How to find the right kitchen studio

Christina Tobias

Furnishing ideas, technical innovations and various models for a new kitchen are most likely to be found in a kitchen studio. But not everywhere you get the same offers. Where to get the best advice and what to look for when choosing a kitchen studio?

What kitchen studios are there?

Independent kitchen studios
Kitchen studios that do not belong to a chain or a furniture store are particularly popular with customers who want a kitchen that is not part of a chain personal advice in their vicinity wish and specialized suppliers:inside Search. Here, however, the kitchen selection is usually somewhat smaller.
Examples: KD-Kuchenstudio Berlin, Benrather Kuchenstudio Dusseldorf

Kitchen studio chains
Studio chains are often characterized by a long corporate history and high specialization from. The most successful chains have up to 300 stores all over Germany.
Examples: KuchenTreff, PLANA kitchen studios, Dassbach kitchens

Kitchen studios in furniture stores
Large furniture stores often have extensive kitchen exhibitions and a large selection of designs and models, even in the lower price segment.
Examples: Mobel Hoffner, Roller, Poco

Mobile kitchen studios
Mobile kitchen studios advise prospective customers in their own homes and, if desired, also carry out the kitchen planning and measurement there. The range of products that customers can choose from is just as extensive as the one in the kitchen studio. Small disadvantage: You can only see the kitchens in the catalog and not as a sample kitchen in the studio.
Example: Kitchens Source

How do you recognize a good kitchen studio?

A new kitchen is a cost-intensive and long-term purchase. From the consultation and planning to the delivery and installation, everything should be right. Competent and reliable partner:inside when buying a kitchen are both kitchen studios and furniture stores. How can you, as a customer, tell if you are being seriously advised??

Exhibition kitchen

Whether it’s a kitchen unit or a fitted kitchen: with good advice, you’re sure to find the kitchen of your dreams.

How to find a suitable kitchen studio?

If you are looking for a good kitchen studio in your area, you can Friends:in and family ask, where they bought their kitchens. Even one Research on the Internet can be helpful, especially if you ask your References would like to inform about different kitchen studios.

Recommended in any case is a provider comparison. You are welcome to use our free and non-binding* service: Enter in a few steps Your wishes and ideas in our online questionnaire to. Based on your information we recommend up to Three suitable kitchen studios in your area. In the end, you decide which studio you want to plan your kitchen with.

Planning your kitchen: How to prepare

If you are planning a visit to the kitchen studio, there are some things you can do in advance and questions you can answer in advance to prepare for the consultation. You should bring the following key data with you:

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