How to get a mobile number

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How to get an email address

In many places in Germany you have to give an e-mail address: to get information or to sign up. But how do you get your own e-mail address?. We’d like to explain that for you today.

1. Step: Choose a provider

You can get a free email address from many different providers: Gmail, Yahoo, GMX,, are some examples. This provider will then be in your email address after the @ sign. For example [email protected] or [email protected]

Gmail for example is known in many countries and you can use it in many different languages. There and with many providers you have to enter a cell phone number.

Today we will go with you once the registration with the German provider, because you can activate your account there with another e-mail address.

However, the registration with the other providers works very similarly. You will find all the providers on Google and then you have to look for a box that says "Free Mail" or simply "Mail" is called.

This is how it looks for example at off. There you click on "Register for free!"

2. Step: create your profile

Once you’ve picked the perfect provider, you’re ready to go.


There you enter your personal data.

Now you have to enter your personal data: your name, your address, sometimes your phone number – and of course your preferred name for the e-mail address.

Each e-mail address exists only once. That’s why you have to come up with a name that no one has used before you.

You’ll also need to choose a password to log in with in the future to gain access to your emails. It’s best to use a password that consists of upper and lower case letters and numbers and one that you can remember well.

As said before, with some mail providers you have to give your mobile number or another email. If you don’t have a cell phone number and another email address, you can mail the provider.

3. Step: Confirm terms and conditions

When you have entered all your data, you just have to click on "Create email account now" and then you are done.

4. Step: Let’s go

"Good day". The program confirms that you have done everything correctly. You can see your unread mails and click on "Write e-mail" on the left side.


Once everything is created you can start receiving and sending mails. The page of the mail provider will always look like this. There you can directly write your first e-mails.

On the top right you will always find the button "Logout", where you click when you are done with the e-mails.


To log back in, you go back to your mail provider’s home page. Now you can log in with your e-mail address and password.

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