Embarrassment in the restaurant: this is what you have to do if you are supposed to pre-taste the wine

wine pre-taste restaurant

You want to drink a wine in a restaurant and the waiter comes and lets you taste it: Can you also refuse the wine? And what to watch out for?

Wine is a very special thing in the restaurant. While no one would think of bringing your chosen dish or even beer to your table to taste, the waiter arrives with the bottle of wine and many restaurant patrons immediately break out in a sweat.

Wine tasting makes many guests nervous

There is always this strange silence, all eyes are on the taster and no one dares to refuse an extra bottle of wine – or do they??

The ritual of pre-tasting has become established with wine, as it is actually can go bad or tastes corky. It is very rare that such a case occurs, but nevertheless you will be "asked to the bottle" and you should pay attention.

If it is the right wine, the cork crumbles?

Be careful if the wine you are presented with is really the one you chose on the map, especially the vintage. It doesn’t have to be intentional and the service person just made a mistake, but it could also be that the wine is out of stock and the wine list hasn’t been updated.

If it is the right wine, you should carefully observe how the wine is opened. The Cork should not crumble (unless the bottle is really very old) and it must also not be discolored or even moldy. Then look at the sip of wine in the glass. There should be no flakes or other debris floating around here.

Smell and taste test – but please without showmanship

Now you swirl the wine in the glass and smell it. Please spare yourself and everyone present from the theatrical deep air sucking. You are not a professional sommelier and you do not have to pretend to be one.

You just want to sniff, Whether the smell is good, or if there is something unpleasant in your nostrils. You should also not notice anything unpleasant when tasting afterwards. If the wine tastes like vinegar, wet dog, fallen asleep feet, or nail polish remover, then something is obviously wrong with it.

What if you don’t like the wine?

And here comes the point that unsettles many restaurant visitors: Just because the wine not quite to your liking, you cannot send it back. As a gesture of goodwill, the restaurant will comply with your request, especially if the wine was recommended to you by a sommelier, but especially in smaller establishments you should not insist on it.

One You can reject faulty wine with a clear conscience. Then explain to the waiter what is wrong with the wine. If you are not quite sure, let your companion taste it as well. If there is nothing wrong with the wine, just say "All is well, thank you" and then enjoy the good drop. By the way, do you know why a good restaurateur would never serve you a glass of mineral water, but open the bottle in front of you first? (Ante.)

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