Getting pregnant: 9 tips to make it work

Getting pregnant is not so easy for many people. Most couples find months of jittering and testing grueling. With increasing age it also becomes more and more difficult to get pregnant. A one-year waiting period is not unusual. But with our tips you can increase your chances of a positive pregnancy test.

1. Hello cycle! Nice to meet you

The most important question to ask yourself if you want to have a child is: When are my fertile days?? Within a cycle, you can only get pregnant in a specific phase – namely Around ovulation. And so that you can determine this correctly, it is worthwhile to check your Getting to know the cycle a little better.

In the meantime support

  • Fertility apps
  • Ovulation tests
  • Fertility computers that show you, at what time you can get pregnant.

Actually, however, it is enough to observe your body very closely, by Use NFP – natural family planning – to help you conceivet. The symptothermal method is based on signals that your body sends out all by itself. On the basis of your basal body temperature and the condition of the cervical mucus or also of the Cervix you can determine your ovulation with a little practice and thus Conclusions on fertile and infertile days pull.

Good timing can significantly increase your chances of pregnancy. Most likely work out in the two or three days before ovulation. By the way: Sperm survive up to five days. the actual fertilization can take place even days after having sex.

But what you should absolutely do without: lubricants containing oil can change the vaginal environment, so that the sperm become slower or even die off. Such lubricants can then be the reason why fertilization and implantation of the egg does not occur.

2. Once to the doctor please

If you’ve made a conscious decision to get pregnant, a visit to your gynecologist won’t hurt to put you at check up once to have. Especially Unrecognized infections can lead to complications in the case of an unfulfilled desire to have a child lead. If you want to have a baby, your doctor can also valuable tips and recommendations and will of course advise you on any medication that you may be taking regularly.

In any case, also have your vaccination status check. If you are not sufficiently immune to rubella or chickenpox, you should get the vaccination before you become pregnant. Because if you become infected during pregnancy, this can have a negative effect on your cycle serious consequences for the baby have.

Also a visit to the dentist in advance can not hurt. Background: On the one hand, a preventive check should be made to see if there are any areas that still need to be treated under anesthesia. At the same time Oral hygiene is particularly important during pregnancy. Because chronic Inflammations in the oral cavity:

  • have a negative influence on both male and female germ cells negative influence have.
  • quite painful be
  • have an influence on your fertility, when the aggressive germs enter the vagina, for example, through oral sex
  • the Risk of early miscarriage increase
  • early trigger labor, if the bacteria reach the placenta via the bloodstream, for example

Therefore, do not forget the teeth and have them checked regularly before and during pregnancy. Prophylactic is also a professional teeth cleaning recommend.

3. Sleep well!

Sleeping keeps you healthy and your body in balance. This also applies to your cycle. If you have sleeping badly and irregularly for a long time, can help your Cycle negativeinfluence. The result: delayed or absent ovulation and the associated fertile days. Because more melatonin is produced at night, which in turn reduces the LH hormone that is important for ovulation. Briefly: fertility needs daylight.

By the way, this also applies to Long distance travel with extreme time change and special climatic changes. Both can affect your cycle. If you want to be on the safe side, you should if you wish to have children, it is better to travel to less exotic destinations.

4. Take care of yourself and your body

Our Weight has a great influence on our well-being – and on our cycle. Too many kilos on the scales but also extreme underweight can affect the Being the cause of a disturbed cycle and even lead to the absence of periods. Of course, this does not mean that the weight must have such an influence. But your health should still come first.

5. Get pregnant? Relax!

Just not too many thoughts make! Just don’t Pressure build up. Instead, completely approach family planning in a relaxed wayEasier said than done. Especially if it does not want to work out with the pregnancy immediately. After all, you hope and fear every month anew, and may experience disappointment many times. What helps: Be aware that one year waiting time is not unusual at all in case of desire to have a child is. stress only harms. Better take yourselves Conscious time to switch off! Maybe you go away together, just take a leisurely walk in the park, have a romantic dinner or go to the movies.
Skin thing stress-free! Because: the stress hormone Adrenalin is an antagonist of fertility hormones. With us women that can even to blame for a reduced maturation of the ovum its. Stress has an effect on men negatively affect sperm production in the epididymis. So have a nice time and relax – both of you.

6. Eat healthy!

Healthy eating can improve Promote fertility. Conversely, this means: get on the stove and whip up a delicious meal together.

What’s on the Food plan should stand?

For you:

  • Folic acidA deficiency limits fertility and can lead to malformations in the baby during the first weeks of pregnancy. That is why gynecologists recommend taking folic acid supplements.
  • Iron: important for the production of hemoglobin, also later in the baby. For example, contained in red meat and red juices.
  • iodine: Essential for your baby’s development even in early pregnancy.
  • Vitamin E: Requires the fertilized egg to nest in the uterus.

For your man:

  • Vitamin C, E and B 1: promote spermatogenesis and are found in peppers, citrus fruits, vegetable oils, nuts, dairy products, meat, fish and eggs.
  • Magnesium and zinc depot Also important and found in pumpkin seeds, seafood, oatmeal and beans

By the way: On excessive Alcohol consumption better do without. Background: Alcohol actually impairs fertility and, in men, sperm density. Similarly CaffeineBut one or two cups a day will not hurt.

7. Sport free!

To take care of his body and regularly Sports to exercise is of course not only for people with Desire to have children healthy. By the way, the same applies to Smoking. Now is definitely the right time to stand on yourself better to be careful. By the way: fit women often also experience more complication-free pregnancies and are after Birth faster on the legs again. If that is not an incentive?!

8. having sex! as you wish

And after that, stand on your head for half an hour! Such nonsense. Around having children the Old wives’ tale. I’m sure you’ve also heard that it’s easier to get pregnant in certain positions should be. This is as baseless as the benefit of Softcups, to prevent the sperm from leaking out again, or the claim that it has a abstinence could improve sperm quality. On the contrary, sperm quality increases even more with regular sex. Well then: Have fun.

9. Your climax

It’s no secret that a man has to have an orgasm for there to be any chance of getting pregnant at all. But, that getting your money’s worth also increases your chances of getting pregnant is something many don’t realize. A female orgasm and the associated contractions of the uterus can help the sperm cells to find the right path and thus be of great advantage for fertilization and implantation of the egg.

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