How to housebreak your dog

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How to housebreak my dog? Especially pet owners who are raising a small puppy for the first time ask themselves this question.

Housetraining is one of the first basic rules a puppy must master. But sometimes this is easier said than done, because due to his physical development the little dog is not yet able to keep for a longer time and promptly the little mishap happened.

However, how quickly the dog becomes housebroken depends not only on the dog’s ability to learn, but also on the quick reaction of his master or mistress. We tell you how to housebreak your dog.

Here’s what you should keep in mind to help your dog become housebroken

Some dogs are already housebroken after three days, while others need three weeks or longer. However, below the age of 16 weeks, the volume of the bladder in a puppy is not at all sufficient to become truly housebroken. So be patient.

Especially in the early stages, when the dog has to get used to the environment and the new rules, it can help, a few weeks off to take. So you can devote yourself completely to the acclimatization and education of the little puppy and usually achieve that your dog quickly becomes housebroken.

The little puppy needs to go out the door much more often than an adult dog does. This is how the puppy usually has to be after every wake-up, after every meal and also after an exciting game be taken outside. Watch your dog closely and do not let him out of the sight of his master or mistress. With the time you recognize, when your dog would like to relieve itself. Clear signs are when the dog sniffs in circles and tries to find a spot for itself.

React in time so that the dog becomes housebroken

If your dog indicates that he wants to go outside, take him out quickly. It is best to just carry him outside, luring him would take too long. Take the puppy to a sheltered corner with grassy growth or earthy substrate. When putting the dog out, you can simultaneously send a signal like "Make wee-wee" give. This is how the dog becomes housebroken and at the same time learns to associate this with a signal. Finally, of course, the dog gets a big praise, as long as he is still in the learning phase.

With time, you can increase the distance between walks. If the dog is actually already housebroken and yet once relapses, it makes no sense to punish him or even to draw his attention to the droppings with the nose. This would only lead to him relieving himself secretly next time.

Instead, just take him outside and praise him, if he does his business outside. To avoid odors and to prevent the dog from memorizing a pee spot, clean the affected area thoroughly with disinfectant. Next time, try even harder to catch him in time. The less often he relieves himself in the apartment, the faster the dog will become housebroken.

How to keep the dog housebroken at night

Dogs are actually clean animals by nature and do not want to foul their own nest. You can take advantage of this to keep the dog housebroken in the night. Let your dog sleep in a dog crate at night and place the sleeping crate so that you can still hear the dog well. When your dog has to go out whimper or make other sounds. Then you have to react quickly and take the dog outside. Expect that a puppy will need to go outside regularly at night as well.

To make it easier for your dog to get used to the crate, you can introduce him to it with lure in treats and initially leave him in the crate only for a few minutes. Then gradually extend the times in the box.

Other reasons why the dog does not become housebroken

If it takes longer for the dog to become housebroken, this can have several causes. One reason may be that you walk the dog too infrequently or too irregularly. Therefore, if possible, set up fixed eating and walking times a. Great excitement during play or greeting can also cause the puppy to lose a few drops of urine. Therefore, greet your dog as calmly as possible when you come home and try to keep your dog’s excitement level low.

If adult and older dogs suddenly start urinating in the apartment again, this can be Causes due to illness have – one speaks of an incontinence with the dog. This can be caused, for example, by a weak bladder or cystitis. To be on the safe side, you should then present the dog to a veterinarian for an examination.

Unwanted urination can also result from Behavioral problems Prevail. For example, if the dog is annoyed at being left alone or is afraid of a thunderstorm or loud fireworks. Even then it is useless to punish the dog afterwards. Usually the dog can no longer make a link between punishment and cause. It is then much more important to determine the exact reasons for the behavioral disturbance and to specifically train it away.

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