How to get long hair

You dream of long hair, but somehow your mane doesn’t want to grow properly? The good news: You can do a lot for healthy, long hair and maybe even accelerate the growth a little bit. We have tips for you on how to get healthy and long hair and grow your hair faster!

Girls with long hair

Girls with long hair

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Long hair what to do

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You dream of long hair, but somehow your mane doesn’t really want to grow? The good news: You can do a lot for healthy, long hair and even accelerate the growth a bit. We have tips for you on how to get healthy, long hair and make your hair grow faster!

How to make my hair grow faster?

The average hair growth is about. 1 to 1.5 centimeters per month – so about 12 to 15 centimeters per year. But you can actually also accelerate hair growth? First things first: there is no cure-all that will directly lead to faster hair growth for everyone. And also the maximum length of your hair is genetically determined. However, there are some things you can do to make your hair fuller, stronger and healthier. We explain to you how to do it.

These tricks will make your hair grow faster

1. The right grooming routine for faster hair growth

If you want to have beautiful hair, you should not take care of it lightly. Good care can prevent split ends and provide long hair with nutrients from the roots to the ends to prevent hair breakage.

2. Scalp massage for fast hair growth

A massage is said to stimulate our hair growth? Oh yes! A five to ten minute scalp massage with your fingertips or a massage spider stimulates the blood circulation in the scalp. The hair follicles are supplied with significantly more nutrients and the hair can grow back faster and healthier.

3. A balanced diet for long hair

Beauty comes from within! If you eat a healthy and balanced diet, this will also have an effect on your hair length. A lack of nutrients leads to brittle, dull hair. So supply your body sufficiently especially with iron and proteins. Vitamins are also important for hair growth.

Does the hair really grow faster after cutting?

You probably already know the myth: regular cutting of the tips is supposed to make our hair grow faster. But is this really true? Experts are quick to agree on the answer to this question: Regular cutting of the tips does not make our hair grow faster. BUT: If we visit our hairdresser regularly for a top cut (preferably every eight to ten weeks), we can enjoy a healthy and shiny mane rejoice. This will eliminate split ends and your hair will not break off so quickly. Say – with a little patience you can soon enjoy a dream mane.

Can you accelerate hair growth by brushing?

Regular brushing is supposed to make hair grow faster – is this true?? We went to the bottom of the myth and found out some amazing things. By brushing our hair regularly, the natural oils of our scalp can be distributed well into the lengths and tips of our mane. This way, even the dry parts of our hair strands will be sufficiently moisturized and your long hair will shine with a healthy glow. Just make sure to use a brush with natural materials. Brushing also stimulates blood flow to the scalp, more nutrients will reach the follicle and this could indeed lead to faster hair growth.

Don’ts: this is what you should avoid when you want to grow your hair

Heat, daily washing and wrong hair ties: all these are things that will only harm your hair structure and promote the formation of split ends. Our tip for you is therefore very simple. Therefore, if you want healthy, long hair, you should follow these little tips:

  1. Let your hair dry more often in the fresh air and use a hairdryer less often to avoid unnecessary heat that can damage your hair.
  2. Styling with straighteners, curling irons and co. Should only be done with heat spray. But not using this styling tool at all is also good for your hair!
  3. You wash your hair every day? It is better to wash your hair only every other day – your scalp will thank you for it!
  4. If you have discovered split ends at the tips, you should have them quickly cut off at the hairdresser, before the split ends spread even further and only make your hair look unhealthier.
  5. Hair elastics with metal clips are taboo – use scrunchies or hair clips instead!
  6. Do not dye your hair regularly – and if you do, then only at the hairdresser’s. Color experiments at home can further damage your hair and cause split ends, which in turn prevent hair growth.

Is there a remedy that makes hair grow faster?

There are of course superfoods that can stimulate hair growth somewhat. You don’t necessarily need a dietary supplement for this either, but conventional food that we can find in any supermarket. Maybe you already have it in the kitchen?

Basically, foods that contain a lot of proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, silicon, copper and vitamin-E are supposed to make hair grow faster. You’re just wondering what food, contains such miracle ingredients? We’ll briefly list some for you:

  • Spinach
  • Berries
  • Fish
  • Avocados
  • Nuts
  • Paprika
  • Sweet potatoes

But apart from food, there is also a shampoo that strengthens our hair roots and promotes hair growth. By the way, if you suffer from hair loss or notice that many hairs remain in the brush after combing, you should use this shampoo anyway. Namely, we are talking about a caffeine shampoo! But why caffeine of all things?

This is why caffeine shampoo makes our hair grow faster

If you drink coffee, you probably know it yourself. The caffeine makes you wake up faster and feel fitter. You can imagine it in the same way with the caffeine shampoo. Caffeine strengthens our hair roots, stimulates growth and prolongs the growth phase of the hair.

Castor oil makes hair grow back better

Castor oil makes our hair and eyelashes grow much better. Therefore, many shampoos also contain the valuable oil. It should like a growth booster act in every single strand of hair. Why? Because it moisturizes and keeps your hair healthy and smooth. Another advantage is that the hair grows back more densely and does not break off. Castor oil, in fact, penetrates deep into the layers of the skin and strengthens the individual hair roots from the scalp onwards. Especially good: it is totally tolerated and allergic reactions do not occur. Because castor oil is free of chemical additives and alcohol – so it can be used without hesitation.

Castor oil can be purchased at your local drugstore or pharmacy for as little as 7 Euros!

Do dietary supplements help to grow hair faster?

No – even dietary supplements cannot influence the speed of your hair growth. This is hereditary. However, dietary supplements can ensure that your hair grows back strong and healthy – and thus, with a little patience, longer. On the one hand you can rely on biotin. Biotin ensures a union of the scales on the hair, making it stronger and shinier. You can get it from your diet, for example in bananas, strawberries, spinach and oatmeal, or you can take supplements. Vitamins B3, B5 and B6 also provide a strong hair structure and stimulate the production of sebum. So they support the metabolic activities of the hair roots and ensure a healthy scalp. These vitamins are mainly found in nuts and legumes. But you can also take vitamin B through special preparations. Other supplements that promote hair growth consist of Iron or. Zinc.

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