Fast and accurate – taking a fever by infrared

Regular temperature monitoring is extremely important when you have a fever. This is particularly easy for the caregiver and stress-free for the patient with the modern infrared thermometers from HARTMANN.

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If the body temperature rises above normal values, then one speaks of fever. Fever in itself is not a disease, but it indicates that the body’s defenses against invaders are becoming active, z. B. In case of viral or bacterial infections or tissue damage.

Fever is a heavy burden for the sick person. It is often associated with headache or muscle pain, one is restless and has no appetite. The skin is often cool at the beginning, later hot and sweating occurs. High pulse and accelerated breathing are also part of the clinical picture.

There are also different stages of fever development. It can be slow or fast. When the temperature rises rapidly, chills often occur and the organism is put under great strain.

In any case, careful observation of the patient is very important, because changes in the situation should be quickly detected and, if necessary, corrected. be communicated to the doctor. Reliable and regular temperature measurement is therefore crucial.

It depends on the correct measurement.

Since the 1990s, electronic clinical thermometers have been used to measure temperature. They are suitable for oral, axillary and rectal measurement, are easy and uncomplicated to use, and provide a reliable measurement after only a short time. They are easy to disinfect and therefore hygienic to use.

Infrared thermometers represent a new technology. With them, contactless z. B. can be measured on the forehead or in the ear. Here, the thermometer measures the infrared radiation emitted by the body and uses it to determine the temperature. Especially for babies or seniors, a simple measurement with little stress for the patient is possible.

However, there is one thing to keep in mind about the different measurement methods: On the one hand, the body temperature fluctuates during the course of the day, the "normal value" fluctuates during the course of the day, the "normal value" fluctuates during the course of the day is thus in the evening for example always somewhat higher than in the morning. On the other hand, the temperatures at the various measuring points inside the body (for rectal or oral measurement) and on the surface of the body (for axillary measurement or measurement on the forehead) differ.

Body temperature ranges at different measuring points

Simple and fast on ear and forehead

Mother measures child's fever

Whether for families or in care facilities – with the Veroval 2 in 1 infrared thermometer fever measurement becomes flexible, because it allows both measurements in the ear and on the forehead. It provides precise readings in just one second.

Especially for clinics or nursing homes it is hygienic to use. It’s easy to clean, and convenient disposable protective caps are available for measuring your ears. It comes with a practical storage box.

For touchless and noiseless measurement

Especially with babies a regular fever control is particularly important. At the same time, however, a restful sleep is also important. The new Thermoval® baby therefore enables stress-free, contact-free temperature measurement by infrared.

Thanks to modern infrared technology, Thermoval baby is highly accurate, works absolutely silently and takes only 3 seconds to take a measurement.

The last 10 measurements and the course of the fever are saved automatically. In addition to the body temperature, the temperature of objects such as the milk bottle or the bath water can also be measured. Thermoval baby is easy and convenient to use and comes with a practical storage box.

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