Find out your 2022 pension insurance number: where to find your rvnr

Finding out your pension insurance number Where to find your insurance number

Find a pension insurance number and understand the structure of the RVNR Source: dpa

Where can I find the pension insurance number?? – An overview.

Every German citizen has an individual and unique pension insurance number that accompanies him throughout his life. Learn where to find the number and what the digits mean.

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The Pension insurance number (RVNR) is an identification code of insured persons in the statutory pension insurance of the Federal Republic of Germany. The twelve-digit RVNR is made up of letters and numbers. The structure of the pension insurance number is not directly recognizable at first glance. What immediately catches the eye, however, is that one’s own birthday is part of this number. But what do the other digits stand for and where exactly can the pension insurance number be found??

Read here everything you need to know about pension insurance in 2022 and how the RVNR is made up of.

Where can I find my pension insurance number?

  1. Your pension insurance number is in your Social security card, directly under the personal data. The social security card with your insurance number is usually issued when you start your professional life and take your first job. In this case the type of employment is not important. However, if you were born after 2005, you will automatically receive your RVNR at birth.
  2. In addition to the ID card, the multi-digit RV number can also be found on the pension information, which insured persons receive once a year by mail.
  3. The pension insurance number is also indicated on the Registration certificate for social security to be read off, which the employer sends once a year.

Alternative – Request the pension insurance number

If you do not have a social security card, you can get the German Pension Insurance (Deutsche Rentenversicherung) by mail or by telephone on the free service telephone number 0800-1000-4800 apply. For security reasons, however, you will not receive your pension insurance number immediately, but rather by postal mail.

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Your health insurance company can also provide you with your pension insurance number; all you have to do is show your identity card at a branch office.

Find pension insurance number & Understand the structure of the RVNR

How is the pension insurance number structured?

The pension insurance number consists of twelve digits – one letter and eleven numbers. The structure is clearly defined and follows a fixed scheme. Each digit is described by a specific feature.

What do the individual digits of the pension insurance number mean?

The RVNR follows a clear concept in its structure. Behind the individual digits of the insurance number there is information about the respective pension insurance institution:

  • Digit 1-2: Unchangeable area number of the pension insurance agency
  • Digit 3-4: Birthday of the insured person
  • Digit 5-6: Month of birth of the insured person
  • Digit 7-8: Year of birth of the insured person
  • Job 9: first letter of the birth name of the insured person
  • Digit 10-11: Serial number (for men from 00-49, for women or undefined gender from 50-99)
  • Digit 12: Internal check digit

Can the pension insurance number be changed?

Basically, the pension insurance number accompanies a German citizen throughout his or her life. Only in exceptional cases the number is changed. This can happen, for example, if there is a change of personal status under the Transsexual Act. In this case, the digits 10-11 will be adjusted accordingly. Another reason for changing the pension insurance number is if it can be proven that the date of birth in the RVNR is incorrect or if the authority has mistakenly assigned the same RVNR twice. If this occurs, this number will be completely removed from the register and both parties will receive a new.

Why do you need the pension insurance number?

Each time an employee takes up employment that is subject to social insurance contributions, it is necessary to enter the pension insurance number so that the employer can register with the social insurance company. The pension insurance number is required for all transactions in connection with the German Pension Insurance Fund. The RVNR is also required when applying for partial retirement, a reduced earning capacity pension, a survivor’s pension or when registering as unemployed.

If the pension insurance number is also the health insurance number?

Until 1989, the pension insurance number was also used by health insurance companies. However, since 1989 this no longer applies. The RVNR is replaced by the ten-digit health insurance number, which is created on the basis of the pension insurance number. For data protection reasons, however, it must be ensured that health insurance companies are not able to draw conclusions about the RVNR on the basis of the ten-digit health insurance number.

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