Download music from youtube to iphone/ipad – this is how it works

music from YouTube to iPhone

On our website Uni-24.We regularly introduce new ways to download, buy or stream music. In this article, we will show you a way to download YouTube videos with iPhone or iPad and convert them to music. But unfortunately you can’t transfer this music to Apple’s "Music-App", because Apple doesn’t allow foreign apps to access the system and its apps for security reasons.

1. Possibility: "Convert Videos to Music free" app

Convert Video to Music free

Link: Download the app in the App-Store

With the help of the free app called "Convert Videos to Music free"you can download for example videos on YouTube but also on pretty much all other known video platforms and convert them to music afterwards. The music is only stored in the app itself and can only be played here. How to do all this is explained in this article in the following steps:

1. Open app and up

In the app itself is a browser integrated, through which you have to call the website of any video platform.

2. Call up a video and let it play completely

After you have played the video, you will see a bar at the bottom with the "links" that you can download. This one you have to open first. After that, click on the video you want and then it’s best to select the "Save as" menu item to also label the downloaded video.

Attention: Since the app is free, ads often appear when downloading files, which you have to turn off by clicking the "X" icon in the top left corner.

3. Click on "Files" at the top right

If you go to the "Files" folder, you will see all the downloaded videos. Now you can click and play a video. If you want to convert the video to a pure music file, then you click on the video and select "Convert to Music" from.

Convert to Music


2. Option: TubeMate YouTube Downloader App

Link to App Store: TubeMate YouTube Downloader

Another app, which in my opinion is even a bit better than the first one is called "TubeMate YouTube Downloader". With the help of this app you can also download videos from YouTube and other platforms. The advantage of "TubeMate" is that you have better possibilities to play the music. Here you can create albums and playlists and you also have additional features in the player such as infinite looping.

In addition, a favorites list with some video and Mp3 platforms is also integrated here, through which one can also download music and videos.

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