Electric connection sauna – how does the safe connection work?


You would like to know how power supply of a sauna heater works and which connections are needed for it? In the following we would like to inform you in our report, answer potential questions about the power supply of the Sauna and explain which precautions are associated with it.

  • Does the sauna heater have to be connected by an electrician?
  • Where should the connection be made?
  • How does the sauna heater get the power supply?
  • Does the power supply work with 230 volts?
  • Our advice – electrical connection of the sauna

You can’t just pull the power for your home sauna from a standard wall socket. Depending on the size of the sauna, a professional – i.e. an electrician – must come to you and set up the appropriate connection. A sauna heater requires – similar to a kitchen stove – a power connection; this is 400 volts. A normal socket, on the other hand, supplies only 230 volts. More voltage here means more power, thanks to the 400 volts of high voltage current, the sauna heater can thus give its full performance.

Connection of the sauna heater only by a professional!

As with the kitchen stove, it is extremely important to have a professional do the wiring for the sauna stove. The installation is done with special silicone cables, because other cables become brittle and porous after some time. If amateurish mistakes are made during installation or connection, this can lead to a fire – so you should always call a specialist for this work. An electrician prevents faults and ensures a flawless power supply from the electrical power connection to the domestic Sauna . Likewise, he also knows what diameter your cables must have and has a lot more knowledge in this area. Thus, it ensures reliable operation of your private Sauna cabin .

Power supply of the sauna – where is the electrical connection located?

Before the new indoor sauna is built, it is absolutely necessary to prepare the supply line for the electrical connection. The sauna electrical connection is made through the sauna cabin ceiling; therefore, the junction box should be placed in the upper part of the wall and at an appropriate distance from the Sauna cabin be installed. Subsequent changes are not possible or. are associated with immense costs. Ask your electrician about this in time. Make absolutely sure that your domestic power network is not overloaded – a residual current circuit breaker must be connected upstream to avoid such short circuits. The big advantage of disconnecting from the power supply is the RCD switch resp. circuit breakers. If the disconnection from the power network is active, your Sauna be disconnected from the power supply at any time. The connection of 400 volt sauna heater should definitely – as mentioned above – be done by an electrician or. Professional installation, as mistakes made through ignorance could have significant consequences.

Successful connection of the sauna heater – what then??

When the sauna heater has been successfully connected, the power button on the heater control unit must be pressed. The high-voltage current then flows through the line immediately; ultimately, the heating rods in your heater are heated up. During the initial operation, a waiting period of about one hour is recommended before fully enjoying the sauna in your own home. It is also important to always make sure that the sauna heater is neither covered nor otherwise hung up – the smoke must be able to escape.

No power connection at home? Power supply also possible with 230 volts?

There are actually some home saunas that can be operated with a 230 volt sauna heater. But not every Sauna cabin can be used with this heating capacity. The suitable rule of thumb is approx. 3 m³ size – this is just enough to heat the mini sauna with 230 volt sauna heaters. You can save yourself the electrician and do not have to have a heavy current installed.

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