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Professional home pages

Professional homepages

Can you really afford a bad homepage? We do not believe!

"If you think good advice would be expensive
try some bad advice."

Why don’t you rather afford a professional homepage. And we would like to convince you that professional does not have to mean expensive.

We are convinced that you will not find a better offer, because you will get 1) a guaranteed fixed price, 2) a professional homepage in the scope of your choice, 3) a fixed and competent contact person as well as the support of all Homepage Heroes. And that at a really fair price for your homepage!

What our customers say

The positive feedback from our clients is our favorite form of recognition.
We are proud of our work and the results of our work and it fills us with pride when our customers impress and stand out with their website.

We are very satisfied with the result of our complete relaunch.
With the consultation in terms of obtaining our optimization, the implementation in design and programming, up to the actual, very well implemented launch of the new homepage with over 30’000 contents!
The loading time and core web vitals (all around 90-100%) have exceeded our expectations! Many thanks to the heroes!

Know How Pool GmbH

The name "Homepage Helden" is program! [. ] Especially your short communication channels, quick reactions in case of individual adjustments as well as competent consulting services make us aware again and again of the added value we have been able to generate over the past years with your partnership. Here it should be mentioned that you are heroes to learn from. Because the know-how that you impart through training and situational explanations is not only extremely helpful, but also easy to understand. We would like to thank you very much and are looking forward to working hand in hand with you in the future.

REISSWOLF International AG

Very communicative and technically skilled agency!
Very personal& friendly contact! Proactively offered suggestions for improvement.

I liked the whole process very much.
Our ideas were realized exactly and we like the final result very much.
We can recommend your service with a clear conscience.

Five-T Communication GmbH

Our new website corresponds completely to our ideas. We were already inspired with the first design proposal. Also, someone from the Homepage Heroes team was available at all times. The support is always fast and competent. After our new homepage went online, we were overwhelmed with positive feedback from customers, partners and friends within a very short time. The traffic on our site has increased visibly since then.

Benjamin Buhs& Timo Laub, BB& TL Ltd

A very good and uncomplicated cooperation. Competent contact persons. Price/performance is right here in any case.

GEWOBA North Building Cooperative eG

We have not been disappointed, on the contrary, we have experienced during the project inevitably almost daily cooperation, that in the end we got more than we expected. We think that this statement alone describes almost everything that is good about the project, the result and the cooperation. We enjoyed working with the Homepage Helden team and seeing how the project progressed day by day in the right direction. It was fun for us to contribute our ideas to the team and to experience how our ideas were understood, taken up and realized.

Nature Power Trading Ltd.

You were super flexible at all times, listened to our requirements and ideas, and did a great job implementing what was possible within the project scope. Also, when unplanned requirements (keyword cookie pop-up) came up, you gave us feedback promptly and responded to our needs in a solution-oriented way. The personal contact was super friendly and positive. We always had the feeling that you stand behind the product as much as we do – this is (unfortunately) not always self-evident, especially because you are not in direct contact with the end customer. Thank you for this :-) We are very satisfied with the landing page and have received a lot of positive feedback so far!

Responsive web design from Hamburg

Our references

A picture is worth a thousand words, or?
At Homepage Helden we love our projects – whether small or large, simple or sophisticated – we give our best for each project.
And we are convinced that you can see and feel it.

Web design agency for hotels, reference Cugo Gran, Macina

With a modern, high-quality design on your homepage you convince at first sight!

When potential customers come to your website, they get an idea of you and what you have to offer in just a few seconds.

About search engines like Google, Bing and Co. Reach customers at an important interface: with your website you have the opportunity to respond directly to your users’ inquiries. However, at first glance users do not see that you provide the perfect answer to the question asked. Even optimization work you have done with an SEO agency remains invisible to the user. First the design of your website works. If this does not seem appropriate, then users do not expect to find an appropriate answer either.

But not only an up-to-date design, but also usability plays an important role in convincing your customers with your website. The intuitive and uncomplicated use of a website has a great influence on whether users feel addressed and like to use your offer. A redesign of your website can be the right solution as well.

Not only do you give new customers a reliable impression of your offer through a contemporary design. Your existing customers will also gain confidence through a professional appearance on the web. A consistent design provides effective branding and supports the necessary recognition value with specified design elements, fonts and font sizes, images and other design features. Thanks to years of experience in web design in Dusseldorf, Hamburg other cities we take these details into account already during the implementation of your order.

Frequently asked questions about homepage creation

What does a homepage cost?

We offer different homepage prices for different needs. A professional homepage with CMS we offer for 3570€.
A popular homepage offer is our business homepage package for 5470€. Our homepages are packed with very, very useful features.
Get an overview of our low homepage prices on our homepage.

Which content management systems do you recommend?

For different use cases different Content Management Systems (CMS) play out their strengths.
For corporate websites we often recommend TYPO3 CMS, as it can be flexibly adapted to specific needs. TYPO3 is especially recommendable if the website is offered in several languages, offers extensive content or if databases and interfaces are connected.

If your website is primarily a blog, news site or online magazine is WordPress the CMS of choice.
For smaller or rather static websites you can also do without a CMS.
Which CMS for your company website is the most suitable we can gladly determine in a no-obligation consultation.

Which services do you offer for the homepage creation?

After a comprehensive consultation, analysis and concept for the relaunch and initial creation of a homepage, we create an individual design. We also assist with logo creation and sourcing of suitable photos or videos.
Then a Responsive Template is created (this is the basic programming of the website) that looks great on all devices (including smartphones).
During the implementation in the CMS we take into account all the special functions we have planned for the website. Languages, logins, databases, interfaces etc.
We add the content to the website and give you a finished homepage.

For many of our customers from Hamburg, Cologne, Munich and all over Germany it is important to be found well on Google.
Accordingly, we support with comprehensive search engine optimization, reputation management and local SEO.
To make the website load lightning fast we increase the loading time and PageSpeed by specific measures.
We are also happy to take care of data protection, hosting, domains and ongoing support for the homepage.

What makes a good web agency in Hamburg?

A good web design agency has a certain size, so that a good accessibility, reliability and fast processing of the homepage can be ensured.
Agencies that have been on the market for a long time have good references from different industries and regions. Look especially at the homepage references, because there you can see the final results of creative work.

The agency should use widespread technology; WordPress and TYPO3, for example, are CMS that are widely used in Hamburg, Germany and German-speaking countries. So you do not bind yourself to a service provider by hook or by crook. A good web design agency binds you through excellent quality, first-class advice, sympathy and an honest relationship of trust.

Good Internet agencies work with their clients for the long term and provide proactive advice even after the initial website relaunch.
Agencies that train and produce in-house are often more reliable and reliable than agencies that have to outsource design or programming.
Honest agencies calculate transparently and inform you in advance about costs and benefits. Your contact persons think for you and may even knock an idea out of your head sometimes.
Particularly good service providers come to you with ideas or they refine your wishes together with you. If something does not work and makes little sense, then this is justified comprehensibly and it is shown alternatives.

What makes a really good homepage?

Put yourself in the position of your visitors.
A good homepage has an appealing, modern appearance (Design) and informs clearly and understandably about products, services, offers as well as the company.
The homepage looks great on all devices, browsers and sizes (Responsive web design) and loads fast (PageSpeed).

Create on your website Trust, by talking about your successes. Good ratings, customer reviews, reference projects, employees.
Are you a training company? Have you won awards? Do you have certain certifications or partnerships?
What drives you – talk about your Vision.

In addition, some websites have a real Wow effect. These can be useful tools and calculators, or targeted Animations and videos or a particularly great search function.

Last but not least, a good homepage is also easy to find! (keyword SEO)
Someone once said "Your biggest problem is that nobody knows you!" and interestingly enough this is true for almost all companies and corporate websites.
You have a responsibility to attract attention with your services and products (especially on the Internet). If an unknowing customer books a worse offer from the competition, then that is also your fault.

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