How to change privacy settings on instagram

If you want to protect yourself from prying eyes, you can’t avoid managing your privacy on Instagram. With a public profile, anyone – including spam bots – can see what you’re up to and where you’ve been – sometimes with the precision of a GPS. Stay protected online by using Instagram’s privacy settings properly.

Protect your Instagram profile

Let’s take a look at how to make your Instagram profile private. A few clicks are enough. And you can instantly switch back to a public profile in no time if you change your mind. These steps to go private on Instagram are essentially identical on iPhone and Android devices.

This article contains:

This article contains:

Open Instagram. Tap on the avatar in the lower right corner to go to your profile. On the next screen, tap the hamburger menu (the three lines at the top right).

Screenshot of an Instagram profile page

Then choose Settings..

Screenshot of Instagram

Choose next Privacy and security.

Screenshot of Instagram

On the following screen, there should be an option called Account Privacy Be displayed. Tap on it.

Screenshot of Instagram

You see a single slider. Once you turn it to "ON, all posts on your Instagram profile are hidden for everyone with the exception of your followers.

Screenshot of Instagram

You now have a private Instagram account.

Screenshot of Instagram

Why should I make my Instagram profile private??

There are many reasons to make your Instagram profile private. Maybe you’ve just gotten engaged and want to prevent Strangers view the photos. Possibly an acquaintance, a spam bot or a random person comments on all your images and you feel pilloried. Unwanted attention can be oppressive. In this case it is important to have control over your privacy.

Aside from unwanted attention, a public Instagram account also poses tangible privacy risks. So if you’re wondering why you should make your Instagram profile private, think about the following reasons:

Hide your private life from potential employers. A recruiter or potential team leader might not be too fond of an Instagram profile about how you’re spending Friday night. Of course, it is possible that your profile does not contain any incriminating information at all. But everyone has different standards. Better play it safe.

Prevent harassment. Cyberbullying is cruel and perpetrators can strike without warning. Don’t give them anything they can use against you, and only show your content to people you trust.

Prevent identity theft. You own the photos you post on Instagram. But photos can easily be stolen unnoticed for commercial purposes. Only with private Instagram accounts Have full control over your content – assuming you can trust all of your followers. In fact, after making your account private, be sure to only accept people you know as followers.

Protect your account from hackers and/or identity thieves. Hackers love to copy real Instagram accounts to create lookalike accounts. For example, you repost all your photos in a newly created fake account to build a base for stealing your identity. You could also use the doppelganger account for social engineering tricks, z. B. to send messages to your friends to make them click on malicious links. Instagram provides a place to report such tricks. But the most effective way to prevent them is to make the account private. Cybercriminals could also take control of your real account. In this case, you have to restore the hacked account – a nerve-racking job.

Protect your information. Think about all the things your public Instagram account reveals about you. Your interests. Your hobbies. Your Family Members. Your hometown. The names of your children. The names of your Pets . You might as well loudly broadcast the answers to your online banking portal’s security questions out the window to the entire world. We certainly don’t want to scare you. But you should know what information identity thieves can use against you.

Does making my profile private affect my existing followers?

Not at all. People who were already your followers before you made your profile private will continue to follow you. All their content remains visible to them.

Let’s say you’re being followed by a suspicious account and you want to specifically this account get rid of. In this case, you can remove the account from your follower list.

Here’s how to remove followers from your Instagram profile

Below you will learn how to Remove Follower can.

Open Instagram and tap on the avatar in the lower right corner. Next to your profile picture, click on the number of followers you have. You will then see a list of everyone who is following you. If you want to remove a follower, click the button next to their name that reads Remove.

A screenshot of an Instagram user looking at their followers list. Next to each follower is a button that says 'Remove.'

What about new followers? They can make a request to follow you. You will then be notified and can accept or decline the request.

Screenshot of the Follow Requests page of an Instagram profile

The answer to the question, "If my Instagram is private, who can see my photos?" is the same?"therefore reads: only your approved followers. So a list of people over whom you have full control.

With a private Instagram profile, can I continue to share my posts on other social media sites?

When you click share, yes. Otherwise no. Don’t worry: the video of your dog doing a backflip in your favorite shirt will make the rounds that way, too. Who could possibly miss? Here are the different methods you can use to post your Instagram posts to other social media platforms.


Share. Let’s say you’ve linked your Instagram to Facebook and want to "share" a post on Facebook. This will be set to Facebook created a new post. If you want to control who can see the Facebook post, you need to adjust your privacy settings on Facebook.


Share with. This option includes a link to the original Instagram post, so only your followers can see it.


Embed. Embed feature is not available for private accounts. Item. This is because social media platforms like Facebook "read" posts to display them. Only your followers have access to your private posts.

Can I continue to use hashtags if my Instagram profile is private?

No. You can use hashtags only with a public profile. The hashtag causes your post to be shared in the appropriate feed where everyone can see it. However, this is not possible with private accounts.

Also on the Discovery page and on the "Search&" page Explore (the giant patchwork of images that shows up when your search bar is empty) will only show content from public accounts.

Some hashtags you might add just for fun (such as. B. the notorious #nofilter!). Even with a private account, you can insert hashtags and click on them to go to the hashtag feed as usual. But users with similar interests won’t find your profile this way.

More ways to increase your privacy on Instagram

Fortunately, there are steps you can take in addition to – or instead of – making your profile private. Learning about your different options can help you better manage your security on Instagram.

Customize Bio

Bios and profile pictures are always visible. You can’t hide these two things. Therefore, avoid confidential information such as Phone numbers, your full name, Credit card numbers, PINs, your social security number, the street you grew up on, the name of your first black, etc.

A screenshot of a user

Here’s how to make sure your bio and picture don’t contain sensitive data: Go to your profile and click on Edit profile.

Don’t include location

If your profile is set to "public" and you tag your location, your post will show up in the feed for that location. What this means for your privacy? Strictly speaking, trumpet the GPS coordinates of where you are and when you were there to the entire world.

Screenshot of a location feed on Instagram

To hide this information, you should remove the location tag before you post anything. You can find this option on the same page where you enter your caption. Now all you have to do is click on the X click next to the location.

Disable social media sharing settings

You may have automatic sharing to Facebook enabled on your Instagram profile. Here’s how to get to the social sharing settings: open Instagram and click on the avatar in the bottom right corner. Then click on Settings> Account > Linked accounts. When you select "Facebook", you will see a slider to enable or disable automatic sharing to Facebook.

Screenshot of Instagram

Use a strong password

Hackers often exploit weak passwords to gain access to Instagram and many other social media accounts. If they manage to break into one of your accounts and you use the same password elsewhere, there is nothing to stop them from gaining access to another part of your online life. For this reason, you should use a secure, unique password for each of your online accounts.

Your password should include numbers and symbols. The more different characters you use, the better. This is just one way to improve your password security. A password should be complex and difficult to remember. This is the point. Because this will not so easy to guess. Use a randomized password generator to generate truly strong passwords for your accounts. You can use a password manager like LastPass to keep them safe afterwards.

Enable two-factor authentication

You can protect your password with an even stronger security measure by enabling two-factor authentication on Instagram. Here’s how it works: every time you try to log in to Instagram from a new device, you have to provide another piece of information besides your password to identify yourself. This secondary information can be either a text message sent to your cell phone or a code from a third-party app like Google Authenticator. Here’s how to set up this feature.

Check follower list regularly

You can see who is following you by clicking on their avatar in the bottom right corner and Follower select. If a username looks suspicious, you should get to the bottom of it. Fake user names are often easy to recognize. Your friends probably use nicknames or descriptive names as usernames, e.g. B. "GabiTheAuthor" or "TheTypeWithTheBass1991". Fake accounts or bots can typically be recognized by randomly composed or incomprehensible user names.

If you see a username and think, "Who’s that? the Because?", check to see if it’s a stranger or a spam bot. Warning signs of fake accounts also include lurid photos, lack of a profile picture, few followers, and posts that look like advertisements. You should avoid these accounts at all costs, As they can grant companies or people access to your information.

Screenshot of a fake or suspicious Instagram account

Since we decline with thanks.

How to block an account on Instagram

You can effectively prevent harassment with the blocking feature. How it works:

Go to your follower list, search for the username you want to block, and click on it to view the profile in question.

click on the three dots in the upper right corner. A list of options will then be displayed.

Click Block. A pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm the action.

Tap again Block.

If you block a person, they will no longer be able to access information about you on Instagram. If it looks for your username, you won’t be shown – it’s as if you don’t exist at all.

Screenshot of the confirmation screen for blocking a user

Moderate profile

By moderating your profile, you can control, for example, who can comment on your posts and when you are tagged in other people’s posts. All this can increase your privacy on Instagram.

Delete unwanted comments

Pay attention to how people react to your posts. You may notice that an unknown or unwanted person is posting comments. This is definitely a sign that you should remove them from your follower list and make your account private.

However, if this doesn’t happen that often, you can quickly remove the unwanted comments by doing the following:

Go to your post and tap on Show 1 comment.

An Instagram post that has a link underneath saying, 'View 1 comment.'
A display of all the comments on a single Instagram post

Tap on the comment or swipe your finger across it from right to left to reveal the delete button.

Screenshot of how to delete an unwanted comment on Instagram

Click on the Trash icon, to remove the comment.

Limit obsessive commenters

Is there a user who obsessively comments on your posts? Does he seem like a stalker to you? Then you can Restrict. This feature hides the user’s comments from everyone but themselves. The user is also not notified, so they can continue commenting to their heart’s content without anyone seeing what they wrote.

Approve markups manually

Manual approval of markings is another security measure. Let’s say someone takes a photo featuring you, posts it on Instagram, and tags your profile. Now, however, you prefer to keep a low profile on social media. So your acquaintance draws attention to your account unintentionally. You can prevent this from happening by going to your Privacy Settings Return to Marks click. Activate Manually approve tags, to review each tag before it is posted online.

Avoid potentially insecure add-on apps

App trends like "FaceApp," an app that lets you upload photos and make yourself look older or younger, should be taken with a grain of salt. This type of app requires access to your photos and personal data. But most people download them without reading the privacy policy. It’s always best to do a little research before handing over your sensitive information to a third-party app.

Stop your profile from showing up as an account suggestion

Have you ever wondered why everyone can easily find you on Instagram? The app suggests other accounts for users to follow, loosely along the lines of, "Hey, do you know this person? Follow her!" Your image is visible to the whole world in the process. Not everyone wants to be found so easily. Fortunately there is a possibility to disable these suggestions.

Log into Instagram in a browser like Firefox or Safari. It is best to use your Mac or PC for this purpose.

Go to your profile and click on the circle with your profile picture in the upper right corner.

Click Edit profile.

Clear the checkbox next to Similar account proposals. This is how you can prevent your account from showing up when users are suggested accounts to follow.

Click Send.

Now you will no longer be displayed as a suggestion for people you may (or may not) know.

Screenshot of Instagram

Beware of strange private messages

You should always beware of strange messages you receive from people you don’t know. This applies to Instagram as well as to your email account and other messaging services. Cybercriminals often send malicious links that install malware or lay out phishing traps to get you to reveal private information. Hackers have already gained access to the accounts of popular influencers this way and demanded a ransom in order to unlock the accounts again. You can save yourself such a nuisance by deleting any strange private messages you may receive.

Protect your privacy – and not just on Instagram

Unfortunately, you will not find it everywhere on the Internet made so easy, If you want to achieve this level of privacy. Advertisers, government agencies, and even your Internet service provider can spy on you online. This means they can track your browsing history, raise prices on products you view, and sell your information to third parties. But you can block out all spies with a virtual private network (VPN). Avast SecureLine VPN protects all your internet activity so you can surf, shop, bank, and of course, post your epic pictures privately on Instagram.

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