How do you find your way on this website?

At the top right of the web page
there is a bar with different functions.


In this section you will find help for certain things.
For example, as you can see the font on the internet page
you can make bigger or smaller.

site map

Here you can get an overview of all topics
to be displayed on this internet page.
The overview is like a table of contents.
If you click on a topic,
then you come directly there.


The imprint says
the address of the Federal Ministry of the interior
and the address of the Federal Administrative Office.
There you can see who is responsible for the website.
And who made the website.
And it says who took the pictures on the web pages.

Sign Language

If you click on sign language,
then you can view the website
explain in sign language.
Sign language is a sign language for people,
that can not hear anything.

Easy language

If you want information in easy to understand language,
then click on easy language.
Easy language is for all people,
who want to inform themselves quickly and easily.


At the top right of the web page is the search function.
If you are looking for information,
then you can click into the field Search term write a word in it.
Click on the arrows next to it.
you will get a list of results for your search.

In the middle of the web page
there is Introduction to the topic,
what this website is about.

If you click on More click,
then you will come to a welcome page.
There you can see the whole text.

On the website there are 3 main areas.

    Organization Manual


Newsletter is an English word.
It is pronounced like this: Njuslatter.
It is called the Bulletin.

Organization manual

If you click on Organization manual click,
you will go directly to the manual.

On the left side of the website you will see
an overview of the topics in the organization manual.

When you click on a topic,
then you will see other sections.
The sections belong to the topic,
that you have clicked on.


The newsletter is a news sheet.
If you click on Newsletter click,
then you can order a newsletter.
You have to enter your e-mail address.


If you click on Contact click,
then comes a contact form.
You can fill in this form and send it off.
You only have to fill in the boxes with the star * fill in.
You will then receive an answer back as an e-mail.

If you click on the Logo click on the top left of the web page,
you will always return to the home page.

Under the 3 main areas there is a bar.
Here you can see, at which place you are currently on the website.

At the top left of your internet program is a white arrow,
with a blue background.
Click on the arrow.
You will return to the page,
on which you were before.


On the left side of the website there is a box,
the attachment is called.
There you can subscribe for example Practical examples view.
And in the list of abbreviations
various abbreviations are explained.


Under the box attachment there is another box.
It is called Download.
Download is an English word.
This is how you pronounce it: Daunlood.
It is called download.

Here you can download the organization manual
download to your computer.

On the Home page are the 2 boxes on the right side.
At the pages about the different topics,
the 2 boxes are always on the left side.

At the bottom of the web page
you will see the Logos from other websites.
When you click on a logo,
you will be redirected to this website.

Print page and Recommend page
At the bottom of the website there are 2 functions.

When you click on Print page click,
then you can print out the internet page.
You always print out the page,
you are on at the moment.

If you are on Recommend this page click,
then you can give another person
send this website as e-mail.

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