Enjoy in style – how to smoke cigar properly?


When we hear "smoking a cigar," we usually think of smartly dressed men in their billiard rooms with a whiskey glass in one hand and a cigar in the other. You talk about the politicians of the city, while on an old record player a jazz record spins its rounds. A fire crackles in the fireplace and the shadows of the gentlemen cast against the high walls of the room join in their conversation.

It’s got style, it’s chic, it’s what we want to do. However, the question that arises is: "How do I smoke a cigar properly??"
Well, unfortunately, we have to tell you straight away that there is no real guide to doing this. There is no universal wisdom, but we can offer you a common thread.

Ultimately, you decide what you like . But we can give you some tips about what you should do in company or rather at home.

First and foremost: Take a little time to enjoy your cigar. After all, you want to enjoy them, because a cigar is not like the cigarette for quick nicotine satisfaction for in between.
Depending on how much time you have, you choose the model or the size. the size of the cigar you want to smoke.
Smoke your cigar quietly and slowly – You can keep the smoke of the cigar in your mouth for a while. This way you can taste the special substances of the cigar better and you can enjoy it better that way. Then you can blow out the smoke through your nose again.

Smoking a cigar – puffing or on the lung?

In a nutshell, a cigar should never be smoked on the lungs! So the answer to our first question is: puff your cigar. Always.

Of course, one or two experienced cigar smokers will now be shaking their heads. "It is clear.", you think. But this is a question that is often asked by beginners. And let’s face it, we were all green behind the ears at first.

A cigarette or. their smoke contains over 4.800 chemical compounds. Therefore, it is easy to imagine what is contained in the smoke of a cigar.
As much as the cigar is for relaxing on the porch in the evening, if you smoke the wrong way, you can harm yourself and your body. But if you puff your cigar, nothing can happen to you and you can fully enjoy the taste and the pleasant feeling without any worries.

The nicotine, in its small amount, has a calming and stimulating effect on the smoker. Think of the Native American peace pipe – and the relaxed facial expressions associated with it.
If you’re not used to smoking, whether it’s a cigarette or a cigar, and you smoke directly onto your lungs, nicotine can initially make you cough, cause mild dizziness, or make your knees wobbly.
We like to come back to the peace pipe: The cowboys in the old westerns pulled on the peace pipe as if it was a water hose and coughed afterwards as if they had bronchitis and staggered as if they were drunk. While the Indians laughed about it because they knew how it works. Does this scene sound familiar? What was the reason? Well, the cowboys in their leather vests simply weren’t used to smoking a (peace) pipe and didn’t know it was to puff it. Because here it behaves similarly to the cigar – nice puffing.

But even experienced smokers can smoke their cigar the wrong way. We are concerned that you enjoy your cigar comfortably and relaxed. Hence this detailed advice.

Why you should not ash your cigar

The ash when smoking a cigar should be as long as possible, because it keeps your cigar cool and this increases the taste experience.
If the ash is too long for you, don’t ash it off! The ash is deposited in the ashtray and the end of the cigar is brought into a pointed shape by a circular motion.

This has not only something to do with the do’s and don’ts towards your company, but above all with the reason already mentioned above. You smoke your cigar because you want to enjoy, relax or even reward yourself.
So that you have the best possible smoking experience and can fully enjoy the taste of your cigar, you should not ash, among other things, these.
Because of the collected ash, the slight cooling of the taste can not evaporate.

How far and how long to smoke a cigar?

Basically, this depends on four factors:

From the length of the cigar,

from the quality of the cigar,

how to smoke the cigar and

from personal preferences and experiences.

But on the whole, one thing is in the foreground: you. You can smoke a cigar until it no longer tastes good to you.
When smoking a cigar there are many rules and yet it is always up to you as a smoker and connoisseur how you smoke your cigar.

A cigar is divided into three thirds. The last third is the most intense here and is perceived by most smokers as very powerful.
Nevertheless, you also usually finish smoking the last third – This means that you still have ca. Continue smoking for 10 – 15 minutes after you have taken off the belly band.
If the cigar becomes too strong for you in this section, you can of course put it down at any time. Nothing is more unattractive than unnecessarily torturing yourself through the rest of the cigar, ruining the whole "smoke" for yourself.

Logically decides next to you, the format or. the size and shape of the cigar about the smoking time. Also the tobacco that was processed and whether the cigar was rolled light or heavy, play a role here. For example, a lightly rolled cigar burns faster than a heavily rolled cigar.
Smaller formats can be smoked in 10 – 20 minutes, for large formats you may even need several hours in some cases. You see: Smoking a cigar is not always the same as smoking a cigar.

And how long smokes which cigar now exactly? Perhaps this small overview of common and popular formats will help you:

Toro Gigante-120 minutes

When is it allowed to smoke cigars?

Related to the age of a person, this question can be answered relatively quickly: In Switzerland, depending on the canton, from 16 or 18 years, in Austria as well as in Germany from 16 years.

Based on the time of day, it is up to you when you enjoy your cigar. However, you should always take care of yourself and your fellow human beings and show consideration.
So it is rather inappropriate to smoke a cigar while having a meal together, than to smoke a few good cigars together in good company in the smoking room or in the garden with good friends or the family.

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