How to earn money legally online: 10 tips& more

Earn money legally online? Is that really possible? And if so, how much money can you earn and how fast does it go?? I would like to answer these questions here.


1. Earn money online: Why legal?

I underline this "legally" here once again – of course there are other methods to get money, but we don’t want to talk about that here. Because there are really enough legal ways to earn money – also online. If you want to earn money legally, the question is not how much – but mostly in which time period. Most jobs on the Internet are on a self-employed basis and a self-employment usually he throws off profits after some time. Let’s take a look at the example of a blogger.

2. Earning money on the Internet: Is it really that easy?

The graph below is rather demotivating. Not even twenty percent of bloggers earn more than 500 euros with their blog. Even though the statistics are a bit older, it still looks like this today. However, not because the rest of the bloggers are too bad – but rather because most bloggers either do not want to earn money with their (hobby) blog or because they simply throw in the towel too quickly. To earn money with a blog you need at least one and a half to two years. For it to go really well, rather four or five years. Thus, with "make money fast" is rather vinegar.

If you have enough time and muse, you can even make a living with a blog. This is then definitely legal – but also hard work. Running a blog is a full-time job.

Infographic: What bloggers earn | Statista

More infographics can be found at Statista

3. Earn money legally with a simple online job?

Blogging is too exhausting and too tedious for you? You would rather have money in your account for the next months already? Besides, you don’t have much previous education?

Then here are my 10 tips on how you can earn money legally on the Internet:

  1. Mounting pens& Fill wonder bags
    Okay, I’ll start my list right away with two anti-tips. & No matter what you read on some online portals: I can’t say it often enough! You don’t earn money by assembling ballpoint pens and filling wonder bags. The only one who earns here is the rip-off artist who sells you something in advance. For example, the goods you have to buy in advance or you have to call a so-called service number.
  2. Offer services
    There are so many services that you can make money on the Internet. Especially people who can program or create websites are in demand, but also as a babysitter or as a craftsman you can offer your services z.B. offer at myhammer. These are perhaps not the activities that you have thought of "earn money online legally". But these are in any case activities that are sought after!
  3. data collection in home work
    In contrast to the wonder bags& Co this job really exists. However, you are mostly self-employed and have to look for your clients.
  4. fill out surveys
    When filling out surveys, you will probably get a small pocket money, but it will never be enough to live on. If this is enough for you, you should register in as many survey portals as possible. That way you at least have the biggest possible profit.
  5. Type texts
    You can really become self-employed as a copywriter – there are some who make a living as copywriters from the Internet. Of course, it also goes a little "smaller. If you just want to earn some extra money, you should register on such platforms: textbroker.en, Here you can pick up new text orders around the clock and then work through them. If you are good at texting, you can use it to supplement your household budget.
  6. your own online store
    Here it is now a "real" self-employment. To open an online store only once just-for-fun, I do not recommend anyone. But with such an online store you can really finance your complete livelihood. However, not immediately – and also not with the umpteenth toy shop. Who wants to live from such a store, needs a business plan, a few euros in hand and a long breath.
  7. sell on Ebay
    Similar approach as with the online store – only, here it goes also a few numbers smaller: from I clear out my cellar and make with it fast a few euros to I become Ebay dealer and earn with it my living everything is inside.
  8. Youtube videos
    At YouTube there is the possibility to have advertising integrated into your own videos. For this you get then per visitor of the video a few cents. This will most likely not pay for the next car, although there are now many Youtuber who can live on it. Mostly it is a few euros per month that come around.
  9. reading paidmails
    Here it is similar, as with the surveys: For a small pocket money it can be enough. You should note – as with all other providers – that the registration is free and you get the money already from a small amount paid out.
  10. Offer webhosting
    In the end, anyone can do this: you rent your own server and rent it out again bit by bit. However, you should – like everywhere – understand something about it. Even here you will not get rich quickly – a few euros on the side are inside. If you stick with it and plan for the long term, you might even be able to make a living from it someday.
  11. earn money with Facebook
    Some people pay for doing likes or shares. Also here is probably rather a pocket money inside.
    But you can also open a Facebook page and fill it with good content. If they are known enough, there are companies that want to advertise with you. A lengthy undertaking. Mostly only goal-prominent, if you operate "besides" also still the suitable web page.

So, that were my 10 tips around legally earning money on the internet (plus a tip, how it definitely does not work). This list has no claim to completeness. I have a more detailed list on this topic here. In this post you will find all the ways to legally earn money from home. There are also many jobs you can do online.

Other possibilities briefly presented:

  • do e-mail marketing
  • Online teacher
  • Create eBooks
  • Use Chashback
  • earn money with photos
  • open an online store via Amazon
  • Test websites
  • Sell homemade products on Etsy
  • Program apps
  • Instagram
  • Moderate forums
  • Twitter
  • E-Sport
  • Twitch

4. Earn money online with an online store

Opening an online store is one of the ways to make a living (in the foreseeable future). But you can’t open an online store for that from now on – and a few Euros of your own capital will make things a lot easier.

But what you need much more than money and time is a product that has a unique selling proposition. Maybe you have contacts in the Far East and can import food from there that hardly anyone else can get their hands on. Or you have a service provider at hand through your job who can produce a very unusual product for you? There are many possibilities. Whether it’s the store with organic quality munchies or the backpack that kids love. Be creative!

Once you’ve found your idea, take a close look at what the other stores are doing – and what areas you can be better at. For example, take a look at the statistics below. Maybe one point catches your eye that you can definitely improve on. It doesn’t have to be "free of shipping costs", but maybe there is a possibility to pay the shipping costs for purchases above a certain volume? Besides these ideas, there are many others in which you can be better than your competitors.

Infographic: The biggest disadvantages of online shopping | Statista

Find more infographics at Statista

There is not only the online store

Once you have set up your online store, it will take some time until it is well listed in the search engines. That’s why – and also because "a little" more sales later on won’t hurt – try your hand at the various other sales portals during this time:

  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Etsy
  • Fairmondo

5. But no matter what you choose now: they all make work

Especially the time factor many people do not even think about when they want to earn money online. "Making money online" sounds to most people as if it can be done "on the side" or "from the couch – in the evening, when the TV is on". Sorry, but that’s not how it is! No matter which idea you choose: You can only earn money legally online if you have enough free time and perseverance. Otherwise, better spend your time doing something you enjoy more.

6. Do I have to declare it to the tax office if I earn money online?

If you plan to earn money on the side on a regular basis, you will have to go to your local authority. There you have to register your business. Then you get mail from the tax office. From then on you can legally earn money online – because that’s what it was all about for you? Or? All "legal" opportunities that are not one-time opportunities now go hand in hand with being employed or registering for self-employment. Exceptions are, for example, selling your discarded clothes on Ebay.

7. Bottom line: is it even possible to make money online legally??

Yes. Even if I get this question again and again. Making money online is legal! Of course, there are also illegal opportunities – but apart from these – you can earn money online legally! From some of these ideas you can live completely – most are unfortunately only enough for a pocket money. However, it all works and you make money with each opportunity.

PS. I published this article in April 2014 – and completely revised it in September 2020.

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Hey, there you have a good overview. Of all the ideas, Ebay should bring the fastest money, without waiting long. Patience is required for all other approaches.

Great article. But one thing bothers me. Earn money with paidmails. You can forget that. Until you reach the payout limit, half a year has passed and nothing happens. I would definitely keep my hands off of it. But I find the other possibilities mentioned here good and recommendable.

Best regards and still much success with your website

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IMPORTANT: is of course that the content is not just copied from somewhere (Wikipedia, Internet, etc).) or only some words have been rearranged. The texts must come from you, because otherwise there are problems with the copyright.
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