Conquer leo man

You have lost your heart to a real lion? And now you want to do everything so that he is also convinced of you?

Then read the following article carefully. Because in it I give you numerous valuable tips on how to conquer the Leo man.

Here is the table of contents:

1) Make Leo man fall in love- how to succeed?

2) What characterizes the Leo man dream woman?

3) How does a Leo man show interest?

4) and my conclusion to the topic!

Conquer leo man
Conquer leo man
Conquer leo man

Make the Leo man fall in love- how to do it?

Sure it flatters him when you show extreme interest towards him. But in the long run this is just too boring for him. Therefore my tip to you:

Don’t show your available side all the time!

And do not take the whole initiative in your hands.

Because as king of the animals HE of course wants to keep the reins in the hand. Means:he wants to conquer YOU!

And therefore waits for you to him a certain (!) show interest. Then his eyes fall on you. And he checks if you consider yourself valuable enough, if you have plenty of self-confidence and if you stand by yourself.

There’s a reason for that. Because as king of the animals he needs someone at his side who can stand beside him.

Therefore, continuous admiration is the wrong strategy with him. Even if many think that.

He is rather looking for a lady who is simply "worth it" is. It is that simple and complicated!

So be strong, rest in yourself. Stand by your character. Then you will also get the royal attention!

What else do Leo men like?

Just give yourself not too submissive. This will bore him simply and simply only.

A good tactic is to first meet him on a very friendly basis.

Show genuine and sincere interest in his person.

Then he becomes weak!

Don’t tell him right away how you are madly in love with him. No, let things run their course while you pull the right strings. Then he will want a relationship with YOU of his own accord. To make an effort for you- and not the other way around.

Don’t push him and don’t put the gun on his chest too fast.

Then he feels quite quickly cut in his independence.

And take flight. (if you can say that with him so).

Therefore, leave him enough time for his feelings to develop. It’s worth it- because once he has given away his heart, then he also stays.

These were already the first important hints. But of course I have a lot more to say about this topic. Read for yourself:

What else distinguishes the typical Leo man dream woman??

Just let him do not lie on the left by ignoring him. This behavior will not go down well with him. Especially if he feels rejected. That hits him very hard!

Let this whole power games therefore better be.

And never give him the feeling that he only plays second fiddle to you and next to you.

Better not make him jealous. As I said, it hits him hard when he feels betrayed and deceived. For he has a big heart and a certain naive streak! It hits him all the harder when his trust is abused. He won’t forget that easily. On the contrary..

Well, that was quite negative. But better you know, how NOT to do it.. ;)

Flirt with the Leo man and convince him of you- how is it still?

Show your gratitude to him when you receive gifts from him. He has made the effort, so he also deserves a thank you! Show your joy. He needs this kind of feedback..

It’s not as if you don’t get something out of it. After all, if you thank him, then he will continue to be generous to you. So you have nothing to lose. On the contrary!!

Tell him what you need. This impresses him. And it also helps him to understand you a little better. Though he’s very warm-hearted, as I said before. But to empathize with others and to sense and feel their feelings: well, he can’t do that so well.

Sure, this can be a little challenge if you are rather shy by nature. But this way you might outgrow yourself a little- in a positive sense..

Don’t wait until someday his eye falls on you. Don’t be too passive-submissive- that will hardly impress him. Be open and honest. For that is what he is..

More Leo man flirting tips

He wants (also) to be able to stay himself while flirting. And can completely fall away on his natural stage. So don’t bore him with banal trivia and don’t tell him how long you spent cleaning the bathroom today. This will hardly appeal to him!

He lives. And doesn’t want to (have to) analyze his life and the lives of others all the time. Therefore, do not be too petty and not too opinionated with your criticism!

During your flirting phase, give him gifts.

But of course not something left over from Christmas five years ago that you just found in the basement.

No, he needs a personal gift that has the highest quality possible! (Yes, that can be a bit of a splurge). So, as it comes to his status now times..

It is best if the gift is not too functional and reasonable (so better nothing to clean). A good perfume or a bottle of the best red wine is better.. or a cigar, which also goes down very well with many Leo men.

Yes, the lion man is indeed a personality. To which, of course, there is more to say. Here you go:

How does a Leo man show interest?

He needs free space- Even for his decisions. Therefore if he doesn’t feel he has to conform and subordinate too much: Perfect. Otherwise it can come (between you) quickly to authority conflicts.

ÜSo let him take the lead. Then he will show more and more interest towards you.

And give himself to you even more warmly and warmly.

He will also be very generous.

And in turn shower you with gifts.

How still to conquer the lion man?

Let him finish or. also times to speak. Don’t argue with him about the spotlight- he does not like that at all. Yeah, maybe sometimes it feels like you’re standing by his side as an ornamental accessory. But as long as you feel comfortable yourself and meet him at eye level, that’s fine- at least when this feeling is not too frequent. And you do not feel with him that he does not respect you.

Because he is now a zodiac sign, which strives for a natural dominance and authority.

If you are therefore very dominant yourself, this could become a real problem in the long run.

But also do not adapt too much. Do not be too self-sacrificing. This will not be good for you both in the long run!!

For he is looking for an equal partner, just as it should be. A partner who is aware of herself. But who is also happy for his shine and his fifteen minutes in the spotlight and who is then happy to grant him these too.

Expose yourself not funnyabout his weaknesses.

Because he reacts very sensitively to that.

And he is not good at laughing at himself.

Because pride, that is such a small great weakness of his.

Let the jokes at his expense therefore best be. Or use it only in a very measured way resp. only when you can better assess him and his personality.

Never question his natural authority.

For he is very concerned about his proud dignity.

And reacts sensitively if you scratch this…

Here’s a tip: You should try to acquire a certain nobility. Behave like a real lady, then he will treat you as such. And protect you . With roars and claws if need be! Because fight, that can this gentleman like no second. And with full power and very much passion!!

Be loyal to him. That’s what he is and that’s what he expects from his dream woman. When he knows, If you’re sure he’s found the right girl for you, he’ll show you all his passion and express his feelings. With firm hugs, big gestures, maybe a dramatic declaration of love or two. You certainly wouldn’t object to that, would you?.

Recognize and accept its need for regular reassurance and lots of attention. Believe in it and give it to him in such a way also to understand. Then you will be very happy with him- and vice versa!

Now you know the lion man pretty well. Bzw. a lot better, or? And now know how to proceed with him. Then let’s go- but feel free to read my conclusion beforehand:

Conquer the lion man my conclusion

I have described the ideal Leo man to you here. But you’d better take a good look- because it may be that certain characteristics and traits in "your" Leo will be more or less present Mr. by Ascendant and moon sign a little "softened" become. Therefore, be prepared with your project and the approach. And you will have all the more success with him!!

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