How to find the perfect hairstyle

Hairstyle and glasses for men

Hairstyle and glasses on the man | Photo: © Milan Csizmadia /

Some wear it accurately parted, others slightly tousled, still others go for the trendy mid-length: our hair – like our glasses – is a decisive detail of our look. But what glasses fit best with my hairstyle? Must also think about the beard when choosing the ideal prescription and sunglasses? And what role does my face shape play in the right haircut?? Together with style expert Petra Waldminghaus, we explain to glasses wearers how to find a model that suits them perfectly.

The right glasses for the barrel cut – almost anything goes

In the case of a barrel cut, the top hair is longer, while the sides and nape of the neck are cut shorter. The face is exposed due to the flowing transition to the top hair. So nothing stands in the way of the right glasses and almost any model is suitable – whether made of acetate, stainless steel or titanium, whether narrow or thick-rimmed, dark or light, round, oval, angular, geometric, Panto or Aviator. Petra Waldminghaus: "If the hair is completely combed out of the face or a lot of the face is visible, somewhat larger, more present glasses can also be worn." In order to achieve a harmonious result, in addition to the hairstyle, you should also consider your eyebrow and face shape, hair and eye color, as well as your color and style type. Our styling guide glasses provides you with all the important information on this.

Hairstyle and glasses

The right glasses for the facial cut – almost anything goes | © SanneBerg / / Eyewear: Rodenstock (1), Hackett @ Mondottica (2), VIU (3)

The right glasses for trendy hairstyles with bangs – difficult, but doable

One of the biggest hairstyle trends in 2022 are men’s cuts with bangs, which have their origins in the Britpop of the 90s. The most striking detail: the hair falls over the eyebrows. Petra Waldminghaus: "When wearing a pony, there is not much visible face area left. If the bangs fall up to or over the eyebrow, glasses with thick, massive frames are much too much.
Here, contact lenses or rimless, discreet glasses would be the better alternative."If you still want to wear bangs, they should be properly trimmed: "Basically, it is worth not to cut the bangs so compactly. Worn a little diagonally or cut so that you can still see something of the eyebrows, it makes the hairstyle quite a bit more suitable for glasses."Ultra-narrow or transparent frames and semi-rim frames are ideal for this purpose. With a fringe hairstyle, you should definitely avoid massive, dark and too conspicuous glasses, for example. B. With decorative elements.

Bangs and glasses

The right glasses for trendy hairstyles with bangs – difficult, but doable | © Gemma Chua-Tran / / Glasses: Rodenstock (1), Silhouette (2), MENRAD © Menrad (3)

The right glasses for bro-flow hairstyles – it’s all about the shape

Bro-flow hairstyles refer to half-length, layered hair with the roots styled backwards. Prominent fans of them are z. B. the Hollywood actors Bradley Cooper and Keanu Reeves. Petra Waldminghaus explains: "Long hair is not just long hair. Curly, straight, falling into the face, combed out of the face – all this has an influence on the optical fullness of the face and thus in turn on the matching glasses." Due to the hair falling loosely back with styled wave the face inevitably looks longer. A high forehead further enhances this effect. To counteract this, the following are suitable striking, fancy and high-contrast frames with full rims and/or large lenses that visually shorten the face. "However, as soon as the hair is worn combed into the face, it looks smaller and narrower. Then a frame made of solid acetate can look too strong and oversize shapes can take too much away from the face."The optimal solution here is a second pair of glasses. Because whether you feel like wearing your hair in or rather out of your face, the accessory that matches the hairstyle is always at hand.

Brow Flow and Glasses

The right glasses for bro-flow hairstyles – shape matters | © LightFieldStudios / / glasses: TITANFLEX (1), Metropolitan Eyewear (2), JAGUAR EYEWEAR @ Menrad (3)

Which glasses fit which beard?

There is a simple style rule: the more hair on the face, the thinner the frame should be. The beard for itself is already an eye-catching accessory, which a dominant glasses should not steal the show. Balance is the keyword here. Petra Waldminghaus: "A full beard reduces the facial area, that’s why a complete rimmed glasses is often too much."Better are glasses with a strong upper line and the Browline frames. This creates enough space between the beard and the glasses and the face gets more visibility.

Beard and glasses

Which glasses go with which beard? | Left photo: © LightFieldStudios /, right photo: © Delmaine Donson /

If you have a moustache or a three-day beard, you are freer in your choice of glasses. This should be in harmony only with the shape of the face. Whether a lighter or a darker frame is advantageous for you has to do with the density and the color of the beard. A lighter or less dense beard tolerates slightly darker frames than the beard or hair color very well. With a brown or black beard, you can wear dark to black glasses colors. The only thing to pay attention to here is the harmonious proportions of glasses and beard. At the same time, Petra Waldminghaus warns: "A thick, dark glasses to the full beard is usually too much and goes perhaps with extravagant glasses-beard wearers who also have the charisma to do so. But for many others, the face is then so full that you don’t even notice the personality and the eyes properly anymore."

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