Cracking passwords in record time – how to do it in 2020!

Cracking passwords

How to crack password and even on an Android and IOS device? It is very easy.

You don’t have to be tech savvy to do it. The Internet offers several ways to find out the WhatsApp password.

Why would someone want to crack someone else’s password?

Usually, people do this to extract some valuable information, such as financial data or personal stuff like pictures, videos, text messages.

Meanwhile, they need to pay attention and check if they comply with the ethics and law exactly where the hacking is done.

Learn password hacking

Using mSpy Hack app teach you how to hack a password. Before we start with features, let’s find out how exactly mSpy can be useful.

First, it is the ultimate parental control app that helps parents around the world protect their children online.

If you have a teenager in your house, you obviously know that teenagers spend a lot of time online. But you probably don’t know what they do online.

The Internet is the source that teens turn to for information. Even if they need advice that will change the way of life, they ask Google for it.

Hacking cell phones with mSpy: other features

Crack iMessengers

mSpy can easily monitor messenger chats. Most messenger apps are supported by mSpy.

Some of them include:

  • Skype,
  • WhatsApp,
  • Viber,
  • Snapchat,
  • Telegram,
  • Facebook Messenger,
  • Instagram etc.

You can even get information about the shared media files like pictures, video and audio files.

Monitor calls

You can set a list of phone numbers that will be blocked by mSpy. It is one of the important features of mSpy and can be very useful for parents.

Locate cell phone

With GPS tracking feature, you can monitor the movement of your children. You can also add an alert for an area.

To set up an alert, you need to add a restricted range to the list. So if your kid runs to that area, an alert will be sent to you.

Web page blocking

You can block a variety of websites with mSpy. This feature is very useful for parental control. You can also restrict the time usage on a particular website.

Block apps

Block apps

This might seem like a harsh punishment, but you can simply block an app on a smartphone. mSpy gives you a feature to block certain apps on your kids phone.

SMS read along

Spy on incoming and outgoing text messages.

Block devices

They can lock a smartphone with remote connection. You can even wipe all the data of a cell phone.


Keylogger is a feature that allows a user to record the typed keys. Therefore, it can be used to generate certain passwords and user ID from websites like Facebook.

Facebook password hack

mSpy is the leader in parental control and security app. The main purpose of this application is to take care of children and employees.

mSpy offers numerous features at your disposal, e.g. B. Call logs, text messages, keyloggers, cell phone tracking and many others. When you get familiar with such features, you get complete access to the monitored device.

Unlike other tools, mSpy also allows users to access the social media application of the targeted device.

Keylogger feature of mSpy allows users to know what keystrokes were made on the monitored device. This is the best way to hack Facebook account password in one shot.

Facebook password hacking with target phone

Facebook password hacking is now easier than ever before. If you want to know how to hack Facebook password with victim’s mobile, then read this part carefully.

They can reset the password to hack a Facebook account.

This way, you need to physically access the target device, as Facebook sends a confirmation code to the registered mobile number while the password is being changed.

Facebook password hacking tutorial: with the access to the target device

  • First you have to https://facebook.Open com/ and click on the link "Forgot password" click.
  • Enter registered mobile number one and Click You on "Search".
  • Once the FB the account identified has, click "This is my account".
  • You must click "Send me SMSClick "Send me SMS" to get a Confirmation code on the target cell phone to get.
  • Enter the Codeinto the text field enter and click "change your password". It will redirect you to change the password page.

Skype password hack

Use special hacking software or app (like mSpy) to track a user’s Skype activity, know all conversation details and get call logs. How to become a successful Skype hacker? Do you want to access multimedia files or other Skype data?

There are several ways to do this; you can simplify the entire process if you have personal information before you begin.

When accessing the email

If you need to find out the passwords or usernames of Skype users, you only need to access their inboxes. If you’re trying to hack Skype accounts of people you know, getting their emails is a pretty simple process for you.

What if you do not have this access?

There are many solutions, such as using special keylogger programs or browsing their computers. You need a Skype password for this method to work if people trust you.

Once you get email addresses, you can request a temporary code to reset a Skype password, as there are no security issues.

This code will appear in a user’s email. If you get it, reset a Skype password.

To continue gaining access after hacking Skype accounts, change their emails and keep the other account details the same.

WLAN password hacking

WLAN password hack Android (with ROOT)

description: The app is supposed to get into the system and store WLAN passwords in the settings. The developers didn’t want to spread it around as a WiFi password cracker.

The app is capable of displaying passwords, but WiFi password hacker Android must use it with discretion and only after getting permission from neighbors.

A good way to use the app is to find passwords and share WiFi connections voluntarily with others.

Every time the password is changed, it will show up through the app.

It has limitations and will probably run under Android 6.0.1 and the Marshmallows operating system fail.

WLAN password hack Android: Hack WiFi Joker

Description: Hock WiFi Joker scans passwords and generates wireless passwords quickly.

The app has the ability to scan any Wi-Fi connection around a user. A specific WLAN network can be selected.

The app is then run to hack Wi-Fi password Android.

This app is to trigger a prank again and should not be used as a hacker.

WiFi password hack: WiFi Chua 2020

Description: Launched in 2020 as an upgrade to the already released Android WiFi Temple, some new features have been added, including more than 2 million locations in Vietnam.

Users can also download the offline function for free around the clock. Users can find free WiFi without using 2G, LTE or 4G.

The app only works in 63 Vietnamese provinces so it is useful for the local community.

It has powerful features and is definitely a better upgrade than the earlier version.

Snapchat password hack

Need to hack someone’s Snapchat password and see their pictures and messages?

There are several ways you can spy on someone’s SnapChat activity, but in my experience, there is one way that proves to be reliable, accurate, and targeted – using a special cell phone hacking app.

Snapchat password hack: The easy way to hack Snapchat

Using a full-fledged cell phone spy software program provides the best way to spy on their account and manage what they are up to. Using one of the recommended spy apps will give you the most comprehensive method of seeing everything they do … and see!

Snapchat hacking with mSpy

At the moment mSpy The best option to hack Snapchat.

I don’t usually recommend a single spy program – I always try to offer a few options that work well and let you decide which one suits you best.

In this case, mSpy is the only option to fully use Snapchat.

Other spy apps cover only a part of the problem – mSpy covers all activity on Snapchat.

You will see all sent and received photos, videos and messages along with time logs and locations and friends. They can have control over their SnapChat account and even block it if needed.

Email hacking tutorial

Email hack with Phishing. It is a popular technique used by people to secretly crack Gmail passwords.

The main principle of the work is that a hacker must copy the original Gmail login page to steal the password from the user.

If the user has no experience with the computer, he or she will not notice that a page looks suspicious.

The user enters the secret word to log in to Gmail and automatically transmits it to the hacker.

So, the hacker gets a valid password to log into Gmail and read all the required emails.

Gmail password hacking tutorial: Gmail password hacking with social engineering

Your main goal here is to find a correct answer to the security question that will give you the recovery option for the forgotten secret word.

Most people choose simple secret questions. It can be a question: "What is your pet’s name??", "What is your car and model?", "What is your nickname?" etc.

If you know the person, you can easily recognize them pet’s name, or the car they drive, or their nicknames.

Social engineering also involves guessing a secret word. Many people set weak Gmail passwords that are easy to guess. This is another way to read your emails secretly.

GMX password hacking with plain grabbing

Hackers use this method to steal the victim’s password.

The attacker just needs to crack a specific website where the target victim is a member and steal their usernames and passwords from a database there.

The same secret words are often used for many websites.

There is a high probability that the attacker can log into Gmail to secretly read emails.

Yahoo password hacking: keylogging

This method uses software that records everything the person types on their computer.
All keyloggers are special programs that run in the background and the user cannot notice them, especially if they are not power users.

The software only records all the keys that the victim presses on his computer. And the hacker’s task is to read logs and find out a Gmail password.

Apart from that, keyloggers allow attackers to steal private information like credit card numbers and passwords to other websites.

You can start with some of the most popular apps on the market: mSpy, FlexiSpy, Mobile Spy, Spyzie. password hack: Attention Trojan!

These are programs that can spy on the victim’s computer and hack their activities in mail.

They also record everything the victim states and show all the information to the hacker, and the attacker can read all the logs.

A trojan is a program that hackers can easily hide in other software like a media file.

A victim can receive a Trojan by e-mail or download it on the Internet.

Password hacking without a program

Dictionary attack

The dictionary attack uses a simple file containing words that can be found in a dictionary, hence the rather simple name.

In other words, this attack uses exactly the kind of words that many people use as their password.

Clever grouping of words like "letmein" or "superadministratorguy" will not prevent your password from being cracked in this way – that is, not for more than a few seconds.

Brute force attack

Similar to the dictionary attack, the brute force attack comes with an added bonus for the hacker.

Instead of simply using words, brute force attacks allow them to recognize words outside the dictionary by working through all possible alphanumeric combinations from aaa1 to zzz10.

It is not fast, assuming your password is over a handful of characters long, but it will eventually reveal your password.

Brute force attacks can be shortened by adding processing power, both in terms of processing power – including the power of your graphics card’s GPU – and machine numbers, z. B. when using distributed computing models like online bitcoin miners.

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