gear" icon. Tap on "Check now" here to execute the synchronization process immediately. This way, your YouTube Music will be synced with your Spotify playlist all the time.

Transfer existing playlists from YouTube Music to Spotify

With the above method, you can create a background service that automatically synchronizes your YouTube Music with Spotify. Notice that it apply only for newly liked songs and not your existing library. So if you want to transfer your existing library of popular songs from YouTube Music to Spotify, you can do so as follows.

There are several services that offer to transfer music from one platform to another, but here I am Will use the Tune My Music service. It doesn’t ask for too many permissions and does the work via playlist URLs. Soundiiz is also good, but you have to create an account and authorize the service to fully manage your YouTube account, which I don’t really recommend. With all that being said, let’s go through the steps.

1. First of all, you should make your YouTube Music playlists public or unlisted (anyone with the link can access them). Click on this link to change privacy settings of your playlists. Now click on the "padlock" icon for the playlist you want to transfer to Spotify.

3. On the next page, select "Not listed because it is more privacy friendly. Then copy the playlist URL from the address bar.

4. After you do that, open Tune My Music website and click "Let’s start".

5. Next, select "Youtube Music".

6. Here, paste the playlist URL and click on "Load Playlist". Note that this way you can transfer individual playlists one by one. If you want to transfer your favorite songs to YouTube Music and other playlists as well, click "Download from your YouTube Music account". However, you need to give full YouTube management permission.

Notice: If you choose to use the "YouTube Music account" method, you can set up the permission later in the Android settings> Google> Account services> Revoke connected apps.

7. Once the playlist is retrieved, click on "Next: Select target".

8. Select here "Spotify" and authorize Tune My Music to manage your Spotify playlist.

9. Finally, click on "Start by moving my music" to start the transfer process.

10. After the transfer, you will see which songs are not available on Spotify. You can make a note or save the missing track Report in a CSV file.

11. By the way, Tune My Music also offers a synchronization service between YouTube Music and Spotify. However, it is available for paying users (from 2 USD / month). Click on "Sync" to begin.

12. Select frequency and time of synchronization here. You can also choose the synchronization method. For example, "Mirror" keeps the playlists exactly the same. If you remove a song from one service, it will also be removed from another service. "Add only" reflects only newly added songs and does not play around with removed songs. Now just click on "Create Sync" to start the sync service.

Automatically find songs from YouTube Music on Spotify

This is how you can keep YouTube Music and Spotify in sync. In the first method I showed a simple guide for users who want to set up a synchronization service in the background for free. In the second method, you can also transfer your old library and also set up playlist sync, but this is chargeable. Depending on which method you find easy, you can choose one of them. Anyway, this is all from us. If you want to learn more about such Spotify tips and tricks, follow our linked article.

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