Faulty corona protective masks in circulation in bavaria – health ministry sees no “quality defects”

Deficient FFP2 masks also went to Bavaria at the beginning of the Corona pandemic

A lot of money was spent on inadequate masks in Bavaria at the beginning of the pandemic. Not a few of them were distributed to doctors and hospitals.

Bavaria – When the corona pandemic* spread in the spring of 2020, masks became a scarce commodity. The federal government, as well as the states, had to act quickly at the time and bought in. During this period, the Swiss company "Emix" also supplied masks from Chinese manufacturers to Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia and the federal government. The problem: the quality of many of these masks was poor. Speak up BR-According to research, Bavaria paid a unit price of 8.90 euros per mask at the time, while the federal government paid 5.58 euros. This mask deal came about with the help of Andrea Tandler, daughter of former CSU* secretary general and former Bavarian minister Gerold Tandler. Tandler is said to have received millions in commissions for it.

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Flawed and expensive: protective masks were distributed nonetheless

Among the supplied masks are also masks of the brand "Lanxin" had been. Two batches of these masks were tested by TuV Nord BR-Tested in June 2020, according to report. Thus, two examiners would have taken an hour and a half to examine the masks and write their protocol. According to the documents, the masks were neatly folded, clean and dry, and sat well. The smell was also recorded: "No strange or disgusting smells are identified", So no strange or disgusting smells. The result of the test: All criteria met. But: According to the test reports, a test of how many aerosols these masks let through did not take place.

Despite the lack of testing, this report had been the basis for the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) to release the masks and deliver them to Baden-Wurttemberg and Bavaria*. The BMG had this on BR-Request confirmed. To the BR According to them, the masks had already been tested in April 2020 in a multi-stage test procedure. However, the BMG does not answer the question of what was tested.

It was not until January of last year that the remaining masks were tested in Baden-Wurttemberg. The Ministry for Social Affairs and Integration had initiated this investigation after complaints were received. The state would have BR-reportedly received the masks from the federal government, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration had then distributed them further. The test showed: 13 of the 27 protective masks supplied by the federal government failed, including the brand "Lanxin". Their permeability was clearly above the standard values. According to the report, the mask did not adequately protect against aerosols. The Federal Ministry of Health writes to the BR, the "alleged quality deficiencies" could not understand.

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Bavaria has masks blocked – Nevertheless, some still in circulation

Bavaria also examined the "Lanxin" a little later, in March 2021-masks. documents, which according to the BR would prove that the State Office for Health and Food Safety (LGL) had used the masks on 19. and 23. March 2021and found them to be defective. The Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians of Bavaria (KVB) had at that time already 33.000 "Lanxin"-Masks distributed to physicians in private practice and recall launched. Almost all of them were returned, according to KVB. However, a good 3000 are still in circulation.

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