Favorite books of the cardabela children

Favorite books of the cardabela children

Loic with "Summer with Grandpa"

When Jonas and his sister Marie REALLY want to go on vacation with their parents, but their parents suddenly have to work, they go to Italy with their grandpa. But one thing you should know about her grandpa: He is a hippi. That means he lives by his own rules! On the way to Italy Marie gets hungry and they drive off the highway. Left, right, left, right, left, right until they come to a lake in the middle of a forest. But after the picnic grandpa has some bad news. The engine does not start and they have to stay there. No cell phone, not a soul far and wide! But wait, did it rattle the bush there?….

I liked this book because:

1.: something like this can really happen
2.: there is also a lot of courage in the story
3.: I hate rules and therefore like the vacation without rules
4.: I find it funny that grandpa has 20 kg of noodles with him on the bus.

Book review by Loic

Star Knight, Volume 1: The Fortress in Space

Favorite books of the cardabela children

Ben and Sammy are best friends and want to do a test of courage. They want to break into an old mansion in the middle of the night, which looks very deserted. There they meet by chance Mia, their classmate. All three go into the house and find an eerie mirror there. Ben, Sammy and Mia are magically attracted, jump through the looking glass and are suddenly miles away from home. They are in the starbase of the star knight Sir Carreg, who died recently. A short time later they become star knights themselves.

Together with Botnik-13 and Dot-91 they have exciting adventures. Together they have one goal: to defeat the evil Count Atrox.

I liked the book because:
1.: It is simply galactically fantastic.
2.: The technique is much more advanced than today.
3.It’s a story with two faces".
4.: Volume one is followed by many other volumes.

Book review by Loic

Kelly Barnhill: The girl with the heart of gold

Alma, 8 years old

A fairy tale story that is not only about a princess and a dragon, but also about a mystical battle against evil. Together with her found friend Demetrius, a stable boy, the Princess of Andulania experiences the very best stories. When a mysterious being offers the ugly princess a tempting deal, she could fulfill her great desire to be beautiful… But is it really important to be beautiful?

I loved the book because the princess is so brave and adventurous. It is exciting and mysterious and the good ends. The book is good to read because it is written in short chapters.

Claudia Frieser: Oskar and the secret of the gang of children

Favorite books of the cardabela children

Loic, 10 years old

When Oskar’s Uncle Heinrich, who hates everything except Latin, comes to visit again and announces that he will give Oskar Latin lessons that very evening, Oskar is not very enthusiastic!!

Because Oskar hates Latin and he decides to visit his friend Katrin in 1485 Nuremberg!!

Once there, he decides to take a little detour to. Suddenly he bumps into a girl, who then loses a lot of coins.

When he arrives at Katrin’s, he learns about the gang of thieves called the "beggars’ guild"!! I wonder if the girl has something to do with it??…..

I thought the book was great because I love mystery stories and time travel!
And also because it was super exciting!!
And also because you think something is going to happen and then something else happens!!

David Williams: Gangster granny

Favorite books of the cardabela children

Loic, 10 years old

Like every Friday, Ben goes to his boring, farting, cabbage-smelling grandma’s house. And the worst thing is that she wants to play the boring game Scrabble all the time! The unfair part is that every Friday night Ben’s parents go out to dinner or watch an episode of Stars on the Parquet.

But then Ben finds out that his grandma has a secret!

Namely, his grandmother has diamonds, emeralds, earrings and bracelets worth over billions of euros!

She’s a gangster granny!

And she’s planning to steal her biggest thing ever. the crown jewels. Whether this works. ……..

I liked the book because I love detective stories!
And also because the book is very mysterious.
I also laughed a lot!!

Loic with Flatscher

Loic,10 years old

Flatscher. The thing stinks

Flatscher, the ,,world famous" detective skunk, investigates with his detective assistant Theo. The two become friends by chance and the adventure begins immediately. Top chef Bode (Theo’s father) is not paid several bills – detective Flatscher and his assistant Theo try to track down the "bill non-payer" and expose him. And they actually make it.

I loved this book because:

1. there were a lot of pictures and it made me imagine the story better!
2. quite strange words are used, like z.B. "is stinkological"

There is now a whole series of Flatscher books, part 2 "Riot in the Canal" was also very funny and exciting. I am looking forward to the next adventures of Flatscher and Theo!

1.: Flatscher – the thing stinks!
2.: Riot in the canal
3.: With sniffer nose and stink cannon
4.Rogues ahead!
5.: Spooks forbidden!
6.: Surrounded by teachers!

Loic reads Eliot and Isabella

Loic, 10 years old

Eliot and Isabella and the adventure by the river
Ingo Siegner: Elliot and Isabella, Vol. no. 1

Do you know what you do when you are washed far, far, far away from home?? That’s what happened to the rat boy Eliot… Unfortunately, also to a nasty gang of rats – with the leader Bocky Bockwurst! But Eliot meets all sorts of helpers who support him – together with his new girlfriend, Isabella – to return to town!! I loved this book because:
1. It funny, full of rhymes, adventurous, musical and fun is.
2. I like animals as main character!!

Info: From 5. years old, also enjoyable to read aloud, then to read by yourself!! Volume 2 and 3 are already out – and are just as good!

Loic: Joki and the wolves

Loic, 10 years old

Joki and the wolves
Grit Poppe

Joki does not have it easy! A pregnant mother, a move, a new father! And then something unexpected happens! He finds a slightly starved wolf cub that desperately needs to join his wolf pack. But what do you do when the wolf pack leaves?? Joki has to make a decision. He decides to: Pack your backpack and get the heck out of there.

I found the book great because :
1. It is written alternately from wolf and human point of view!
2. It was cool, great, adventurous, exciting, brave and slightly scary!

Favorite books of the cardabela children

Ronja, 9 years old

Princess Pompeline gets married

What you need to know here for: Like the children of Princess Hedwig and Princess Pompeline, I am a rainbow child. But from the beginning. Princess Pompeline is to marry. Princes from all over the world come and then it happens: a princess on a beautiful black horse rides by: it is love at first sight. But when the two announce their marriage, the whole kingdom talks bad about them. When they finally do get married, they are determined to have children. Which isn’t until the epilogue to the book, but which you might want to know: When the two want to have children, they go to a wise old woman who gives them the advice to go to a doctor. The doctor says: "There are children whose parents don’t take good care of them or they simply don’t have parents. These children can be adopted. But if you want a child to grow in your belly, you have to find a nice man to give you his seed. And really one day a child grows in Pompeline’s belly.

The book is a picture book. I still like it though because in the end everyone is on Hedwig and Pompeline’s side.

Ronja, Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls 2

Ronja, 9 years old

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls 2

"For the rebellious girls of the world:
You are the promise.
You are the power.
Does not retreat one step.
So they all move forward."

This is how the book "Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls" begins.From pirates like Anne Boni to writers like J.K.Rowling you will find here all the extraordinary women and their story. The book is simply wonderful. It sits inconspicuously on the shelf, you look at it, take it out, open it and you are immediately engrossed. I loved the book because I never thought that so many stories about extraordinary women would be published.

Favorite books of the cardabela children

Loic, 9 years old

When dragons do things, Andy Shepherd

Tomas, who helps his grandpa clear the garden, discovers a tree that doesn’t belong in any garden! He looks at its fruit, which looks like a red, spiky pineapple. When he touches one of them, PLOPP, it comes off without him having to pull it.
What Tomas didn’t know: it’s about a dragon fruit. Of all things, this fruit has to burst in the night and the funny adventure begins!

I really liked this book because:

1. It is SUPER MEGA funny and witty.
2. It’s written nice and big, but it’s not too big either!!
3. It doesn’t have too many pages (207 in total).
4. Coming soon volume 2 and volume 3…

Favorite books of the cardabela children

Loic, 9 years old

Emil and the Pelican Man, Leena Krohn

Emil, a 12-year-old boy who is 6. The pelican, who lives on the seventh floor, can’t believe his eyes when he discovers a pelican dressed like a real man in a restaurant. The pelican calls himself Mr. Mietling and lives, of all places, on the 7th floor. Floor of the same house. Emil can’t imagine that a friendship will develop out of this when it does happen. I liked the book very much because it was exciting, adventurous and funny at the same time. Plus, it’s just the right length (not too many but not too few pages: 203 total).

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