Here’s how you can help

Countless people are active for Sternstunden throughout the year. You, too, can help children who are sick, disabled or in need – with a collection drive or direct donation.

Donate online

Help us! Direct, uncomplicated and secure, with the online donation form. Your donation is guaranteed to benefit 100 percent of the children.

Actions in favor of Sternstunden

Here's how you can help

You would like to support children in need and are planning an event in favor of Sternstunden? There are no limits to your imagination, whether it’s a concert, a fundraising run or a raffle – every euro helps Sternstunden offer children around the world a better future.
We will be happy to advise you on your charity campaign and send you information material, posters, flyers and brochures that you can display at your event to draw attention to the purpose of the donation. If you wish, we will include your event in our online calendar or also refer to it in our newsletter.

What you should consider when planning:

The Sternstunden Association is not the organizer of third-party support events, but must be clearly identified as the beneficiary aid organization. You as the official organizer are obliged to publish announcements and information media such as internet presence, press announcement, etc,
Design invitations, flyers and posters accordingly (z.B. "Fundraise in favor of Sternstunden" or "Proceeds go to Sternstunden."). The Sternstunden logo and name are legally protected trademarks and may only be used with our express permission (in writing or text). This can only be given if the essential course of the action (place, time, manner of execution, names and roles of the persons acting in a public way) and the announcements and information media provided for this purpose (s.o.) must be coordinated with us in advance. Please get in touch with us in good time.

What is important for you from a tax point of view

For tax reasons, we can only approve activities or events that serve the purpose of raising funds to support our work. Unfortunately, this does not apply to campaigns of commercial organizers, where the amount of the transferred proceeds is to be made dependent on a sale of products or services. For donations from such actions we would have to pay taxes because of the associated advertising effect. However, this is not possible for us because we always use 100% of the donations made to us, without deductions, to finance the sponsorship projects we support.

After your action

We will be happy to post a message about your event on our website if we receive a meaningful photo and a short report from you after the event. If you wish, you can make an appointment with us for a symbolic check presentation. In addition, we will be happy to issue you a donation certificate so that you can communicate your commitment.

Donation account

IBAN: DE67 7005 0000 0000 0510 00

Donations instead of gifts

You have a birthday, are celebrating an anniversary or are planning your wedding? Instead of gifts, many people wish to make donations for a good cause. If you would like to support Sternstunden on a particular occasion, please inform us in advance of your plans so that we can provide you with the best possible support.
Already in the invitation you can point out to your guests that you ask for donations in favor of Sternstunden. Specify a password that the guests indicate when transferring the money, so that the donation can be assigned correctly. After the campaign you will receive a letter of thanks in which we will inform you of the total amount of donations received.

We will also be happy to send you information material (flyers, annual reports, posters).

Special account for special occasions

Sternstunden e.V.
IBAN: DE08 7005 0000 0007 0510 00

Here's how you can help

© Photo: Sternstunden e.V.

Donations in case of bereavement

The death of a loved one is a painful loss for the relatives. For many bereaved people it is comforting to be able to give hope to others in the midst of their grief. Therefore, they often ask for donations instead of flowers or wreaths, for example for Sternstunden. If you are thinking about making a donation to Sternstunden in the event of your death, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

The following information will help you with your planning:
Please mention your donation wish in the obituary notice. Make a note of our special account and specify a keyword that the mourners should mention when making the transfer, for example the name of the deceased. We kindly ask you to inform us about your intention if you want us to send you the total amount of the donations received afterwards.

Special account for bereavement

Sternstunden e.V.
IBAN: DE08 7005 0000 0007 0510 00

Here's how you can help

© Photo: Foundation Way of Hope


If you would like to make a donation to us as part of the settlement of your estate, this is a valuable and very welcome support for our work. You can support us in particular by donating to Sternstunden e.V. with seat in Munich by will as an heir or co-heir or consider with a legacy. Because donations to charitable corporations are tax-privileged, another advantage is that the estate is not reduced by inheritance taxes. Inflows from inheritances may only be used for statutory purposes. Any conditions will of course be observed.

A will can be drawn up either by hand or by a notary public. Experience shows that many legal laypersons are overwhelmed by the drafting of a will. Often there is no distinction between the establishment of inheritance and the arrangement of legacies, and only a distribution of the main assets is made. This can lead to the emergence of unwanted communities of heirs or to the fact that the true last will and testament must be determined by interpretation or clarified in court. Also, it is not uncommon for a will to be invalid due to formal errors or not be found in the case of inheritance. In these cases, intestate succession comes into play and in this way a distant relative can inherit unintentionally or – if none can be identified – the state. Finally, when drafting a will, consider whether substitute heirs or legatees should be designated, if necessary, in the event that a beneficiary later ceases to exist.

Therefore we recommend in principle the notarization by a notary public. It not only ensures that the testator’s actual will is researched and recorded in the correct form, but also guarantees that the will is placed in official custody and cannot get lost until the testator dies. Notary fees are regulated by law and are relatively low, considering the consequences of an invalid or untraceable will. In addition, if there is a notarized will, a certificate of inheritance is usually not required and the associated (much higher) fees do not apply in the case of inheritance.

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