Fold paper ship

Fold paper ship

Here you can find the instruction how to fold the old known paper ship.

A popular craft idea with tradition.
For generations, children have been taught how to fold these simple, yet effective paper boats.
You need a simple sheet of paper and in no time at all you have a great ship that can even float on water.

And this is how you can make the paper ship or. fold.

Folding a paper ship


a paper rectangle z.B. a DINA4 sheet

Craft Instructions:

You will need a paper rectangle z.B. a DINA4 sheet.

The folding instructions for this:

folded pirate ship

Folds the sheet in half to form a double-layered smaller rectangle.
The opening is downwards.

2. and 3.)
Fold it in half again to form a rectangle and open it again. This is how you get the vertical center line.
Fold the right and left outer corner along the center line.

Fold the overhanging lower side upwards onto the folded triangles.
Performs this step also on the back.
Fold the right and left overhanging corners to the other side to create a large triangle.

Open the resulting triangle, which looks like a hat, from the bottom, turn it and put it into a square so that Figure 5. is created.

Fold the lower tip upwards. Turn the folding work around and do the folding step on the back side as well.

Now open the triangle again from the bottom, turn it and place it in front of you as a square.
Then pull the upper tips apart and you have a paper ship.

Still pull it apart properly and shape it so that it can stand well and later also float.

Who would like can paint his little ship still colorful.

A funny paper ship game is the ship blowing game.
You can find a detailed explanation of the game here: Games with water

You can also use the paper ship as an invitation to a pirate’s birthday party or a summer party.
You can find more information under: Invitation Pirate Ship

Folding ship invitation

Fold paper ship

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Fold paper ship

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Fold paper ship

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Fold paper ship

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