Earn money online: 11 ways and possibilities

The age of digitalization has dawned. Earning money online has never been as easy as it is today. There are many ways to earn a lucrative extra income on the Internet nowadays. With sufficient commitment and motivation, even the entire livelihood on the Internet Deny.

We have taken a closer look at the most popular methods to earn money online and checked what you can really earn with them.

The most popular ways to earn money online

The following avenues are currently available to interested parties:

Filling out online surveys

Earn money online: 11 ways and possibilities

Nearly all larger companies operate Market research to optimize and adapt their product range. These surveys are carried out on behalf of the companies by so-called market research institutes.

In the past, such surveys were still conducted in a personal conversation or via a telephone call. Over time, however, the surveys shifted to the Internet, as this allows the surveys to be made available to a wider audience.

answering the surveys turns out to be quite easy. Pre-qualification is not necessary for this. Surveys are paid with a remuneration between a few cents and a few euros. The amount of payment depends on the size of the survey. In this way you can earn a few euros per hour.

Creation of free current accounts

A somewhat curious way to earn a little extra money on the Internet is to open new checking accounts. Regularly banks reward the opening of a new account with a Cash bonus. In most cases, the accounts are also exempt from high account maintenance fees, so that the account can be closed again without any problems and free of charge a few months after opening it.

The offer is completely serious and has no catch. As a rule, banks offer a premium in the low three-digit range. 200 or 300 euros are not uncommon here.

Selling used goods on the Internet

Many products are used a few times after purchase and gather dust in the attic for the next few years. In doing so, you can still earn some extra money with the second-hand goods:

  • Brand-name clothing can be found on portals like Ebay Classified ads easy to turn into cash.
  • Electronics and books go on portals like Rebuy or Momox for good money away.
  • Also popular are online flea markets such as Kleiderkreisel, where you can earn extra money through clever haggling.

This possibility is worthwhile itself above all for those, which want to clean out times again thoroughly. Most items are much too good to be thrown out with the trash. As a rule from almost everything still a certain profit beat.

earn advertising revenue through affiliate marketing

The Internet is largely financed by affiliate marketing. Almost all blogs on the Internet place advertisements in the form of pop-ups or advertising banners. This is how the operators of various websites finance themselves.

The amount of the fee is fixed in advance and is depending on the selling price of the product. At Amazon, this flat rate is between three and ten percent of the value of goods.

Blogs can be created quickly and easily using construction kits or WordPress. More difficult than creating the website is marketing it. A good website needs time, to grow and to establish a stable readership. A good placement in search engines such as Google or Bing can help to quickly reach a larger readership.

Earn money online: 11 ways and possibilities

earn money as a freelance programmer

Beside the writing of texts and the sales of photos also with the programming money can be earned in the Internet in addition. Of course, certain Qualifications and previous knowledge provided. As a programmer you have the choice between two possibilities:

  1. On the one hand there is the possibility, to develop own applications and programs and offer them for sale.
  2. Alternatively, freelance programmers can be found on the Internet Job offers find.

Work takes place as a freelance programmer on account instead of. In this way you have the opportunity to build a solid customer base.

marketing of products in own online store

The trade of goods on the Internet is experiencing a boom, while traditional shopping in shopping centers is flattening out. The turnover of online merchants increases almost annually. Especially the business with electronics and clothing on the Internet is flourishing.

Unfortunately, nowadays there is an online store for almost every need. To be successful as a newcomer, you need to Niche. Helpful is a good marketing of their own products.

If one possesses manual skill or a creative vein, then can be own products market the product via the online store. Online stores can alternatively be created via Amazon, Ebay or Etsy to be accessible to a larger audience in the early days.

Earn money via Youtube

If you like to create interesting videos or if you have interesting hobbies, you have the possibility to earn money by creating videos. The income is generated by the Placing advertising generated during the video. There are virtually no limits here. Unfortunately, Youtube retains 45 percent of the advertising revenue for the provision of the platform. The producer receives the remaining 55 percent.

The more users view the video, the higher the income is.

In order to be able to earn money, some clicks become due. For 1000 calls one receives about one Euro. Many Youtubers therefore work part-time in product placement. Such advertising deals are concluded with the marketing departments of various companies. With a little luck you can even earn Sponsorship land.

Selling your own books and e-books

If you like to write and you have published a few books before, you can do it easily marketing on the Internet. E-books, which can be easily downloaded and read on smartphones, are particularly popular with users.

Daytrading on the Internet

If you know about stock trading and have a certain amount of start-up capital, you can try your hand at day trading. In principle, day trading is similar to stock trading in all respects. However, shares and securities are still sold again on the same day. If the price is low, people buy. If the price is high, one sells.

Earn money online: 11 ways and possibilities

All you need for this is a stock portfolio and, in the best case Experience in stock trading. In this way, enormous profits can be made, but also high losses can be incurred. The risk is high, which is why day trading is only conditionally recommended.

Earn money online: 11 ways and possibilities

Earn money as a product tester

As a product tester one tests the products of various enterprises and must afterwards a detailed review create. Depending upon product and kind of the product test certain previous knowledge are necessary.

Especially larger companies such as Microsoft or DM are regularly looking for technically skilled product testers. The remuneration is quite different. While some companies pay a fixed flat rate for the test, others let the testers use the test product for themselves. Depending on the test, well and truly 50 to 500 Euro Together.

Online texting as a source of income

If you write well and like to write, you have the opportunity to earn a little extra money as a Copywriter on the Internet to earn. If you don’t want to build up your own customer base and are not interested in creating a blog, you can try your luck on various content mills.

The remuneration here is based on the number of words written and the price per word. For a text with 1000 words, a copywriter receives on average between seven and fifteen euros. Although online texting is not suitable as a main source of income, it can provide a stable source of extra income.

Beware of dubious providers

Empty promises abound on the Internet. Those who accept orders or work on the Internet should pay attention to the seriousness of the provider.

Earn money online: 11 ways and possibilities

Will a much too high income promised for a job, they are usually empty promises. A few thousand euros for a few hours of work is not in the realm of possibility, not even on the Internet.

You should also be careful when providers urge to buy a product, with which supposedly money can be earned. While the Internet offers many ways to earn extra money on the side, no one has anything to give away. You should therefore pay attention to a realistic remuneration for the work done.

The Internet as a main source of income

If you don’t just want to earn a little extra money on the Internet, but want to make your entire living on the Net, you’ll be able to earn more than you dare some work you have to invest in the project. By creating several websites, for example, you can build a permanent, passive income. Even authors of e-books can sometimes live off the proceeds if they sell well.

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