Folding paper airplanes: instructions

My tip for bad weather: fold paper airplanes and have fun indoors. If the weather leaves you in the lurch, then try yourselves out nevertheless simply times in the tinkering. If I speak of tinkering, then it is in this case of course about fliers from paper or. a paper airplane. The internet is bursting with instructions. YouTube, Google and co. have a lot to offer when it comes to origami and airplanes.

Folding a paper airplane is very easy with only one sheet of paper. Whereby depending on the building instructions and model sometimes a second sheet is used. There are few things that can be made so quickly and easily and, moreover, can be used virtually anywhere. So if you are bored because of the bad weather, you should do it like me and conquer the air with paper airplanes.

Strictly speaking, the folding of paper airplanes is not even tinkering, at least not really. So, enough with the bad mood, paper out and go!

Folding paper airplanes: not only for children

Paper airplane folding instructions

Sure, some will shrug their shoulders and say that folding paper airplanes is something for children. Maybe, but adults can also have a lot of fun with paper airplanes. My ideas on the subject I present to you in this article briefly. First of all we need instructions, if we don’t want to limit ourselves to the simple paper airplanes that everybody knows by heart.

Instructions for paper airplanes
Paper airplane instructions are a dime a dozen. You don’t have to search too hard, but for the sake of simplicity I have put together a few links. There are really fancy paper airplanes, one model can even transport a chicken egg.

By the way, you don’t have to plan much time for the construction of a paper airplane. For a paper airplane that flies really well, the duration is maybe 2, maximum 3 minutes. If you don’t want to build new paper airplanes every time, you can simply put them aside and dig them out again as needed. Now that you have received tips on how to build the planes, we can start to think about what to do with the planes themselves. An apartment often doesn’t offer much space for paper airplane adventures. But I would have a few approaches then already there. So give the idea a chance!

Paper planes and rainy weather

In the following I would like to give you some food for thought, because there are also possibilities to have a lot of fun with paper airplanes in the home. That a paper airplane can be built quickly and easily, I have already shown you now.

But if you "just" throw the paper airplane back and forth, then the duration of the fun is not very long. If you are looking for entertainment over a longer period of time, you should take a look at the following suggestions. Then absolutely nothing stands in the way of paper flying in the house, apartment or room.

Fun with paper airplanes on smallest space

  • Have a paper airplane aerobatics battle
  • Paper airplane battle with pins and balloons
  • Paper airplane spot landing contest
  • Paper airplane air time contest (who stays up the longest)
  • Paper airplane long distance flight from indoors to outdoors
  • crash each other’s paper airplanes with a hair dryer or vacuum cleaner
  • throw paper airplanes on a sheet with different holes in it (different points per hole/size)

Another possibility would be to prepare paper airplanes at home and then let them fly later from a skyscraper or in a parking garage. Especially on rainy days, a paper airplane long-distance flight competition could also be an exciting activity. In the process, participants could compete against each other in different locations with a limit of X paper airplanes.

Video building instruction: world record paper airplane after build
All not the right thing? Then try to rebuild the world record paper airplane of Takuo Toda. After all, the good man set a world record in 2009. His world record paper airplane stayed in the air for a whopping 27.9 seconds – madness or not?

In 2010 he literally went one better and broke his own world record. His "Paper Plane" flew for 29.2 seconds. This video tutorial guides you step by step through the building process. By the way, the video of the world record had so far 360.937 views and got 1.506 thumbs up.


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Effervescent manufacturer Red Bull puts the crown on the whole hustle and bustle. The same has started a whole event around the paper plane and invited to the Paper Airplane World Championshit. There were competitions in paper airplane long-distance flight, as well as in the category "aerobatics" and each and I mean really EVERY action.

If you still think that paper airplanes are boring, you should definitely watch the following video. It’s totally crazy how the creators of Red Bull manage to conjure up "action-packed" videos bursting with views from the simplest of activities.. almost 10 million views in this case!

Action loaded: Paper Airplane World Championship


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That the Red Bull Video 9.899.847 views and a crazy 39.846 thumbs up, I am not surprised at all. More videos can be found on YouTube. If you can’t find the right thing in german, you can also search in english with "Paper Airplane". There you can find a lot of cool videos about the topic.

Paper airplanes and gadgets

Paper Airplane

Of course there are gadgets long since when it comes to paper airplanes. If you want, you can launch your paper airplanes powerfully with a launching pad long ago. There is also the possibility to equip paper planes with motors or even with motors which can be controlled by a smartphone. Depending on the gadget you are there with between 15 and 50 euros.

By the way, our tests have shown one thing: as cool as the various gadgets are at first glance, in the long run they don’t stand a chance against a traditional, good old paper airplane. Gadget remains gadget and at the end of the day it gets boring fast. A paper airplane, on the other hand, can be made almost anywhere – whenever you feel like it.

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