Drops of desire: getting pregnant through pre-ejaculate?

The desire drop is inconspicuous, but has a great effect. It not only ensures the survival of sperm, but can also lead to pregnancy or venereal diseases. What it is about the mysterious liquid, we tell you here.

The pleasure drop, also known as pre-ejaculate or desire drop, is exactly what it sounds like: when the man is sexually aroused, the drop emerges from the tip of the penis – and before he ejaculates. What is the function of the lust drop and what "risk" is associated with it, you can learn here.

Pleasure drop: What is it?

The pleasure drop is a clear, slightly thick secretion that is released by the so-called Cowper’s gland or bulbourethral gland during sexual arousal, and it is released before ejaculation. The pea-sized gland opens into the male urethra in the pelvic area.

The lust drop is an underestimated danger during sex

The purpose of the pleasure drop is to clean the urinary tract before ejaculation. The liquid from the Cowpers gland changes the acidic environment from urine to a sperm-friendly alkaline environment in the process. This helps sperm, which are not particularly comfortable in an acidic environment, to continue their journey into the vagina unharmed.

It is believed that the acidic vaginal environment is also somewhat neutralized by the pleasure drop to allow the sperm to survive longer in the vagina. In addition, the pleasure drop serves as a natural lubricant.

How much pre-ejaculate a man produces can vary widely. While in some hardly any liquid is visible, in other men several drops appear at once.

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Can a woman get pregnant through the lust drop?

Lust drops: What is the probability of getting pregnant??

Even if the lust drop is clear and does not come from the testicles, it can in some cases lead to pregnancy, as it already contains a small amount of sperm. However, it is not yet clear why there is already semen in the drop of desire. One theory is that sperm from a previous ejaculation can still be found in the man’s urethra, which is then flushed out with the pleasure drop. Another explanation is that when a man is sexually aroused, even a small amount of semen could pass from the epididymis into the urethra.

Tips for a better orgasm

If the pleasure drop enters the vagina while it is still wet, the chance of getting pregnant is low, but possible. Due to this risk, coitus interruptus, i.e. the withdrawal of the penis before ejaculation, is not recommended as a safe contraceptive method.

There is also a small chance of pregnancy during petting. For example, if the man touches himself on the penis after the drop of pleasure has come out and then inserts his fingers into the woman’s vagina, sperm may enter her body.

To prevent an unwanted pregnancy, it is therefore better to use safer contraceptives of a mechanical or hormonal type, such as a condom or the contraceptive pill.

Risk posed by the pre-ejaculate

However, as far as the pleasure drop is concerned, it should not only be about contraception, but also about prevention of STDs. Even though pre-ejaculate is only a very small amount of fluid, it carries a risk of transmission.

One of the most common diseases passed on via the pre-ejaculate is gonorrhea, better known as gonorrhea. The gonorrhea pathogens can penetrate from the urethra to the Cowpers’ gland and infect it. Once infected by the bacterium, this and thus also the lust drop becomes a potential carrier.

Other STDs that can be transmitted via the pre-ejaculate are chlamydia, fungal infections or mycoplasma. Here, too, the infection occurs via the affected Cowper’s gland.

If you don’t know your sexual partner well enough, using a condom during intercourse is highly recommended. If symptoms occur, a visit to the gynecologist is unavoidable.

Editorial opinion:

The drop of pleasure comes out before the orgasm of the man and should not be underestimated. Since the pre-ejaculate already contains small amounts of sperm, it is quite possible to become pregnant. Coitus interruptus is therefore not suitable as a safe method of contraception. In addition, venereal diseases such as gonorrhea, chlamydia or fungal infections can also be transmitted via the drop of lust.

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