How to become lowe

More cautious and patient! You need more emotional support.


It comes down to social skills: What is good for the working atmosphere?


You are more relaxed again. Good to put less pressure on yourself.

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How to become lowe

Calendar week 05

Love: a clear line and a serious, everyday attitude are required. On Monday and Tuesday just keep calm!

Health: Reduce what is not good for you, especially stress. Renunciation is the feel-good recipe.

Career: put big plans aside and focus on reasonable consolidation!

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How to become lowe


Now it’s definitely the end of the fun: seriousness, a sense of responsibility and reliable suitability for everyday life are the commandments of the month. Be ready to step down from your pretensions and make a committed contribution to the functioning of a relationship! For playful singles the prospects are accordingly meager.


Here, too, the duty has absolute priority over the free skating. There is no point in setting big goals as long as the basis for them has not been cleared. Therefore, subordinate yourself to reasonable guidelines and prove to be a disciplined, reliable team worker in the interest of sustainable necessities! Things can only be done in small steps now.


High time to rethink your lifestyle and limit yourself in the service of your health. You still have an arduous saturnine journey ahead of you and should use this month to prepare yourself energetically for it.

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How to become lowe


January: Don’t be surprised if you are seriously tested. People want to know exactly where they stand with you. So don’t push, patience goes down much better!

February: Seriousness suits you much better now than adventurousness or flirtatiousness. In existing partnerships, reliability must be demonstrated.

March: Maybe some lionesses have not passed the test. Frustration and confrontations are on the agenda. For some, the end could also follow.

April: Longing and romance arise. Handle tender springtime feelings very gently. Empathy and sensitivity are the most important virtues.

May: Finally the fire of passion flares up again. Storm and stress are nevertheless not announced. Take the time to let something lasting develop!

June: Under Taurus-Venus you guard your boundaries strictly. If you act impatient or even combative now, you certainly do yourself no favors with it.

July: Willingness to talk and a sense of family are the most sought-after virtues of the month. Very good conditions for clearing up debates and the family vacation.

August: From 12.8. Venus shows that you are very desirable. If you don’t know what to do with it or if you are just stressed out? Give in, let yourself be spoiled!

September: Make yourself useful and show that your everyday fitness can be counted on! Exchange is still very important, but please without bossiness!

October: Singles may flirt and fall in love to their heart’s content. If you are smart, you will make more of it. In existing relationships everything can become good again.

November: Another critical phase until 16.11. If you master it with discipline and restraint, you can look forward to happy days until Advent.

December: From 11.12. the seriousness of everyday life has priority again. Stand by your partner reliably, then love can blossom again in the new year.


January: Mars stimulates your determination, but Saturn and Mercury are on the brakes. Use your energies to put things in order and not in a combative way!

February: Tighten your belt and go on an absolute savings course now! Be especially careful to build up reserves for the coming months!

March: Things could get tight financially. Be prepared for a rough headwind and protect yourself as much as possible. Do not be confrontational, be reasonable!

April: From the middle of the month things calm down again, so that things can gradually start to look up again. Put your own interests aside and build on teamwork!

May: From 11.5. Jupiter comes to your aid. Now everything can definitely change for the better. Remain nevertheless reasonable and realistic in your ambitions!

June: Mars and Jupiter give you an enormous tailwind. Mercury asks you, however, to calculate exactly. From the 14.6. you can then take off all the more confidently.

July: If you have set a new start, should first calmly establish and learn the ropes. Who wants to change, comes with applications from the 12.8. good at.

August: Even if things are going well, you should not get cocky financially. Saturn still demands protection. Limit yourself to necessities and useful items!

September: stick to your pragmatic approach and, above all, make sure that no one is shortchanged! Fairness and collective interests now have priority.

October: Even if Jupiter once again stimulates your ambition: It comes down to balanced solutions. Those who do not act egositively may also count on support.

November: Until 17.11. it could become critical again, not least financially. Handle challenges very thoughtfully and patiently and be cooperative!

December: Saturn is already in retrograde, but the ordeal is not quite over yet. Fixing what was missed creates a good new starting position.


January: Under Sagittarius Mars you are physically up to 24.1. very good shape. Just don’t strain your nerves too much and recharge your batteries for the long term!

February: A good month to finally settle down and regroup. Think about where your priorities lie and sort out anything inefficient!

March: From the 7.3. new big challenges are coming your way. Better take it down a notch so as not to overtax your heart and circulation! Sleep more!

April: The big stress drags on until the middle of the month, starting at 16.4. you can definitely take a breath. Their nerves now urgently need rest and recuperation.

May: From 11.5. Jupiter jumps in and fills you with new confidence and motivation. Nervously you are also well again. Energy boost from 25.5.

June: Thanks to Mars and Jupiter – both in Aries – you are energetic and move quickly. Good premises, in order to arm itself against soon new efforts.

July: From 6.7. Mars and Saturn build up new blockades. It would be best to take a relaxing vacation now, so as not to reach your limits again.

August: Big physical challenges still to 20.8. Develop more calm and serenity so as not to overexert yourself. And live more health conscious!

September: It is already much easier for you to find a reasonable work-life balance. Always go out into the fresh air, allow yourself more leisure hours!

October: From 11.10, stabilizes your inner balance. Take good care of your diet and get enough sleep – in November you will need reserves again!

November: energetically you are well taken care of, only your nerves could be up to 17.11. going crazy again! Breathe deeply! From the age of 18.11. you can think positively again.

December: Now is the time to gradually regain your composure and sanity, to strengthen and equip yourself for the final Saturnian trials in the new year.

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