How to create animated instagram stories: 7 apps that make it easy

Wondering how to create animated Instagram stories??

Adding animation to Instagram Stories is a great way to create exciting content. Animations are a hot trend right now!

Fortunately, you don’t need an expensive camera crew or design team to create animated Instagram stories that will wow your audience.

There are countless new apps for Instagram Stories that let you add animations easier than ever with just a few clicks!

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to create animated Instagram Stories that will keep your followers coming back, and provide a list of our favorite apps to make it easier for you.

How to create animated instagram stories: 7 apps that make it easy

Why you should create animated Instagram stories?

Creating animated Instagram stories is a great way to grab your audience’s attention and prevent them from scrolling past your story!

While many people tend to find their way through Instagram stories, viewers are more inclined to stop and watch when an eye-catching moving animation catches their attention.

Luckily, it’s now easier than ever to create high-quality animated Instagram story content with these 7 animation apps for Instagram:

App #1: Create stop-motion stories with Life Lapse

If you’re looking to improve the content of your Instagram stories this year, be sure to check out Life Lapse.

The app makes it easy to create high quality
Create stop-motion videos right from your mobile device. The handy tutorial walks you through each step of the process.

How to create animated instagram stories: 7 apps that make it easy

According to Life Lapse, you can make stop-motion videos "10x faster than with cameras, computers, and professional editing software worth more than 15.Create "000 Dollars.
All you need to create stop motion videos is your camera, good lighting, and a tripod!

Life Lapse is more than just a stop-motion creator, though. The app also includes plenty of editing tools, including different speeds, filters, and stock music, as well as an interval timer that lets you pinpoint the timing of your video.

Life Lapse is a great app that lets you create unique, eye-catching content that gives your Instagram stories a high-production look (without the high cost).

App #2: Create animated graphics on the go with Adobe Spark

While Adobe is best known for its professional editing software, Adobe Spark makes it easy for anyone to create animated graphics on the go.

Whether you’re adding animation to your text or subtle movement to your graphic, Adobe Spark is perfect for making your stories stand out:

How to create animated instagram stories: 7 apps that make it easy

The app also comes with thousands of templates to choose from, including millions of free photos, filters, and fonts that help you create custom Instagram story content that’s perfect for your brand.

This Instagram Stories app is completely free to use and you can create high-quality animated Instagram stories in just a few minutes!

App #3: Add motion to your images with Enlight Pixaloop

Developed by award-winning app developers Lightricks, Pixaloop literally brings your photos to life and adds motion to your static images.

This is a great way to surprise viewers of your Instagram stories and stop them in their tracks as a result!

To animate your photos, place arrows to define the movement in the image.

Then add anchors to gradually decrease the speed in the animated area:

How to create animated instagram stories: 7 apps that make it easy

Pixaloop’s editing tools offer precise animation controls that let you perfect your masterpiece.

App #4: Create GIFs on the go with ImgPlay

If you’ve been looking for a way to create your own GIFs for Instagram Stories, look no further.

ImgPlay is the easiest way to create GIFs with photos and videos directly from your gallery on your phone!
Use ImgPlay to crop your videos to create a GIF, or select multiple photos to create a slideshow or GIF.

You can also edit existing GIFs from your device using the app. We use ImgPlay to stitch multiple photos together to create a GIF-like look:

How to create animated instagram stories: 7 apps that make it easy

ImgPlay also lets you apply a filter, adjust the frame rate, or change the playback direction to create a boomerang effect. Once your creation is complete, simply download the GIF or video file to your camera roll and add it to your library to schedule!

App #5: Add animation to your Instagram story templates

Whether you’re sharing tips, posting inspirational quotes, or adding a creative twist to your campaign, Over is a great app for Instagram stories that lets you overlay photos and videos with text and graphics!

Over is packed with photos, fonts, graphics, templates, and tools to help you create high-quality animated Instagram story content:

Using Instagram story templates is one of the easiest ways to update your stories and Over makes it easy to add some movement to your perfectly branded content. Over’s stock video library includes a variety of different animations that you can add life to your creation:

How to create animated instagram stories: 7 apps that make it easy

Your loyal community even has a #bestofover hashtag you can use to find inspiration from other developers when you’re feeling stuck!

App #6: Create attention-grabbing animated captions with Hype Type

You want to add life to your Instagram story captions?
Create animated text graphics for Instagram stories with Hype Type!

Hype Type is full of swirling and spinning typography options that can help keep your audience from clicking on:

How to create animated instagram stories: 7 apps that make it easy

To use a photo or video in your camera roll, just swipe up from the bottom of the app. There you can choose the color combination and font you want. Hype Type can be used for free, but you can pay for upgrades.

App #7: With InShot you can add animations to your vertical videos

Vertical videos are everywhere on Instagram these days! That means now is the time to learn how to create and edit vertical videos that will stand out from the crowd and really wow your audience.

InShot Video Editor is a photo and video editing app known for its ability to create content that perfectly matches Instagram Stories (or any other video platform)!) fit.

But did you know that the app has expanded its functions? With the lesser-known in-app editing features, you can add stickers, looping animations, glitch transitions, and more to your video content:

How to create animated instagram stories: 7 apps that make it easy

This year it is more important than ever to get involved with video content. InShot is the perfect app to get you started!

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