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Earn money online – Make money online with these top tips

You want to earn money online without leaving the house? You have time, a laptop and above all the motivation to want to earn a lot of money online? Then we show you how it works. With Giromatch’s top tips, you’ll learn how to make money from home without having to rely on others or wait for long periods of time. Because on the Internet everything works easier than you think. And thanks to quite a few providers and opportunities to earn a little more than just extra pocket money online, you can already turn your hobby into a good side job with high earnings today.

We have summarized the best for you:

  • Simple: How and where to make money on the Internet
  • Fast: How long does it take for money to come into my account??
  • Understandable: What do I earn online and what do I have to pay attention to?
  • Comprehensive: We show you everything: social media, affiliate programs, side jobs or testing products

Make money on the internet: Here’s how

How to make money online fast? How to make money with Instagram? How long will it take until I am rich? The questions are often the same. The ways to get there too. We have gathered the best and most important tips on how to make money online. Be it with Instagram or Facebook advertising, with real products on Amazon or earning money through a side job as a writer:
If you start today, you can earn money today – You only have to want it.

  • Instant money
  • 100% online
  • Cheap& flexible

Tip 1: Sell goods for cash – Sell on eBay classifieds

Whether in the closet, in the cellar or perhaps in the living room cupboard: Everywhere objects lie around, which one does not need actually at all any longer, but which are still worth much money. So why not kill two birds with one stone and sell old goods, make space in your house and earn money at the same time?? You can sell goods directly for a fixed price on platforms such as eBay Kleinanzeigen or Momox. While eBay Classifieds is a marketplace to sell products to private persons, Momox is a service provider to accept books, CDs, DVDs or clothes.

So: head to the basement, grab the old merchandise, take photos and sell products for money!

  • Platform to sell all kinds of products or services
  • Worthwhile from EUR 10 value
  • You can also sell services
  • Hardly any fees, little effort
  • Sell used products quickly at a fixed price
  • Worthwhile from EUR 10 value
  • Send in free of charge
  • Secure payments

Tip 2: Earn money with online surveys

Fill out surveys, get cash? Sounds pretty simple – it is. Online, there are now several platforms where you can fill out surveys and get either coupons, discounts, or even direct money. Especially in online market research there are many market research institutes that want to know more and more the opinions of consumers.

What is needed? Nothing! Only laptop and internet. On these platforms you can make money with surveys:

  • Well-known market research institute from Research Now
  • Surveys with high value, sometimes up to 7 euros per survey
  • Exchangeable against Amazon or Zalando vouchers
  • Surveys and product tests of the Berlin Panelbiz GmbH
  • Payout in cash from 10 euros
  • From 18 years minimum age
  • US company with most entertaining offers worldwide
  • Do surveys for cashback, discounts and vouchers
  • Earn from the age of 13
  • Over 500.000 members, huge platform
  • Register for free, fill out surveys and do product tests
  • New orders in your personal profile every day
  • Very easy to earn money on the side

Tip 3: Make money as a social media influencer with Instagram

A single photo on Instagram, a small post on Facebook, and the money rolls into your pocket. But is it really that simple? From how many subscribers you get money on Instagram? This differs mainly in the target audience that is addressed and also which "Sponsored Product" you sell. It is estimated that you need at least a small four-digit number (over 1000 followers) to make money. How it works?

  1. Create good and relevant images and posts, preferably regularly to generate followers
  2. Establish a partnership with a company, for example a provider of fitness products or nutrition
  3. You test the product, write a review or do an Instagram Story promoting the product
  4. You get charged a fixed amount for advertising the product. Some providers also calculate according to "success from, that is the number of clicks or product sales achieved by advertising

So in order to successfully earn money with Facebook or Instagram, you first need to get followers and so-called engagement to approach product providers on it. Alternatively, you can use affiliate programs to link promoted products directly in posts.

  • Request without obligation
  • Pay out directly
  • Make more money from money

Tip 4: Write texts for money – blogs, SEO texts, opinion articles

If you like to write texts, deal a lot with current news or like to be creative, you should consider earning money by writing texts. As a freelance writer it is very profitable to write texts for companies or website owners.

What you can earn? Most providers charge per job or per word written. Depending on the quality, text writers charge between 3 cents and sometimes up to 15 cents per word. A normal page has an average of 1.000 words, so that with 6 cents per word, for example, you can earn 60.00 euros! This is not bad money to earn money online on the side.

  • Large portal with many companies that regularly request texts
  • Free registration and ranking of text quality and earnings
  • Billing per project or per word
  • Good opportunity to earn money on the side
  • Great platform where one is matched directly to writing jobs
  • Register for free, good pay and conditions, the better you write
  • Rating system helps to earn money sustainably
  • Writing texts, proofreading texts and editing texts
  • Broad offer against payment and vouchers
  • With Clickworker app for easy download

Tip 5: Pawn instead of earning – pawnshops for a lot of money

A somewhat different suggestion, with which one can earn however quite much money: A deposit credit. If you have old valuables that might be worth a lot, but you don’t want to get rid of them for now and they won’t be bought on eBay or anywhere else, you can consider taking out a pawn loan. In this case, good items of value are exchanged and you receive money in return. Online pawn loans are becoming more common and allow you to borrow money online without leaving home by sending in items of value.

Tip of the month: Pfando Cash and Drive

  • Quick: Get instant cash for your car
  • Simple: Take your car directly back
  • Uncomplicated: Branches all over Germany
  • Discreet: SCHUFA? We are not interested!

Tip 6: Affiliate programs

If you want to make a lot of money on the Internet, you can’t avoid affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are so-called "partner programs, Where you advertise products from advertisers. It doesn’t matter at all what the product is about, because there is an affiliate program for almost everything. Whether it’s products on Amazon, food, dog food, a checking account or the latest top-of-the-line bike – there’s an affiliate program for everything.

So how to make money on the internet with affiliate? To do this, you first need a website or an online presence on social media. With the right content you attract more and more customers over time. It can also be worthwhile to place advertisements to acquire customers and then refer them to advertisers. After customers register with the partners or even buy products, you will receive compensation in return – this ranges from a few cents for registration to several hundred euros for really large shopping carts.

So what are you waiting for? Make money online now!

  • Finance portal with almost all providers from the financial sector – banks, insurance companies, deposit providers
  • Financial portals usually offer high remunerations, because closing the deal is not easy
  • Free registration and deposit of the website
  • Huge platform with all kinds of products – sports, apps, nutrition, household, finance
  • Attractive commissions, often as a percentage of sales
  • Unlimited possibilities, can earn a lot of money quickly

Tip 7: Earn a lot of money with shares and investments

If you want money and really want to get rich, sooner or later you will have to invest money. Whether it’s in stocks, real estate, or new currencies like Bitcoin, the rich are getting richer because they already have a lot of money. Therefore, you should deal with the topic of investing money early on and always set aside some of the money you earn online for the right investment.

How much money is a lot of money? A few examples:

  • Who 10 years ago 10.000 Euro on a time deposit account with 4% interest per year, who now has 14.802 euros (+48%)
  • Who 10 years ago 10.000 Euro invested in the DAX (July 2009), who now has 25.000 Euro (+150%)
  • Who 5 years ago 10.000 Euro in Bitcoin (July May 2014), who now has 183.333 Euro (+17.000%)

How to earn a lot of money quickly? Invest early!
Simplified presentation of investments

  • Make a non-binding inquiry and select an offer
  • Withdraw money
  • Get started with budget

Starting money to earn real money: GIROMATCH lends money

If you don’t want to start with empty pockets, you can quickly borrow money from Giromatch and start at full throttle. How to? Very simple! 1. Choose amount of money, 2. Fill out application, 3. Pay out money. Also we understand that one does not want to run for money at home directly to the bank and also for a small credit do not want to look for several documents together. That’s why our loan can be applied for online in just a few minutes – no paper or documents required.

GIROMATCH.com is your credit platform. Our mission is, Making loans and finance easier and more accessible for everyone. To make this possible, we test and compare providers, research various financial topics and provide you with this info for free.

With that our offer remains free of charge for you, we use so called "affiliate links. Meaning we may receive compensation when you complete a product or loan through us.

Of course this has no influence on our editorial work or on the products you buy through us. It allows us to develop our offer and constantly improve for you.

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