How to build muscle with electricity ems basics, important tips & more!

Stronger, more defined, healthier – who wouldn’t want to build muscle and enjoy all the benefits that come with a muscle-building workout??

The good news is: with electrical muscle stimulation, your muscles are built up more easily and quickly than with almost any other sport.

The bad news is: sports alone are not enough when it comes to muscle strengthening. It is more about the interaction of training, nutrition and regeneration. Ideally, none of these components should be neglected.

We tell you how to train most effectively for your muscle building with electricity and how to put yourself and your body on the fast track!

Muscle building – basics

During training with current electrical impulses are sent by the EMS training equipment to the muscles. It is important that the training is intense enough – i.e. neither too weak nor too strong. This is the only way to trigger a growth stimulus in your muscle, creating tiny micro-injuries within the muscle.

In order for the muscle to grow qualitatively, it is necessary to provide it with the right nutrients. Above all, sufficient high-quality proteins are important. These contribute to both muscle building and muscle maintenance. If you complete a training that is intense enough and also supply your body with the most important nutrients, your muscle ultimately only needs enough time to regenerate and grow qualitatively and quantitatively.

The muscle grows not only during the workout, but especially during the time it is recovering. If you "disturb" the regeneration time with further trainings, this can bring disadvantages for the muscle growth. As a rule it is said that a muscle needs about 72 hours of rest after an intense workout. After that you can start again with your muscle building with electricity.

Why does the body actually build muscle?

Even if many may assume it, muscle building is not a cosmetic phenomenon. When the body builds muscle, it serves primarily as a protective function. When a muscle is intensively loaded during a workout, the body builds up muscle in order to better protect itself against the threat of another load.

Training with electricity: This is how you succeed in building muscle

With an EMS whole body training differently than with the conventional strength training almost all main muscle groups are trained at the same time. In addition, depending on the type of current, almost 100% muscle activation is possible in the depths. This is exactly why muscle building with electricity is so effective.

With EMS training there is active, dynamic training and static training. Both are performed with different muscle work:

In contrast to conventional training with weights, static exercises do not lead to any muscle growth isometric contraction but to a double concentric contraction (players and opponents). This ensures a build-up of the musculature with approximately 50 to 70 % utilization of the maximum forces.

The active, dynamic exercises result in an eccentric contraction. This is considered to be the most effective strength building with 70 to 90 % utilization of the maximum forces.

Even if you would like to start directly with the active exercises, it requires a trained body pretension and an exact exercise execution. Therefore, as an EMS beginner, you should start with static training first, depending on your fitness level, and work your way up slowly.

Man training with ball

How to train most effectively?

If you want to build muscles sustainably rather than quickly, you should consult an EMS personal trainer at least to get started. This will create a training plan perfectly suited to you, which you can ideally work with.

With the EMS rental systems for home, there is also a great selection of training videos that encourage you to do dynamic exercises to make your workout as effective as possible. Virtual trainers accompany you during your workouts and show you the ideal exercise executions for building muscle mass and strength.

Gradually you can increase the current intensity and thus increase your EMS training. Your muscle building with electricity you can make so more intensive. There are no fixed parameters regarding the current intensity. However, the StimaWELL traffic light and the resulting index will give you an indication of the amount of current flowing through your body. This value results u.a. by the selected current intensity. If you increase the intensity of the current from training session to training session, the index value will also increase. So you can observe how much current has passed through your body from time to time. Some EMS users increase the current intensity weekly, others only every two to three weeks. You have to find out the ideal increase dose best for yourself. Please keep in mind that you should not increase the power limitlessly. The important thing is that your EMS training remains enjoyable.

You can do a light warm-up of five to ten minutes before your actual strength training session. Regardless, every muscle building program is designed so that the first sequence is designed for warming up the muscles.

Muscle building and nutrition

With a successful muscle building training it is important to pay attention also to the nutrition. Good and high-quality protein and protein sources are of great importance here. For example, low-fat dairy products, legumes, eggs, meat, fish or even protein powder will help you build muscle.

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