Earn money online with online marketing: tips

Earn money online

Haven’t you always had this desire to be free and independent of an employer and to pull up your life with your own projects? You can earn money online in various ways and even part-time income can be generated.

We live in a networked world in which we can reach people quickly and directly via face chat or send an e-mail to Vietnam or India without complications and, above all, free of charge. And so the internet also offers a wide range of earning possibilities from small earnings to oversized numbers. Building up small earning opportunities on the side can be a very exciting business. And if the income is then enough to live on, one stays true to oneself in this area.

I am not only online marketing freelancer and take care of my customer base. But I run my own internet portals, also actively place affiliate advertising, Google AdSense, optimize the pages for rankings in SEO optimization and have a good insight into the numbers and earning opportunities. Therefore, some selected channels in online marketing are fed with statistics and data here. This way you will get a first feeling of how profitable the projects are in relation to the time spent on them. Here, above all, possibilities are shown which lie apart from the customer service and with which you can actually work from everywhere.

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On these channels you can earn money online

How much you actually want to earn depends on your time and willingness to put a lot of power into the projects. Not all channels are attractive, even if they seem very attractive on the outside. With the right strategy and the right goals you can earn a nice amount of money on the side. No matter if you write texts, create homepages or hunt for commissions – each project requires a certain amount of time. And even if the projects regularly yield money and you earn passively, a continuous maintenance and optimization of the projects is of course the be-all and end-all.

And these are the possibilities:

Affiliate Marketing with Amazon

Amazon Partner Program

The earning possibilities as an Amazon partner are in any case very attractive, even if the commissions, which are calculated according to a percentage for certain categories, are rather small. According to the advertising cost table, the highest commission percentages are for clothes, shoes, handbags, watches and similar products in these categories. Especially low are multimedia devices like TV and home cinema. Here you would have to sell several systems to work halay profitable. How much you earn also depends on organic traffic. Let’s assume you sell products on a site in a price range of 10- 500 Euro and generate 10000 clicks per month. If 2000 clicks lead to a click on Amazon and the conversion rate is 5%, then you have sold 100 products per month. From the total turnover to the respective product group the proportionate commission is calculated.

For a book at 20 Euro you will get an advertising fee of 1 Euro at 5%, for a high quality guitar at 500 Euro you will get 25 Euro and so on. Roughly speaking, you can earn between 300 and 400 euros. Or more simply put: if you make a turnover of 5000 Euro per month, you will receive advertising costs of less than 500 Euro, if you want to put it so simply. The actual earnings then ultimately depend on the commission and the percentage charged. With this you can make 400-500 Euros passively, if the page ranks well in the organic area!

Other affiliate sites

Example Affiliate Program

Example Affilaite page with booking.com

On the market there are affiliate network programs for numerous topics. With a little skill and a lot of investment in optimization, you can earn a lot of money on the side in the long run. But be careful! The market is highly competitive and I think that you have to focus on a healthy mixture of several long-tail terms and attractive money keywords to earn money through affiliate programs.

An attractive topic is for example travel. For trips can be paid per sale z.B. 50 Euro advertising costs are achieved. At first it sounds like a lot of money. But it depends on the total value of a trip. If the trip costs far more than 1000 Euro, not a fixed amount, but a percentage of the advertising costs would be more desirable. Some travel providers even allow you to place Google Ads to earn the commissions. Especially for search campaigns or display ads this would be worth considering.

There are several affiliate networks in the e-commerce sector. One affiliate network that I have tested recently is Thomann. Thomann is Europe’s largest online store for musical instruments. But the start is not so easy. Just 1% you get beginning. This does not look like much at first. But such a workstation, which costs 5000 Euro, can fill your wallet quickly. If the customers buy even more, the rate can increase. A lot of self-discipline is necessary.

Earn money online with texts

Here we come to one of my favorite topics in the field of search engine optimization. I love to write texts and within a short time a 1000 word text is written without much research. I myself do not write texts for less than 5 cents. And even at 5 cents per word, this payment is not profitable enough in relation to the time spent, if you compare it with other services as a freelancer. That’s why I don’t like to pay copywriters a word price of less than 5 cents when they need 2-3 hours for a good text. A text with at least 1000 words is worth at least 50 Euro. Every text has a certain weight and sustainable value. If someone would write me an excellent text on the topic "SEO consulting in Munich", which would later rank in the top 10, then such a text would permanently generate leads and sales, which would easily generate tens of times the value of the price text.

B2B customers who sell special software solutions to other companies can generate high sales with a high-quality text. Such a company would be a hidden champion in the German economy. We are talking about a sales boost in the millions, which can be generated by just a few texts. When creating content for clients, I offer prices of 62 euros for 300 words with a queasy feeling, because I consider these prices rather low in relation to the effect that a single text has in terms of search engine optimization. And economically profitable companies pay such texts as if they were peanuts. But as already mentioned, it depends on the industry.

Text mediation platforms times looked at

When you look at platforms such as Textbroker, where clients post briefings and copywriters are ranked according to quality, the pay is much lower than you might imagine. The lowest level is 0.70 cents per word. 3 star copywriters earn 0.95 cents per word. Assuming one writes a text with an extent of 400 words, for which one needs well times one hour with thorough research. Then the earnings are 3.80 euros for an hour. If you write 8 texts in this volume, you earn almost 30 euros. If you were to spend the whole weekend writing the same amount of texts, you would earn 60 Euros. On 4 weekends you earn 240 Euro or more. You certainly won’t get rich with this, if it stays at the quality level.

The chances of earning money are rather low

You have better chances if you write diligently and are rated well by the clients. The next higher level would be 1.30 cents and the highest level is remunerated with 4 cents. As I see it on platforms as an author, the majority of orders are for 4 stars and a considerable part of the clients go on the savings flame and book masses of texts for 2 stars. If you want to live reasonably well with 5 star texts (4 cents per word), you would have to write at least 1000 words per day in 2-3 hours and deliver 2 high-quality texts. 60 texts a month with excellent quality generate a turnover of 2400 Euro. But this is only possible on the platforms if you are always rated excellent and the number of orders is also correspondingly high. But many clients spend themselves well with less money and lower quality.

And the text requirements are of course not without. A certain number of keywords must be kept. The density has to be right and sometimes the order of the given keywords has to be respected. SEO optimization like from the stone age! But each company has its own ideas of their set goals. For me personally the earnings are frighteningly low. But as a better pocket money can take a closer look at the platforms.

How to get attractive jobs as a copywriter

What I really appreciate and admire are self-initiated copywriters who proactively approach publishers, magazines or agencies and offer their copywriting skills with reading samples. I don’t find that intrusive or disturbing at all, in fact that would be very desirable. I am even willing to pay 5-8 cents per word. I’d rather pay more for a text and get a beautifully written text, for which the writers have taken their time, than a 1000 word text for 10-13 (!) Euro to book. Someone who discovers the love for writing can not be busy 3-4 hours with the creation of a text. And here I speak from the point of view of a client.

If you look at the text briefings of the clients with their mass orders with their standardized formulations on 2 Din A4 pages, you can see only some changed variables. Partly the lyricists have to come up with the titles themselves. Here I am not surprised that in an economically driven world the focus is on mass instead of class. For some it is more efficient to rather buy 20 cheap sports shoes that show signs of wear after a few kilometers than a really good running shoe that protects the ankles, prevents injuries and is also herzeigbar.

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