How to find out the version and update the bios on windows 10, 8 or 7

Read, How to find out the BIOS version of your PC, check for updates and update the BIOS Update via Windows or DOS.

How to find out the version and update the BIOS on Windows 10, 8 or 7

When updating or releasing a new version of the operating system, releasing a new processor, or adding support for a new security standard, you may need to update the motherboard firmware. Updating the BIOS can open up new system features, increase security, or speed up computer startup. So when the manufacturer releases an update, we recommend installing it.

You can update your BIOS under both Windows and DOS. This is easier under Windows, but in any case you need to determine your current BIOS version. Based on the current version number, you can find out on the manufacturer’s website if the update is available.

How to update BIOS or UEFI ⌨️ ASUS, HP, MSI, Acer, Dell, Gigabyte, AMI, Phenix Award?

BIOS version search

We will look at how this is done in Windows 10, 8 or 7.

Start the window Run, by short-circuiting Windows + R press.

Type msinfo32 and press the Enter key.

Run msinfo32

In the "System Information" window in System Overview, search for the entry BIOS version/date. The same field indicates the manufacturer of your motherboard, the BIOS version and the version date of the version. If your computer is from a large company, z. B. Dell or HP, the computer manufacturer is displayed in this box. Note or remember the value of this field. Using the manufacturer’s data, you can find and check the latest available BIOS version on their website. If the version and release date are the same as yours, use the latest version.

System information

Look for the BIOS update

Unfortunately the BIOS update cannot be checked by the Windows team. There is no universal verification method suitable for computers or laptops. We recommend checking the manufacturer’s website for updates. We have thought about how to get the name of the BIOS manufacturer above.

If it’s a laptop or computer manufacturer, you can find the exact model of your device on their website. On the product page, in addition to the technical features, the driver download section and the BIOS update program are presented. If you have the manufacturer of the motherboard, visit the manufacturer’s website in the download section and look for the program to update the BIOS.

Check the latest version available on your end. If a new version of the firmware is available, download it.

Program to update the BIOS of AMI motherboards:

Program for updating the BIOS of AMI motherboards

Updating the BIOS via Windows or DOS

Usually a BIOS update program includes installation instructions. For Dell, HP laptops, etc. It’s just an install exe file that can be run like any of their driver files, and takes care of the rest.

The update installation file is usually placed in a ZIP archive along with instructions. Remove it and read the instructions carefully. While updating, turn off all unnecessary programs and plug your laptop or computer into a reliable power source. A power failure or surge will cause your computer to stop working.

The advantage of updating the BIOS through Windows is an automatic check that you can not install software that is not compatible with your hardware. If you run the update developed for the DELL computer under HP, the program shows a warning and closes down. In the case of the DOS program, you will also have to study the instructions and update commands.

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