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For Rummy (engl.Rummy), there are countless variations in the world, but nowhere are there fixed rules for this game, in contrast to Canasta, for example. Therefore, the following is a description of the basic rules of Rummy, which are most commonly used in Germany. Then the most important variants are presented.

There are 2 – 6 people playing. You need a rummy deck with 2 x 52 cards and six jokers, so 110 cards in total. Often the game is played with only four or two jokers. The dealer deals cards to each player in turn, clockwise, until each player has 13 cards. The rest of the cards are stacked on the table, back side up. The top card of these is turned over and placed face up next to the discard cards, as the first card of the discard pile to be formed later on. The object of the game is to place your cards on the table in certain combinations as soon as possible. A combination must consist of at least three cards, either
a) Cards of the same suit family in gapless order (sequence),
b) cards of the same value of different suits (set).

The sequence within the suits is: Ace – Two – Three – Four – and so on until Ten – Jack – Queen – King – Ace.

The ace can therefore rank both in front of the deuce (as the lowest card) and behind the king (as the highest card). One Sequence is for example the sequence Ten – Jack – Queen in Hearts or Three – Four – Five in Clubs. Usually the sequence king – ace – two may not be laid out. This must be agreed before the start of the game. A Sentence are, for example, three kings or four fives in different colors. One color must not be present twice in one set. There are only threes and
Deuces of four. However, it can be agreed that "mixed" sets are also allowed, in which double cards can be represented, for example both queens of hearts or both eights of clubs.

The course of the game:

After dealing, the player to the left of the dealer takes a card from the discard pile and places a card face up on the discard pile next to it in return. If the player can use the card that is already face up, he may take it, but then he does not get one from the discard. After him, the next player does the same and then in turn one after the other. Each player may either take the previously discarded card of the player in front of him, if it suits him, or instead take a face-down card from the draw pile. And he must discard a card again in each case. Occasionally it is aggravatingly agreed that one may take the laid down card of the person in front only if one can immediately lay it out to a report.


If a player has a sequence or set in his hand, whose cards together at least 40 eyes count, he may put them face up on the table as the first message.

The cards have the following Values:
The ace counts 1 or 11, depending on whether it is in front of the deuce or behind the king. If the sequence around the corner is allowed, i.e. two – ace – king, then ace counts 11.

The other card values:
All pictures (king, queen, jack) and the ten count 10 eyes; all other cards have the eye values printed on them. The sound barrier of 40 eyes applies only to the initial report. Whoever has it behind him may also lay out sets and sequences of lesser value or even place matching individual cards on existing messages, not only on himself but also on his opponents. But of course only when it is his turn, never in between.

The Joker Are the most valuable cards in the game, they can be discarded for any card and always count as much as the card they replace. If in the course of the game someone gets a card in his hand for which a joker is already laid out, he may rob this joker and put down the correct card in its place. In order to avoid misunderstandings, it is necessary to explain when laying out the card, which card the joker replaces. It is often agreed that jokers may not be pirated or that they may only be pirated when the first report has been made.

The winner is the one who got rid of all cards first. He must put one more card on the discard pile as the last card and call rummy. All other players now count the eyes of the cards they still have in their hand; they are written to you as minus points. Counting: Joker = 20, Ace = 11, all other cards as much as when laid out.


If a player succeeds in putting all his cards on the table as the first message at one stroke, the points of the other players are counted twice. In handromme, the number of points played may exceptionally be less than 40. In addition to sentences and sequences, you can also apply to other messages. But: A card must also be placed last on the discard pile here. Occasionally, it is also agreed that all cards will be
without discarding the last one.

Rummy variants

Rummy with knocks:

It is especially popular with families with children. Someone whose turn it is not may knock on the table when a card is discarded that suits him or her. All other players are then skipped, and the rapper may take the card just laid down, but must also draw two cards face down from the draw deck; he may discard only one card. Often it is aggravatingly agreed that knocking is only allowed if the discarded card can be laid out for an immediate report. Otherwise, the game will be one big bang.

Rummy without laying out:

You don’t file your messages one by one, you collect them on your hand. As soon as the cards that cannot be placed in messages count together less than 10 eyes, you may put the cards down. Each player then notes the eyes of all the cards that he cannot place in messages in his hand. The same conditions apply as in normal rummy: only sets and sequences of at least three cards count as a message.

Viennese Rummy:

The game is played like Rummy without laying cards, so everyone can lay down a card when it is his turn, when he has drawn a card and when he has discarded a card. However, the following deviations apply: Each player receives only ten cards. He may lay down his cards only if he can place all ten in messages. If he still has one or more cards in his hand that do not fit into messages and that together count less than five eyes, he may knock: he knocks on the table, lays his cards face up, but all other players may draw one arte each from the discard and lay one down again. Only after that the game is over. Settled like
in case of rummy without dealing, if not playing for money: In that case, each player who deals receives a prearranged amount of money from each of the other players. As soon as a player reaches 101 points, he is eliminated. The game is played until only one player remains who has less than 101 eyes. He collects the stake paid by each player at the beginning of the game.

Robber Rummy:

In this form of rummy, discarded cards of the player in front may only be picked up if you can lay them out immediately. For the first message, cards may be placed not only in your own sets and sequences, but also on other people’s messages, in order to get to 40 points. After the first report, you may also steal single cards from other reports or complete other reports, if you can immediately lay them out again with your own cards to form a new report. If you take single cards, the remaining message must consist of at least three cards. For example, you can rob a set of four and combine it with two cards of the same rank from your hand to make two new sets of three. Stolen cards may not be used for discarding. Handromme is possible.

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