Dream interpretation lion

Dream interpretation lion

After the tiger, the lion is the second largest cat species on earth. Today, he still lives in parts of Africa and India; in many nature parks, zoos and also in many a circus, the proud animal can also be admired. Unlike other cats, lions live in packs, the adult male adorned with a magnificent mane. Prey includes mostly ungulates such as gazelles and antelope, wildebeest, buffalo, zebra and warthogs.

The lion as "king of the animals embodies majesty, pride, strength, but also aggressiveness and danger. The predatory cat is regarded as a symbol of power par excellence and can be found in many sayings: Who "into the lion’s den" or "fights like a lion", brings with it the best possible bravery and willpower.

The roar of a lion is loud and imposing, no wonder the saying has found a way into the vocabulary of many peoples: "Roar like a lion" does someone who appears dominant and wants to intimidate others.

In Greek mythology, the chimera consisted of body parts of the lion, a goat, a snake or a dragon. The mixed creature often has two or three heads in old representations, one of which was a lion’s head with a large mane and a fearsome, open mouth. He represented the aggressive part of the mythical creature. Also with a Sphinx parts of a lion are to be found.

Also as heraldic animal a lion is gladly used. One thinks here, for example, of the house Gryffindor from the Harry Potter novels.

In connection with a dream experience, the dreamer is often confronted with his own courage when he encounters a lion in his sleep. Such dreams often take place in the zoo, in the circus or on a safari in Africa.

To help you better understand and interpret your dream about the lion, in the following sections we have gathered the most common dream situations associated with lions in dreams.

Dream symbol "Lion – The most common dreams about the symbol

The lion bite in the dream

Dream interpretation lion

If you dream that you are bitten by a lion, this dream symbol is basically to be understood as a warning signal: The lion bite admonishes the dreamer not to get involved with people who are physically superior to him, because this could prove detrimental to him. Finally, such an animal bite can also have a deadly effect.

The pursuit by the dream lion

Dream interpretation lion

"Help, a lion hunts and pursues me!" You could possibly exclaim this in your mind when you dream that lions are chasing you. The attack of an aggressive animal like a lioness is always the expression of a certain danger situation that could possibly threaten. In particular, one should beware of inconsiderate people.

If, on the other hand, the dreamer observes another person being attacked by a lion, a good friend may soon need his help. The sleeper should then support him as much as possible.

What you can do with lions in a dream

Good animal! Caressing the lion in a dream

Dream interpretation lion

To pet a lion or a tiger definitely requires a certain courage and intrepidity. The corresponding dream symbol represents the dreamer’s confrontation with his everyday problems, which he may have avoided so far. Petting the lion signals to him that he is now ready to face his fears, so that he can then make a fresh start unencumbered.

Killing a lion in a dream

Killing a lion in a dream can be a very disturbing dream experience, which can occupy the dreamer long after waking up. It is important to know that this is not about the killing itself, but about the confrontation with negative feelings and sensations that may have been bothering the dreaming person for a long time. By killing the predator she tries to free herself from these thoughts.

Baby lions, tigers and co in dreams

Cats of prey among themselves: lion and tiger in a dream

Whoever dreams of seeing a lion and a tiger together can probably fully rely on his life forces and energies. At the same time, the dreamer must also learn to control his urges, so that he retains control over himself. In addition, a lion and a tiger in a dream can also stand for the reconciliation of apparent opposites.

How sweet! The dream of the lion cubs

Dream interpretation lion

Seeing lion cubs or lion cubs in a dream indicates the maternal and caring aspects of the dreamer’s personality. Perhaps the person dreaming wishes to have children of their own or is caring for a friend’s children. It is also possible that the dreamer is dealing with the childish aspects of his character.

To dream of the lioness

Dream interpretation lion

Of course, one can dream not only of the lion, but also of its female counterpart: the lioness. To see a lioness in a dream is an extremely positive dream symbol. It indicates that the person dreaming is likely to have a happy phase of life ahead in the family sphere.

being licked by the lion in the dream

A trusting dog licks his master from time to time. When predators behave in this way, it seems rather strange. Who is licked by the lion in the dream, however, can be sure that he can control his emotions and urges and that these do not determine his life. Rather, the dreaming person knows when he or she can use his or her emotional side specifically for his or her own benefit.

Dream Symbol "Lion – The general interpretation

The dream image of the lion generally stands for cruelty, but also for Strength. A high degree of Energy, Drive and aggressiveness, which come from the world of the libidinal, are equated with the characteristics of a lion.

Dream interpretation lion

To hunt a lion warns against Risks of an intention. Fighting with a lion indicates success as well as Power and View. If one is inferior to one or more animals as a victim, it announces an unfavorable outcome of an event. Whoever catches a lion can make an enemy a friend, and whoever tames one is admonished not to trust too lightly. At the same time, taming a wild lion can also mean success in certain respects.

There is still a whole range of interpretations to the dream image of the lion, some of which are listed here as examples. It is always necessary to pay attention to the respective context in the dream event:

  • Hearing a lion roar: Request to defend oneself against pushy people
  • Lion with cubs: Warning of mischief
  • cage a lion: sorrow and distress
  • Seeing a captured lion: Protection from a powerful opponent
  • to fight with lions: glorious times are ahead of them
  • being hissed at by a lion: the rise to power is threatened
  • to be pursued by a lion Loss; loss of fortune
  • be attacked by a lion: Threat; danger
  • to be afraid of a lion: Danger that can be overcome
  • see a dead lion: the enmity of an opponent loses its influence
  • Lion skin: wealth and luck
  • See a Leo tail: Past burdens the soul
  • being accompanied by a young lion: gaining great influence and being feared by others
  • riding on a lion: Courage, perseverance; mastering difficulties easily
  • see a lioness: Happiness in the domestic sphere : new ventures that will be successful if given the proper attention.

Dream symbol "Lion – The psychological interpretation

Dream interpretation lion

Like the lion in the fairy tale or as a coat of arms sign the "king of the beasts" and thus symbolizes dominance, dignity, power, pride, courage and physical strength, in dreams it is considered a sign of untamed Soul energy. This symbolizes passion and power, which can be frightening in dreams, and in a figurative sense indicates passions in waking life, which can overpower the dreamer so much that he suffers from them.

However, the lion in your dream can also be an expression of Creativity and Power its. These qualities should be developed by the dreamer, so that he can move forward on his path.

If someone dreams of a lion as an exalted mythological king of the desert, this person cannot be fooled so easily. He advances straight ahead without looking left or right. He succeeds in many things, but he is often contemptuous of other people, so living with him is not easy. This type of person is a personality that can make the Impulsive dominates.

Sometimes the dream symbol of the lion can also be Unrestrained and aggression mean. If the lion jumps on the dreamer himself, he will be threatened by a self-confident personality as described above.

Dream symbol "Lion – The spiritual interpretation

Spiritually speaking, the lion in a dream is a symbol of the fire of the Life energy, That needs to be tamed.

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