Cut leeks correctly: how to wash and process leeks

Cut leeks correctly: how to wash and process leeks

Cook and bake according to recipe: shows you in the video and in cooperation with Kitchen Stories how to do it right and how to become a pro in the kitchen. In this episode, we show how to properly wash and prune leeks. (Source: Kitchen Stories/

Instructions in the video: How to wash and cut leeks properly. (Source: t-online.en / Kitchen Stories)

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Leeks add the necessary spice to many dishes. But the long stalks are a bit unwieldy. Moreover, hardly anyone knows how much of the green they are allowed to use.


Leeks are one of the few vegetables that are in season all year round. It can be prepared in many ways, for example, it provides a spicy base for soups and is a good source of vitamins and minerals.

The aroma of leeks is significantly milder than that of other onion vegetables. The pungency of leeks is very pleasant and very rarely brings tears to the eyes, even when eaten raw. When cooked, it even tastes slightly sweetish.

Instructions: how to cut and wash leeks properly

Hold leeks with the root end up under running water to rinse off sand. (Source: dpa/tmn/Andrea Warnecke)

Place the clean leek on the board and only then cut off the root. (Source: dpa/tmn/Andrea Warnecke)

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How to cut leeks correctly

Cutting leeks: If you use a very sharp knife for cutting, less mucous membrane-irritating juices come out. (Source: dpa/Kai Remmers)

Cutting leeks: If you use a very sharp knife to cut them, less mucous membrane-irritating juices will come out. (Source: Kai Remmers/dpa)

So that it does not grind unpleasantly between the teeth when eating, leeks must be carefully cleaned and properly cut. We explain the cutting technique with which you can best process the stalk vegetables step by step – and you can see it in the video.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Place the leek on the cutting board and cut off the root and root hairs. Then remove the outer leaves of the leek and cut the stalk in half lengthwise once.
  2. Sand and dirt sit between the individual lamellae of the leek. To get rid of both, hold the leeks under running water. When doing this, you should hold the end of the root with your thumb and index finger so that it is pointing upwards. With the jet of water, you can then rinse the leaves in the layers downwards.
  3. Once everything is clean, place the leeks on the board and cut off the green tops. It is best to remove the top seven to eight centimeters.
  4. Then cut the white and light green parts of the leek into narrow strips, half rings or chop it finely.

Expert Tip: If you cut the root with its long threads only after washing, you prevent the inner leaves from falling out right away.

These instructions for cutting leeks from the cooking app "Kitchen Stories. The chefs post their videos exclusively t-online.The leeks are a great source of nutrients – and make cooking and baking child’s play.

This is how healthy leeks are: nutrients and calories

Leek stick: The aroma of leeks is much milder than that of other onion vegetables. (Source: Getty Images/ArtCookStudio)

Leek: The aroma of leeks is much milder than that of other onion vegetables. (Source: ArtCookStudio/Getty Images)

100 grams of leeks contain only 29 kilocalories. In addition, the spicy lily plant provides the body with calcium

  • With vitamin C, which strengthens the body’s defenses,
  • with potassium for healthy blood pressure and
  • with calcium for strong bones.

Important for pregnant women: Leeks contain around 100 micrograms of folic acid per 100 grams. This vitamin is important for the healthy development of the baby in the belly.

The reason for the intense smell and taste of leeks is the so-called allicin. This sulfur compound has antibacterial and antioxidant effects, so it protects the body’s cells from free radicals.

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How to recognize fresh leeks

You can tell that the vegetables are fresh by a white root base and firm leaves without cracks or brown spots. When buying, only go for stalks that do not show yellowish discoloration.

Proper storage of leeks

Leeks belong in the vegetable bin. But its intense smell quickly spreads to other food in the refrigerator. That is why it is best to keep it separate. Wrapped in kitchen paper, it can be kept for up to two weeks.

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